Unfortunate love update Wednesday 13 December 2023

Unfortunate love 13 December 2023: The Episode starts with Dadi telling Kiran that body wounds gets healed eventually, but the verbal attacks makes more deeper wounds, it doesn’t heal faster and its pain is also much. She says Lakshmi is deeply hurt by your words, but she will not say anything due to her values, but I will say as I am hurt and felt bad. Kiran says I just want her to leave from this house and asks why she is needed here, and with what right, she is staying here. Dadi says she is staying here as our daughter, she is our family, part of our family and who has brought her here, this house son Rishi.

She says until when she will stay here, this family will decide and not any outsider. She says you have insulted her so much that if someone else was your place then ….Lakshmi asks Dadi to calm down and says please. She says I know why Kiran aunty is saying this, and says she didn’t mean to insult me, her behavior is actually concern for her daughter, she feels that I will come between Malishka and Rishi. She says I haven’t come between them before and will not come ever. She goes from there. Dadi tells Kiran that even if Karishma had behaved this way, then also I wouldn’t have spared her. She asks her to say after a thought and don’t dare to insult Lakshmi. Kiran says ok. Dadi goes. Kiran says until now Malishka used to get insulted and now I have to bear so much because of this cheap girl.

Ayush comes for the meeting with the hotel seller Mr. Ahluwalia. Mr. Ahluwalia asks about Rishi. Ayush says he was unwell and that’s why I came. Mr. Ahluwalia says this will be first and last meeting, as he will be finalizing the deal in this meeting. Ayush says I was told that only terms and conditions will be discussed today. Mr. Ahluwalia says due to some issues, I have to finalized the deal today itself. Ayush says we are not prepared but. Mr. Ahluwalia says he has other buyers if not them. Ayush asks him show the terms and conditions. Mr. Ahluwalia gives him the details.

Malishka thinks when it will happen whatever Karishma aunty said, this time, I will not let the marriage date postponed. Kiran comes there. Malishka asks why you are upset? Kiran asks why you get upset here? Malishka says because of the one and only Lakshmi. Kiran says I got scolded because of Lakshmi. Malishka says I will go and show her value to her. Kiran says I tried to show her the door, but her messenger Dadi came there and scolded me.

Malishka says sorry and says you are being tortured as you wanted me to marry Rishi. Kiran says I want this Lakshmi eclipse to go from your life. Malishka says Karishma aunty said that she will do something that Lakshmi will not stop in this house, and Rishi will not stop her. She says she will marry Rishi on the same date as decided, and I will make sure.

Mr. Ahluwali tells that this is their demands and terms and conditions. Ayush says ok. Mr. Ahluwalia gets the call and goes to attend it. Ayush calls Rishi. Rishi asks how is the meeting? Ayush says now he said that everything will be finalized today. Rishi asks him to come home and tell him. Ayush says they are not giving time to think, and they have to finalized the deal today. He asks him to hear the terms and conditions.

Lakshmi thinks of Kiran’s words and thinks to leave from there silently. She thinks if Rishi comes to know later then he will be very hurt. Karishma comes to Neelam and asks how are you? Neelam asks how is Rishi? Karishma says he is fine, Malishka made him have breakfast and asks how are you? Neelam says she is better. Karishma asks her to take care of herself and says you used to be happy before. Neelam says inauspicious affect was not in the house before, but now tension and fear stay in her heart, fearing what storm will come now. Karishma says don’t punish yourself due to Lakshmi’s inauspiciousness and says a big storm had come and went, and says now we have to throw her out. Neelam says we have to think something. She says she will meet Rishi first.

Lakshmi thinks she shall write letter and shall ask him not to search her. She then thinks he will be more worried and will come to search me again, and will bring her back. She thinks to leave and then call Dadi and inform her, and asks her not to come to take her back. She thinks everything will be fine if I leave from here, and more than that before anyone throws me out and insults me, I shall leave myself. She starts walking.

Mr. Ahluwalia tells the buyers that his demands and terms and conditions are clear to them. He asks them to tell their conditions and offers. Mr. Ahluwalia hears their offers.

