Unfortunate love update Thursday 28 December 2023

Unfortunate love 28 December 2023: The Episode starts with Shalu telling Rishi that the guy Rishi is Dadi’s faraway relative from America, and says the relative asked Dadi to tell about any good girl and who else is good than Lakshmi di for Dadi. She asks Rishi if there is any girl important than Lakshmi. Rishi says for me also, there is no girl than Lakshmi. Bani says that guy got lucky as he will get my sister Lakshmi. She says I thought you will marry her, but you didn’t so I shall stop calling you as Jiju. Sonia says nobody is nobody’s jiju here. Bani says I thought you love di, but you have broken my heart. She searches for something. Sonia asks what you are searching. Bani says I am searching proof.

She gets the marriage album and says Jiju has kept it safe till now, as he loves di even now. Sonia says they are divorced now. Bani says Di has given him divorce. Shalu says divorce is divorce. Bani says he might love Malishka, and that’s why he is marrying her. She says Dadi has search the guy who is having the same name Rishi, and says now Di can’t refuse to Dadi. Shalu says Jiju doesn’t love Di and asks Sonia. Sonia says he doesn’t love Lakshmi. Shalu says if he had loved Di then he would have proposed her. Sonia says he loves Malishka and that’s why divorced Lakshmi. Bani says I thought wrong that he loves Di, but he don’t so that’s why we shall get her married to that Rishi. Shalu says we didn’t ask that Rishi. Sonia says even Mom doesn’t refuse to Dadi’s sayings.

Rishi asks if Lakshmi agreed for marriage. Shalu says Di can’t refuse Dadi and says I am happy that you are marrying and Di is also marrying Rishi. Bani says I would be happy if you had married to Di. Sonia asks them to go. Bani says we can’t come here, to this house again. Shalu says that American Rishi will love Di. Bani asks if we will go there to check and says how can we say this. Shalu says it is destiny, and says we shall call Jiju as Rishi Oberoi and shall remember that he will not express his love to di. Sonia asks them to go. Bani and Shalu say bye Rishi Oberoi and goes.

Neelam calls Pandit ji and asks him to come. Karishma asks Neelam why Lakshmi is sitting here. Neelam says today Rishi and Malishka’s marriage shall happen. She says she has kept her infront of her, so that no hurdle come in the way. Karishma says good idea, and says I have asked Sonia and Sonal to keep eye on Mom, Ayush and Virender Bhai. Sonia comes there and tells that she heard Shalu and bani telling that Dadi has searched guy for Lakshmi. Dadi comes there.

Karishma asks her. Dadi tells that she will get Lakshmi married to Rishi. She says he is in America. Neelam says America, and says it is good that Lakshmi will go abroad. Lakshmi asks what you are saying? Dadi asks her to come to room and talk to her. Neelam says Lakshmi will not go anywhere, and says after marriage you can take her to your room. She says she don’t want any hurdle to come in the marriage. She says Pandit ji has come and asks Lakshmi to come with her. Pandit ji comes and says you have kept the marriage today. Neelam says yes, and asks him to do the arrangements.

Kiran tells Malishka that she is very happy today. Malishka says she is worried as Lakshmi is still here. Kiran says Neelam has taken Lakshmi in her control and asked her to be with her. She says today you will marry. Rishi looks at Lakshmi and his marriage photo album. Malishka comes there and snatches album from his hand.

She asks what he is seeing? Rishi says your and my marriage’s dream. Malishka asks really and tells that he has seen dream after a lot time, and says she is ready for the marriage. She says she is very happy today, first she was tensed when Vikrant said that she is involved with him and says she is not mad to spoil her own functions, and says she knows that he cares for Lakshmi and will leave the function if something happens to her. She says today is Lakshmi’s last day here, and asks him to throw the album, says we will make our own album. She says we shall go together and clicks photos with him.

Shalu and Bani come to Dadi, and tell that they have done the work. Bani tells Dadi that Sonia heard them when they were talking. Virender asks Dadi to see that Neelam has done all the arrangements. Abhay thanks Neelam for getting the marriage done. Malishka and Rishi comes downstairs. Shalu says come on Jiju, express your love to Di. Bani says if you don’t say it now then you will not get a chance again. Ayush says just do it man. Rishi’s innerself tells him that today is the last day for him to confess his love to Lakshmi, and asks him to go and tell her. Rishi recalls Lakshmi asking him not to tell this to anyone and asking him to give her swear. Lakshmi is behind Neelam. Sonal says you both are best couple. Malishka says we will compensate for the missed time and will enjoy our life so much that people will watch.

