Imlie starlife update Wednesday 13 December 2023

Imlie 13 December 2023: Atharva shows his anger towards Imlie and blabbers what does she think of herself. Chini asks him to not blabber as Kairi is sleeping. Atharva says his relationship with Imlie ended 5 years ago due to Imlie’d betrayal, but till now she is haunting him. Chini asks him to calm down. Atharva says Imlie saved Kair’s life, but he can thank her for saving his daughter; he kept a daughter away from her mother because of Imlie. Chini says he did right. Atharva says Imlie was wrong then, but now he is wrong. Chini says Atharva is stressed out, Kairi will be fine once they marry and Kairi gets a mother, Imlie found Dhairya as a partner and has moved on, evertyhing will be alright soon.

Next morning, Devika and Rudra give gifts to Kairi and say they love her a lot. Kairi says she also loves them a lot, especially princess mamma/aunty, and asks where is princess aunty. Imlie enters disguised as Kairi’s school teacher Parineeta Chatterji aka Ms Paty and asks about Kairi. Atharva stops her and asks her ID card. Imlie fears he may identify her and shows her fake ID card nervously. Atharva checks says its fine, but can he call the school and confirm with them. Chini calls school and asks if they sent their teacher Ms Paty to meet Kairi. School staff informs there is no teacher named Ms Paty. Atharva threatens Imlie to get her arrested and asks who really is.

Imlie says she is Parineeta Chatterji and her nick name is Paty. Chini confirms and says Ms Paty is right, school sent her to home tuition Paty. Chini recalls getting Parineeta’s call and telling her that they already hired a teacher named Ms Paty.

Imlie asks Atharva if he is sure now. Atharva says he wants her to cover Kairi’s syllabus soon. Imlie says she will spend more time more Chini and will stay back with her if needed. Servant bumps on Atharva and drops milk glass. Atharva apologizes servant. Imlie says mangal kare.. Atharva asks what did she say. Imlie says she meant Hey Man, she uses her school children’s language sometimes. Atharva gets a call and excitedly informs family that city’s biggest event organizer Mr Mehta wants him to perform at the city’s biggest event, soon he can fulfill Kairi’s dream of seeing him as a DJ again.

Imlie senses something wrong will happen again and hopes he doesn’t go. Kairi stops him and asks not to go, but he convinces her and leaves.

Imlie walks to Kairi’s room. Kairi says she feels still tired, should she have to study also. Imlie says no and plays Ekla Chalo Re… song. Kairi says its different and asks its meaning. Imlie says when nobody wants to walk with them, they should walk alone. She continues to entertain Kairi. Chini walks to Kairi. Kairi talks in Ms Paty’s style. Chini leaves laughing. Imlie hopes Atharva returns home soon. Devika also gets worried for him and asks Akash to check why he didn’t return home yet. Kairi misses princess mamma. Imlie says her princess mamma is around her in her heart. Kairi says her princess mamma says same. Ms Paty hides to become Imlie again.

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