Imlie starlife update Friday 24 November 2023

Imlie 24 November 2023: Inspector asks Atharva if Kairi was happy with him and Chini. Atharva asks what does he mean. He has seen many cases where parents are stricter with children and children elope because of that. Atharva says they love Kairi immensely. Inspector asks if they have any enemy who would kidnap Kairi to take revenge from them. Arto says they are simple people and don’t have any enemy. Chini thinks she knows where Kairi is. Imlie calls on landline. Chini disconnects saying wrong number. Atharva gets angry on inspector and demands to find his daughter soon.

Chini asks him to behave with inspector. Atharva apologizes inspector. He gets emotional and promises to never force Kairi to have veggies and do things she doesn’t like. Imlie calls his landline again. Atharva picks call. Imlie disconnects call seeing Kairi missing.

Anu kindaps Kairi via her puppet servant and takes her away in her car. Imlie searches for Kairi. Dhairya asks what is she searching. Imlie says Kairi. Dhairya asks if Atharva and Chini let her come here. Imlie says yes, she saw Kairi here and even made her asleep with a lullaby. Dhairya says she is confused and still tired. Imlie asks him to stop bothering her and walks away.

Dhairya thinks he angered her again. Inspector calls Atharva to police station and says Kaira was seen in a Delhi bus with a lady and conductor confirmed it. Atharva thinks if Imlie took her away and asks passenger list. Inspector gives him list. Atharva notices Imlie’s name and says he knew it. Inspector further shows him bus stand’s CCTV footage. Atharva fumes thinking Imlie crossed her limits by kidnapping his daughter, now he will show how a father can cross his limits for his daughter.

Anu calls Chini and informs her that she booked early morning flight tickets for her and asks her to come and take Kairi form there. Chini says she will leave for airport right now. Anu gets jealous seeing Kairi sleeping peacefully. Kairi wakes up and asks where is she. Anu says she is at her home. Kairi says she came from princess aunty’s house to bad aunty’s house and troubles Anu. Anu continues to search for Kairi. Dhairya apologizes for not believing her and promises to help her. They check CCTV footage and find someone kidnapping Kairi. Kairi draws Seeta maiya’s sketch and shows it to Anu saying Seeta maiya shoos away bad aunty and continues to trouble Anu.

Imlie reaches police station to file Kairi’s kidnapping complaint and shows him CCTV footage and Kairi’s sketch. Inspector noticing her sketch asks if she filed her daughter’s missing complaint 5 years ago and made this sketch. Imlie says yes, but Kairi is not her daughter. Inspector refuses to take her complaint and constable misbehaves with her. Dhairya enters and requests inspector to file her complaint. Inspector refuses. Dhairya shows CCTV footage where constable misbehaves with Imlie and threatens to viral the video. Inspector takes down complaint. Anu asks Chini to come and take Kairi from there as she is troubling her a lot. Kairi continues to trouble her. Chini smiles hearing Kairi mishiefs and thinks she will reach there soon and bring Kairi home. Atharva hears her conversation.

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