This is fate update Wednesday 22 November 2023

This is fate 22 November 2023: Arjun sitting in the car asks Anjali what happened, she replies she has never seen anyone talk with him in such a rude behavior as they cannot even look him straight in the eye. Arjun mentions that it was also his fault and he took Prithvi so lightly but Anjali replies that his mistake was taking the Luthra’s so lightly, Arjun agrees with her and then mentions he knows how to cheer her so mentions he would take her for shopping, Anjali is not interested but is forced to agree with Arjun when he insists.

Shristhi is waiting in the boutique and wonders why they all come so slowly as she is eager to shop for the function, Preeta comes when Shristhi questions why she got so late, Preeta replied they were not able to find a parking spot so Shristhi questions if she was driving. Shristhi requests the staff to show them some dress for KarvaChawth. Arjun also enters the boutique when Preeta feels something strange, Arjun is also not able to understand his feelings, they both start looking around in the boutique.

Shristhi mentions this yellow sarree is looking good but she decides to consult her sister first, Shristhi going questions why is Preeta so lost and even Anjali asks the same to Arjun. Shristhi takes Preeta to the special section for KarvaChawth, Anjali mentions Arjun is even lost while being with her but he assures of shopping for her.

The sales girl are showing Shristhi the dress but she gets confused asking them to not only help her but they assure that there are a lot of workers in their shop, Shristhi requests Preeta to explain them when she mentions Shristhi might get confused with two helpers. Preeta is also looking for dresses when Rishab comes with a saree explaining that he feels it would look good on her, she agrees mentioning it is a nice color. Shristhi gets jealous so goes

to Sameer questioning what he is doing when Rakhi mom mentioned they must help in the shopping.

Arjun also asks Anjali to select a dress which, so she starts searching for one and then she heads towards the trying room, Arjun stops the worker to give her a saree which he selected for Anjali, she is walking when Rishab also stops the same worker handing her a red saree for Preeta ji.

Preeta and Shristhi reach the dressing area when the trying room is locked, the worker after getting confused hands her the saree which Arjun gave for Anjali. Preeta heads into the trying room, she then gives the other saree to Anjali.

Rishab is on the call with Sahil mentioning if was not able to come on time it means he is busy so they must delay the meeting, he gets scared as Sameer comes to him. Sameer questions what happened when Rishab explains he thought Maa came here because Preeta je and Shristhi would have called her so she came here to scold him, Sameer mentions Rishab is only scared of two people first is Rakhi maa so Rishab questions who is the second, Sameer mentions he meant Kavya. Rishab assures it the love for them since they usually get scared of those whom they love.

Rishab leaves mentioning he forgot to place these clothes back since he did not select them, Rishab bumps into Arjun in the shop but they both leave without saying anything.

Arjun is walking towards the trying room when he sees Preeta coming out of the room so immediately hides, he hides from her but then realizes the ribbon on her saree is not tied, Preeta calls the worker to help her but she is called by the manager to assist the other customers, Arjun notices Preeta is waiting for someone to help her so she is still standing there, Arjun goes to help her but leaves after tying the ribbon, Preeta wonders who did help her when the worker is standing on the other side.

Rishab is with Sameer when Shristhi comes dressed in the saree followed by Preeta, Rishab without informing her that he did not select it explains she is looking really beautiful, but Preeta mentions even his choice is good, Rishab exclaims he doesnot want anything if she likes it, Arjun wonders why is Rishab not telling it is not his choice.

Rishab gets a call from Rakhi maa who questions if they are done with the shopping, Shristhi taking the phone exclaims they have to select the dress and she also inquires how is she looking since Sameer chose this dress for her, Rakhi after praising her also wants to look Preeta, Rakhi explains she is looking like a moon and should select the same dress, Arjun thinks this dress is not of Rishab’s choice but his. Rakhi advises Rishab to pay for the dress of Preeta while Sameer should be the one to pay for that of Shristhi as it is the right of the husbands, she after informing them ends the call. Arjun is staring at Rishab when Anjali comes to signal him, she after reaching the counter reveals that she really liked the saree. Arjun sees Preeta at the corner and recalling what Rakhi said, instructs the worker to charge the payment of both the dresses, Anjali noticing Preeta standing there gets angry, she leaves after giving Arjun a furious look, he doesnot know what has happened and turning back sees Preeta when he recalls how she slapped him.

Rishab replies that she looks nice in everything, but she can choose something else, Rishab explains he was looking something nice for her but is not able to find anything, Rishab and Preeta agree to end the shopping spree, but Shristhi mentions that she still wants to check some other dresses and leaves, Sameer asks what happens to her sister sometimes.

The workers reach the counter mentioning they should give it for billing, but the manager explains that he has already taken payment for it, she replies how is it possible as the husband of Preeta Luthra is still in the mall, he asks them to send the customers here so he is going to sort it out.

Shristhi asks if the dresses are looking good when Rishab explains they are not good looking then her, Shristhi explains her husband is not helping her at all, Sameer replies he did select a dress for her but she herself did not like it, Shristhi starts making faces when Preeta instructs her to at least show some respect since he is her husband, Sameer complains that he neither gets love nor respect. The worker comes informing how there has been an issue with the billing, Shristhi in excitement exclaims they would get a saree for free but Rishab assures she is just joking and they will solve the problem, Shristhi standing back with the dresses wonders why do they not realize since this is a very big mall with a lot of shops so what if they get a dress for free.

