Imlie Starlife update Monday 10 June 2024

Imlie 10 June 2024: Navya tells Daadi that she took a decision for both family’s betterment and if people are not supporting her in this decision, let the engagement happen without them. She asks Shivani and Avinash to sit for the engagement.

Shivani refuses to get engaged with Imlie and says her marriage is happening because of Imlie and why is Imlie’s past being brought up between, she asks Avinash to support her in this decision and walks away apologizing Navya. Imlie tries to convince Agastya and her other supporters to go and attend Avinash and Shivani’s engagement in her usual talkative style. They all enjoy her nervousness. Avinash and Shivani walk in to convince her to attend their engagement ceremony.

Guests ask Daadi when will engagement start. Navya tells Daadi that she took this decision for both family’s betterment, but Daadi’s family is blackmailing her. Daadi requests her to agree for children’s sake. Imlie walks down with her team and apologizes for being late. She says let’s play a game where they will note down their one mistake which they haven’t informed anyone. Guest says everyone will know their secret then. Imlie says they will not write their name on the chit. All guests write down their secret. Sonali, Karan, Shivani, and Imlie read the notes with some describing their steal, drinking habits, etc. Daadi asks why did Imlie play this game.

Imlie explains that everyone has their past and they can’t ruin their presence because of their past. Guests say she is right. Imlie requests Navya to forget her past and accept her based on her present now. Navya angrily looks at Imlie. Vishwa says Imlie opened their eyes and they are thankful to her. He asks Avinash and Shivani to exchange the rings. They exchange rings while Navya continues to angrily look at Imlie. After the engagement, Daadi tells Imlie that she accepts that Shivani’s engagement happened because of her, she found a solution for the problem, but she is the reason for the problem also. Imlie feels sad hearing that. Agastya hears their conversation.

Avinash knocks Navya’s room door and she doesn’t respond. Vishwa gets tensed and breaks the door open. He notices Navya packing her clothes. Navya says she is going as she can’t see her enemies who are responsible for her husband’s death celebrating and says until Imlie is there with them, nothing can happen to them. Vishwa promises to get Imlie out of their house soon. Imlie cries with a song Naina Barse.. song playing in the background. Agastya tries to comfort her. She hugs him tightly. Agastya asks if she is hurt with Daadi’s bitter words, Daadi didn’t mean to hurt her, Imlie asked to forget the past and move on, but an injured person can never forget the past; his mother gave a never-healing wound to his family and killed his dad. He says his mother was greedy for money and ruined even his life, she is just Meera and not his mother. Vishwa gets killer’s photos fixed on the walls. A sadhu notices it, takes the pamphlet, rushes to his ashram, and gives pamphlet to Meera. Meera panics and says he has returned. Agastya describes how his mother shot his father.

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