Abhay takes off bad eye from them and gives money to Mukesh to give to poor. He tells that marriage shall happen today. Kiran says our names get ruined when the function stops. Abhay asks them to marry and be happy all life.

Malishka says nobody can stop our marriage today. Karishma asks them to sit on their place. They sit on the sofa. Lakshmi looks at Rishi. Rishi also look at him. Neelam asks Pandit ji to make them get God’s blessings first before marriage and says today this marriage shall happen. She asks Malishka and Rishi to go with Pandit ji and take God’s blessings. Rishi and Malishka go from there. Dadi tells her team mates that if Rishi passes today then they will pass today. Ayush says Rishi Bhai will top the test. Rishi recalls Shalu and bani’s marriage and imagines his marriage with Malishka while Lakshmi standing with someone else. Pandit ji asks Malishka to keep the flower infront of God and Goddess, but the flower keeps falling. Malishka asks if God is not blessing me. Pandit ji keeps the flower and says take the blessings now. Malishka says we got the blessings now, and says now we will exchange rings, and will marry, then nobody will come between us.

Sonia tells Sonal that Dadi is getting Lakshmi married. Sonal asks are you sure, and says Dadi must be planning something, Lakshmi comes first for her. Malishka asks Rishi to smile for her. Ayush comes there and asks Rishi to say I love you. He says you love and realize also, then you shall confess. Malishka thinks Lakshmi’s puppet has taken a turn today, and asking Rishi to say I love you to me. She says Rishi will say whenever he likes. Ayush says this is the last chance, as this ambience, marriage day, time will not come again. He asks him to say and goes. Malishka asks him to say those three magical moments and says you didn’t say it since so many months. She asks him to make the moment memorable and say her I love you. Neelam asks Sonia to call Pandit ji. Sonia comes to Malishka and tells that her marriage rituals will start now. Shalu comes to Rishi and says you are marrying and Di will marry too, and says bye Rishi Oberoi.

 Sonia telling Neelam that Pandit ji has come. Rishi’s innerself asks himself what is he doing, what he is waiting for and says you love someone and is marrying someone else, and says you are ruining three lives. He says nobody will be happy and asks him to go and tell Lakshmi that he wants to marry her, and asks him to get up. Rishi gets up from the sofa. Everyone is surprised. Rishi’s innerself asks him to go and tell Lakshmi how much he loves her. Lakshmi turns to go just as he comes near her. Rishi holds her hand. Shalu, Ayush and Bani get hopeful. Dadi is happy too. Ayush says it seems our words have worked. Shalu and Bani say that we will pass and Jiju will pass too. Neelam is about to stop Rishi, but Virender stops her and asks her to see what is happening.

Ayush says in low tone, please say Rishi Bhai. Rishi says I love you Lakshmi. Lakshmi’s supporters get happy.Malishka’s supporters get shocked. Rishi says I love you Lakshmi….I love you so much. He says I know that you don’t want me to tell this infront of anyone, sorry but if don’t say it now then it will be too late. He says I love you, and wants to make you mine and wants to marry you. Neelam shouts Rishi. She goes to him and asks if you are in your senses? Rishi says I know what I am saying, and tells that he is in his conscience. He says he is saying truth and says I was scared thinking what you will say and what others will feel, and says this is truth that I love Lakshmi. Neelam asks him to shut up. Malishka is upset and shocked. Rishi says Mom…I am sorry, but I will marry Lakshmi. Neelam raises her hand to slap him, but Virender asks Neelam not to slap him, and says they are grown up now. He says if Rishi loves Lakshmi then its ok and says Lakshmi was your choice. Neelam says you are saying this now, and tells that I felt Rishi and Malishka’s love since their childhood. Virender says Rishi has to feel, and not you. He says Rishi have realized this now. Neelam tells that Rishi can’t love Lakshmi like girl. Dadi says what you are saying, heart can fall in love with anyone. Neelam says Rishi loves Malishka since his childhood, just Malishka is for him.

Malishka asks Kiran to see what he has become, he loves this illiterate girl. She says I told you that he loves her, and you didn’t agree. She says he lied to me and betrayed me. She says he is a blo*dy cheater, loved Lakshmi, when he was loving me. Kiran says I didn’t expect this today from him. Abhay says I told that marriage shall be done at the earliest and says he has to be punished for breaking my daughter’s heart. Neelam says Rishi will marry Malishka today and now itself. Rishi says I want to marry Lakshmi. Lakshmi says but I don’t want to marry you. Everyone is shocked. She folds her hands and says I don’t want to marry Rishi.

