Imlie starlife update Tuesday 26 December 2023

Imlie 26 December 2023: Atharva asks Imlie what else she will erase; she is a poet and old poems are not erased. Imlie says he erased her from his life and considers her as his life’s biggest mistake, she learnt to correct her mistake from him. He says she is marrying Dhariya to make him jealous. Imlie says he is so self-obsessed and thinks the world revolves around him, he should be happy that she is marrying Dhairya and going away from him and Chini. Atharva says he doesn’t want her to marry Dhairya. She asks why. He asks if she doesn’t know why. She says no.

He says why should he, he doesn’t care whatever she does and she shouldn’t blame him for her decisions. Imlie says she was married to him while he loved Chini and betrayed her, Dhairya is simple and not complicated like him. He asks if she will forget that she had loved him immensely and can she get him out of her heart completely. She says yes and says nothing can be done now as it’s their haldi today and they are marrying different people. He asks if she doesn’t believe that Dhairya had tried to kill her via accident. Imlie says soon he will also think same.

Chini and Anu enter CCTV control room and lie guard that Imlie sent them to see the footage. Chini watches Dhairya searching for clue against her and panics. Anu bribes guard and sends him away. She asks Chini to delete the footage. Chini panics and fails to delete it. Anu deletes footage. Dhairya hearing voice from control room opens door silent to find them. He records their conversation. Chini says thank god footage is deleted or else Imlie would have found out that Dhairya was at home during Atharva’s accident and she is the one behind Atharva’s accident. They notice Dhairya. Dhairya runs from there. Chini fears that Atharva will expose her immediately.

Ginni asks Imlie why was she in a hurry to marry until she selected a bridal lehanga for herself. Imlie says she already has a lot of clothes in her cupboard. Ginni asks her not to wear her first wedding lehanga though. Imlie notices Atharva watching them and says she will wear that same lehanga as it doesn’t matter to her. Ginni says she looks pretty even in that. Cheeni gets tensed seeing Dhairya searching for Imlie. Anu suggests her to stop him or kill him to save herself. Chini rushes towards Dhairya to talk to him when Atharva stops her and asks why she is tensed. Imlie passes by. Atharva asks Chini not to worry about wedding dress as he ordered designer outfits for her, Kairi, and him.

Dhairya rushes behind Imlie and says he wants to show her something. Chini gets tensed. Shivani stops Dhairya and says he can’t see Imlie’s face as per tradition till the wedding starts and takes her away. Dhairya thinks he needs to show this video to either Atharva or Imlie to expose Chini and prove his innocence. Chini panics more.

Rudra gives 2 broaches to Ginni to fix it in her 2 brothers’ pagdis. Devika taunts that Ginni has only 1 brother and shouldn’t consider Rudra’s illegitimate son as her brother. Rudra gets angry on Devika and asks Ginni to go now.

Atharva stops Ginni next and says Dhairya is not his brother but Rudra’ mistake. Rudra gets angry on even him. Atharva says Rudra loves his illegitimate son and scolds only him. He breaks broach and asks Ginni to give the remaining one to her so called Dhiru bhaiya. Ginni asks Devika what will she gift Atharva now. Devika says she already got a special one for Atharva. Dhairya stops Atharva and request him to watch a video to clear his misunderstanding. Atharva humiliates him saying Dhairya always snatched his right, etc. Dhairya says he had come to snatch everything from him, but he couldn’t as Atharva himself left everything 5 years ago. Atharva says he has returned now and why don’t Dhairya return everything that belongs to him. Dhairya says they can fight later and tries to show him a video. Atharva throws his phone first but then watches video after his adamancy. Chini and Anu watch them hiding and get tensed.

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