Faltu Starlife update Tuesday 26 December 2023

Faltu 26 December 2023: The Episode starts with Dadi asking who cheated us. Sumitra says so much wrong happened with us. Dadi asks her to tell them clearly. Govind says I don’t know, tell us. Sid comes and says I will tell you. He says Ayaan, you cheated us. Ayaan asks what nonsense. Sid asks him to stop acting now. Janardhan says don’t test my patience, tell us the matter. Sumitra asks Sid to tell them what Ayaan did. Sid goes to Rocky/Faltu and holds her hand. He says I m going to present our fav Faltu Singh. Everyone is shocked. Sid says Ayaan’s girlfriend, he kept her in the house by hiding her from us. Ayaan looks at Rocky. Sid removes Faltu’s disguise. They look at her. Faltu cries.

Janardhan scolds her for fooling them. Ayaan asks what’s all this, Faltu, I found you everywhere and you were here. Dadi asks why did you lie to us. Everyone scolds her. Sumitra asks how can she do this alone without anyone’s help, one family member was helping her. Ayaan asks why did you come here in disguise. Sid asks don’t you know, you were the most happy with Rocky’s coming, right Tanu. Janardhan asks what do you mean. Sumitra says Ayaan made her Rocky and hid her in this house. Ayaan denies it. Faltu says I did everything alone, he didn’t know.

Sid says you are saving him, you both are made for each other, sorry Tanu, Ayaan used to find chances to spend time with Rocky, I have a proof that he used to go to Rocky’s room, who knows what happened in their room. Ayaan gets angry on him. Janardhan asks Sid to stop it. Sid asks Ayaan to tell them the truth, what did he do in Faltu’s room at night. Faltu says Ayaan didn’t know anything about me, trust me. Sumitra says we won’t trust you. Kumkum asks Faltu to tell the truth, why did she come here in disguise.

Faltu says I had come here to find my culprit, who ruined my cricket career. Tanu and Kanika worry. Janardhan asks what, who has a problem with your career. He asks Govind to call the police. Faltu argues with Janardhan. She says I got my culprit, I have a proof also, think what will happen if media gets the proof. Ayaan asks who would like to ruin your life, if you knew this then why didn’t you tell me, I wanted to help you. She says help or cheat. He asks what do you mean. Tanu cries and says if she takes Ayaan’s name then… they will know we have manipulated the accounts. Kanika calls Faltu a cheat. Ayaan says mom, please I m talking. He says I was so worried for you, tell me who is the person who did wrong with you. She says I can’t take his name in front of everyone. Janardhan says she is fooling us. She says I will just tell Ayaan and then he can decide. He says fine, come. Tanu says no, she can lie to you, I won’t want your therapy and our relation to get affected. He says no, you please stay out of this. Janardhan stops him. Ayaan says I know what I m doing. Ayaan and Faltu leave.

Sid says if she knew the truth, then she would have not stayed here, its her drama. Sumitra says they got exposed, they have gone to make another plan. Sid says sorry to bring truth out this way, I had no option, Ayaan and Faltu cheated us, I got angry. Kanika consoles Tanu. She says everyone will know we have done this with Faltu. Tanu worries and asks what will happen now. She says Sid should have told us the matter, he spoiled everything. Sumitra comes and asks what would he do, if anyone cheats his family. She defends Sid. She says Sid loves his family a lot. Ayaan asks Faltu to say, who has ruined her career. She says you did. He gets shocked.

She says you cheated me, you ruined my life, I got to know everything. He asks what, can you hear yourself, why would I do this. He says I got you here to make your career. They argue. He says my anger ended when I knew I had filled sindoor in your maang.

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