Rishi thinks to go to Mom and asks her how is she? Mr. Ahluwalia says I found Mr. Yogesh’s offer best and congratulates him. Ayush gets sad. Rishi comes to Lakshmi’s room and finds her not there. He thinks she must be in the kitchen and making food, she doesn’t care for herself and thinks about others. He goes out and comes to Neelam’s room. Neelam says you have come here and says I was about to come to you. Rishi says I know that you must be worried for me though you are unwell, and that’s why I thought to ask how are you. He says don’t worry and think about me, I am fine. He says like you say that I am your life, you are my life and asks her to be fine for him. Neelam hugs him and says now all the tension will be gone. Rishi asks her not to worry for him, and says I get injury sometime, but gets healed soon too, as Lakshmi is with me, my shield. Neelam keeps hand on his mouth and says sometimes you can say that you get saved because of your Mom’s blessings. Rishi says your blessings are always with me, and Lakshmi is your blessings for me, as you had chosen her, brought her in my life, got her married to me, and made her as my shield. He says Lakshmi is your blessing for me. He asks her to rest and says I will rest now, and asks Karishma to be with Mom. He hugs her and goes. Karishma asks Neelam, if she saw what Lakshmi made him, he is making stories, he was talking against you, but didn’t let you know it. She says he started talking diplomatically, and said that Lakshmi is his shield, but it is opposite, Lakshmi is using him as her shield, so that nobody can throw her out.

Lakshmi is going out. Dadi asks if she is going out? Lakshmi says yes, for some work. Dadi asks her to take driver and asks her not to worry, as she will send bag through Mukesh. Lakshmi stops.

Malishka calls her friend and asks him/her to come to her marriage, and says she will send all the details, haldi, mehendi, sangeet etc. Rishi takes phone from her hand and says this marriage is not happening. Malishka is shocked.

Dadi tells Lakshmi that she is Dadi and asks if you are leaving the house, and says I caught you. Lakshmi says I shall leave now. Dadi says daughters don’t go like this. Lakshmi asks her to think that she is married now and is leaving. Dadi refuses to let her go. Lakshmi says she don’t want to stay here, and don’t want the house peace to break. Dadi says such things don’t happen because of you. Lakshmi says please let me go. Dadi says ok go, but don’t go this way. Karishma and Neelam hear her. Karishma gets happy and tells Neelam. Dadi says don’t go like thief, hiding your face and says you will go with respect and pride. Karishma asks Dadi to let Lakshmi go. Lakshmi says she has no relation with this house. Dadi says you are this house’s daughter. Karishma says enough Mom, and says what we can do, when there is no marriage in her destiny. She says now when she wants to go, let her go.

Dadi says she is leaving the house and whenever she goes, she will go with respect. She says everyone has to accept my order, you and Neelam also. She asks Lakshmi to go inside to her room. Neelam smiles. Karishma thinks Lakshmi again stopped in the house and Bhabhi is smiling, why?

Malishka asking Rishi what do you mean that marriage is not happening. She hits him. Rishi says I mean what I said. Malishka asks if you are fine, I thought to cancel honeymoon seeing your condition, but your legs are fine, you can take rounds, if you are having pain in your hands then I will help you make me wear mangalsutra. She asks why the marriage can’t happen, why you are saying this? She says don’t tell me, that as Lakshmi didn’t get marry, then you will not let me get married. She says this means if Lakshmi dies then I shall die too. Rishi asks her not to talk such things again. Malishka says if you don’t marry me then it is equal to my death. She says I hate Lakshmi due to your doings and says my marriage is stopping because of her and asks why I shall not

regard her as my enemy. She says if this marriage postponed or cancel then you can’t think what will happen. Rishi asks if you want this marriage not to happen ever, or want it to postpone and happen later.

Karishma asks Neelam, why is she smiling? Neelam says Lakshmi is very clever girl, she was leaving the house, so that anyone sees her and stops her, and says Mummy ji saw her and stopped her. She says she wanted to show as if she is great, and want to leave the house herself. Karishma says I thought she will leave the house herself. Neelam says she is very clever, don’t underestimate her, and says I have never seen such clever girl before. Malishka comes there and hugs Neelam while crying, and says I don’t want to do this marriage. Karishma says you are waiting for this marriage and asks what happened? Neelam asks her to say. Malishka asks what is the use, and says Rishi will marry me, but he will care for Lakshmi. Karishma asks what has happened? Malishka says Rishi has threatened her, and says when I said that the marriage will happen on the same date as decided, and he said that marriage will be either cancelled or postponed. Karishma asks what is the problem? Why he don’t want to get married. Malishka says due to Lakshmi, he don’t want to marry as Lakshmi didn’t marry. Neelam tells Malishka that she will get her love and asks her not to think anything. Lakshmi hears them from far. Malishka threatens Neelam that if Rishi don’t marry her, then she will die, as she loves him a lot. Neelam asks her not to talk negative thing and says I will get you marry Rishi, and no power of this world can cancel or postpone this marriage. Malishka hugs her and cries.

