Imlie starlife update Tuesday 12 December 2023

Imlie 12 December 2023: Atharva tries to call Imlie. Chini stops him and says he knows how much she loves Kairi, Imlie not picking his call is a god’s signal to hide the truth from Imlie. She walks to receptionist and requests her to call Imlie to donate blood to a 5-year-old girl but not reveal girl’s name. Receptionist hesitantly agrees on her and Atharva’s request, calls Imlie, and informs her same. Imlie rushes to hospital where receptionist sends her to blood donation room with a nurse.

Imlie thinks she will call and inform Rudra later about it after she donates blood to the kid. Atharva and Chini thank nurse. Chini convinces Atharva that Imlie doesn’t deserve Kairi and he did right by hiding truth from her. Atharva says he is just worried for his daughter. Chini thinks she had to do this save her family from Imlie.

Imlie passes by Kairi’s room and stop hearing princess mamma. Nurse asks her to hurry up. Imlie donates blood and asks if the girl’s condition is really serious. Nurse says yes, but her condition will improve with Imlie’s blood donation. Keya starts brainwashing Ranas against Imlie saying everyone are present here for Kairi, but Imlie is too selfish and didn’t even come while she always acts as if she loves Kairi immensely. Shivani warns her to stop badmouthing about Imlie if she can’t speak good about her. Keya says there is nothing good to speak about Imlie. Devika starts spilling venom against Imlie next.

Atharva watches Imlie donating blood to Kairi and thinks Imlie cares for stranger but not for her own daughter, he will never let her near Kairi. After donating blood, Imlie walks towards her donee’s room when Atharva notices he and asks nurse to stop Imlie from reaching Kairi. Nurse stops Imlie and says it’s against policy. Chini tells Atharva that they did right by not letting Imlie know the truth. Atharva says they can’t hide it for long. Imlie notices Dhairya at the hospital and asks what is he doing here. Dhairya informs that Kairi fell down and got severe injured, so they brought him to the hospital. Doctor informs Atharva and Chini that Kairi is out of danger now and they should thank the girl whom they contacted to donate blood to Kairi. Devika says she wants to meet and thank that girl who saved her granddaughter. Chini notices imlie coming and takes her name. Atharva stops Imlie from meeting Kairi. Devika yells at Imlie next and asks her leave. Imlie leaves from there disheartened.

After Kairi’s discharge, Imlie prepares breakfast for Kairi. Atharva thinks Imlie cares for Kairi. Dhairya walks to Imlie and chats with her. Atharva gets jealous. He stops Imlie from taking breakfast for Kairi and argues with her. Devika supports Atharva while Rudra supports Imlie. Their allegations and counter allegations continue.

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