Virender asks why you are saying this. Rishi asks her what you are saying? Dadi asks her not to be afraid and say anything fearlessly. Shalu and Bani ask her to confess her love. Bani says you have to marry Jiju. Lakshmi says I don’t love Rishi, and Rishi also don’t love me. She says he just cares for me, worries and sympathizes with me, that what will happen with me, if I go from here.

Rishi says I worry for you but. Lakshmi says it is just care for me. Dadi asks what you are saying? Lakshmi says I stayed here for Malishka and Rishi’s marriage, they shall marry as they destined to be together. Rishi says enough and says know about my feelings better, and says what you are saying? He asks when did you learn to lie? He says I told you clearly that I love you. Lakshmi turns her face. Rishi asks her to look at him and asks her not to act infront of everyone. He asks her to tell infront of everyone that she loves him. Lakshmi pushes him and asks him to stay away from her. She says this is just care and sympathy as I saved your life many times. She says I don’t need any reward for this, and says whatever you are doing is my reward, so don’t meet me again after this. Ayush asks why Bhabhi is doing this? Dadi says didn’t you hear that Lakshmi gave him swear not to tell this infront of anyone. She says it means that Rishi has confessed his feelings to her before and she refused then also. Shalu and Bani tell that di knows about this, and she refused. Shalu says this means what we wants, will not happen.

Virender says Lakshmi is sad, if she doesn’t love him then she would have scolded him, but she herself is sad. Rishi says ok, I will not look at you again, but I will marry Malishka infront of your eyes. He says today is the last day for you here, we are together for the last time. He asks if it is fine? Lakshmi says fine. Rishi asks Malishka to come and marry him, and says you want to spend your life with me. Malishka is shocked and looks at Lakshmi. Ayush goes to Rishi and asks why you are marrying Malishka. Rishi asks what to do? I will marry Malishka as she loves me and Lakshmi rejected my love and broke my heart infront of everyone. He says she is lying and calling me love as sympathy. Shalu says why you are leaving him? Rishi says she is leaving me and tells that she is going far from me and will marry US Rishi, I hope she goes away from me. Ayush tries to make him understand.

Rishi asks Ayush and Shalu to go. Malishka tells Kiran that Rishi made me as second option, Lakshmi rejected me and that’s why he has come to me. Abhay says I am seeing everything and says Rishi didn’t do right. Kiran says Malishka’s heart is broken. Abhay asks her if she wants him even after getting insulted. Malishka says I love him and wants to marry him. She says he doesn’t love Lakshmi, and just cares for her. Sonal says right decision. Malishka says after marriage, Rishi will not look at anyone, he will be in my control. She asks Kiran to do some work before that. Shalu tells Lakshmi that she is doing wrong. Lakshmi says I don’t love him and says if you don’t go then you will get slapped. Karishma says we shall get the marriage done, before Rishi refuses. Neelam says I will not let him marry someone else.

Kiran asks what is this. Neelam says I didn’t know about this. Malishka says if it happens again then I will not bear. Sonal comes to Rishi and asks him to choose the one who loves him and not the one who doesn’t love him. She says Malishka is ready to marry you even after this.

Malishka comes and sits beside him. Karishma says Rishi…you have hurt Bhabhi so much. Neelam says we will get you marry directly now. Sonal keeps mehendi infront of them. Neelam asks Malishka to get mehendi on her hands as shagun. Malishka asks Rishi to write his name on her name with mehendi. Rishi takes the mehendi cone and writes Rishi on her hand. Malishka thanks him. She writes her name on his hand. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi turns her face. Neelam asks Rishi to go and get ready for marriage. She says it is good if the marriage happens in mahurat time. Rishi goes from there.

Malishka comes to the room and says when Rishi proposed Lakshmi, my heart beat stopped for a while and tells that she only knows how she controlled her anger, as she wants to marry Rishi. Sonal says you did right. Kiran says lets get this marriage done fast, and says I will see Lakshmi later, she is not letting me enjoy my daughter’s marriage. Malishka says I am scared and can’t enjoy my own marriage. Sonal says Rishi did right by proposing Lakshmi, she has rejected him. Kiran says they both are not trustable so she wants this marriage to happen at the earliest.

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