Bani asks Shalu what happened, as you went to talk to Ayush. Shalu says Malishka and Jiju will not marry. Bani asks did you talk about Di and Jiju. Shalu says we have to first think how to cancel Malishka and Jiju’s marriage.

Rishi is sitting in his room and thinking about Malishka’s words. Lakshmi comes there and says you don’t listen to me, but today you have to agree to my sayings and asks him to marry Malishka. Rishi asks what you are saying? Lakshmi says I don’t want any argument and says don’t need to care for me and don’t force me to marry first, and says you have to leave your stubbornness, and asks him to live his life with Malishka. Rishi asks what about you? Lakshmi says Lakshmi’s bhagya is with her, you just marry Malishka.

Kiran comes to Malishka and asks if something will happen, if you sit upset. She says I told you to keep Rishi in your control, but Lakshmi has kept him in her control with her acts and dramas and now Rishi can’t come out. She says Lakshmi is acting with him, but you love him and asks why you can’t trapped Rishi. Malishka says I hate your attitude and says you are taking Lakshmi’s side being my mom, she made my life hell and you are lecturing me. Kiran tells that Neelam will do something and asks her not to worry. Malishka says Neelam aunty didn’t go to Rishi and talk to him, and says she didn’t do anything so that I say that she does what she says. She says Rishi will never agree and will choose Lakshmi and not Neelam aunty. Kiran asks her not to worry, and says you will marry Rishi and Lakshmi will not become the hurdle.

Ayush comes home sad. Neelam asks Mukesh to get water for him. Karishma asks Ayush what happened? Lakshmi brings water. Ayush asks why did you bring? Lakshmi asks him to take it. Karishma asks what happened in the meeting. Ayush says I went on Rishi’s place and says someone else bought the hotel. Neelam says you both have lost such deal before also. Karishma says you both are always worried on Lakshmi and don’t concentrate on the business. Lakshmi hears them. An Employee nilesh comes there and says our shares price has fallen down today and some investors want their money back and asked for meeting. Ayush asks what happened? Nilesh says it is rumor in the market that we will have downfall in the business. Ayush asks who is spreading this false rumor. Nilesh says don’t know. Ayush asks him to go. Neelam starts scolding Ayush and says you both haven’t done anything rather than worrying for Lakshmi. She says before this rumor spreads, everything shall be in control. Kiran hears and thinks this is the good chance to get Malishka married Rishi. Rishi tells Ayush that I will come to office, and can’t rest now. Ayush says you have to marry now. Rishi says how can I marry now? Ayush says yes and goes.

Kiran brings the Pandit ji there and asks Neelam to meet her. She tells her that she had gone to talk to him, why marriage is not happening. She says do you know what he said and asks him to say himself. Pandit ji says I calculated the grahas and told that Malishka and Rishi will marry soon and then their destinies will be connected and all your business problems will end. He says whatever I have said till now, will happen. He asks her to get the marriage done, if she wants business betterment and says they will be very happy after marriage. Lakshmi comes there, gives them water and goes.

Later in the night, Lakshmi thinks about Malishka’s words, and thinks she will not stop her anymore. She says Rishi shall be fine and happy, these house relations shall not shatter, and says if Rishi and Malishka are made for each other, then I shall leave from this house, and will not stop for Dadi also, I will leave. Rishi is sleeping and restless. Lakshmi thinks she shall keep letter in Dadi’s room and shall leave. She goes to Dadi’s room, and says you are really good Dadi, I will miss you a lot, Bau ji and you have loved me a lot, regarded me as the daughter of the house, gave me same respect and love, but my stay here was till here. She says I am going away from you, I know you have asked me not to go, but I am going. She asks her to give her blessings and tell Bau ji also, as she will take just that only. She asks her to take care and take medicines on time. She keeps the letter, touches Dadi’s feet and goes out with her baggage. Malishka is in the hall and sees her going, and asks herself if she is seeing the dream. She pinches herself and says Lakshmi is leaving from the house. Lakshmi opens the bolt and pushes the door. She recalls Kiran, Karishma, Malishka and Neelam’s words. Lakshmi is about to leave, when Malishka comes behind her and smiles. Lakshmi turns and looks at her.

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