Rishab reaching the counter asks what the problem is, the manager reveals that someone has already paid for this dress hearing this Rishab replies it is not ethical as he has selected this dress for his wife so how can they accept the payment from someone else. Shristhi says she thought someone paid for the dress of her, Preeta asks how can it be possible as someone would have paid for this dress and she herself is going to wear the saree as she likes this piece, Shristhi requests her to stop talking as she wants to hear what are they talking about, Rishab requests the manager to charge the bill on his card and reverse the payment from the other customer but the manager is not able to reach him, Shristhi exclaims Rishab jij is getting really furious, Sameer replies because this dress is important for him as Rakhi maa said that the husband selects the dress for his wife.

Sameer requests to pay for the dress of Shristhi, Rishab explains since it is KarvaChawth then the spouse would pay for their dress so he should charge the bill on his card, Rishab leaves after getting a call when the manager whispers to the worker how they would charge this bill on another saree otherwise it might cause a glitch.Anjali places the bags in the car before sitting down on the front seat, Arjun explains she is still looking upset, Anjali explains she cannot forget what the Luthra’s have done to him with just a single shopping spree, and it was also a coincidence that he paid the bill for Preeta, Anjali says he should never bring her for shopping again as this is what she desires, he replies he also said okay.

Mahesh asks Rakhi to not be so angry as it is nothing to be worried about, she replies she would only talk with him when Mahesh exclaim he thinks he made a big mistake telling her the truth, Rakhi replies does he think she would not find out as Rishab is her elder son. Rishab along with everyone else enters the house asking what is the reason she called him in such a hurry, Rakhi asks why did he not tell her he would leave on the day of KarvaChawth, Rishab explains that he did not think it would be a big deal as he would not have left if it was not important, Rakhi replies he would not leave since this is really important, Shristhi replies they can do it like the film as Preeta would break the fast looking at his photo. Rakhi doesnot want to accept it, Preeta explains she has an idea as she would go with Rishab to the meeting and break the fast there, Rakhi still doesnot want to accept it but is finally convinced when everyone forces her, Rishab hugs Rakhi. Sameer whispers to Shristhi how Rakhi maa gets stubborn when it comes to their festivals and rituals, Rakhi questions what they are both whispering about so Shristhi tries to explain she was showing the blouse, but Rakhi replies she can hear everything which they both are talking about. Mahesh informs her ears are powerful. Rishab once again gets a call so Rakhi starts taunting him, he leaves mentioning to the person they would surely have him thrown out of the house.

Arjun comes to sit in the office, there is someone knocking, he says Anjali doesnot have to seek his permission but it someone who explains he has brought a file which he needs to see, Anjali comes running but then turns back to leave explaining she forgot about it, Arjun stops her asking if she wants to come and tell him about the project, he explains he found about it with this file and tomorrow he is going to meet the king, Anjali replies but how can he do it, Arjun exclaims Rishab has finalized the deal but he would not be able to complete it since he came to India for the sake of this deal and will surely complete it.

Sherlin enters the house to see Prithvi playing on the mobile, she questions what is he doing top which Prithvi explains he has this mobile since the past five years but he would surely get a lot of money in a while and then bring every game, Sherlin questions what about her necklace, he doesnot understand so she explains he promised to buy her a new one this KarvaChawth and when would she get it, Prithvi explains he just wants to finish this game for now and they both know that they love each other but why is she doing this melodrama. Sherlin mentions she cannot live like this as no women would live without wealth when Prithvi explains she can go and marry Rishab since he has a lot of money, Sherlin explains she did marry him for the sake of Prithvi, but he only loves Preeta, she cannot understand what Rishab sees in her. Prithvi tries to run away when Sherlin warns him to not come back without her necklace otherwise she will not keep the fast, Prithvi exclaims then he would not be able to live a long life, he smiles explaining he doesnot care about her fast as he has the blessings of god so would surely live for one hundred and one years, Sherlin tries to hit him so he runs away.

Arjun is packing his bags when Anjali brings the watch, he asks how it got out of the room when he even demands his suitcase, Anjali asks if he is sure that she cannot come with him as it would be a moral support, but Arjun assures, he can surely handle this, since he only wants her to be with him at the times when he gets emotional. Anjali agrees to not come but requests him to call her as soon as he faces any problem so she would come running, Arjun mentions she has already booked a ticket but Anjali tries to deny it, she finally accepts it when he forces her revealing she booked the ticket in the evening, Arjun gets mad asking her to cancel it right now, Anjali requests him to meet her before leaving since she wants to wish him luck.

In the night Rishab wakes up, he sees Preeta sleeping so recalls how she warned him of having weird feelings from Arjun, he is stunned as the alarm rings so rushes to stop the clock. Rishab turns back but is not able to take his eyes off Preeta, he covers her with the quilt as she is sleeping before going back to his couch. Rishab notices Rakhi is about to knock so opens the door, he asks what is she doing here when Rkahi explains Preeta set an alarm yesterday night and requested her to come and check if she doesnot wake up, Rishab questions if Preeta texted her when she mentions she is her mother. Rakhi assures of waking her but then they notice Preeta woke up, she gets tensed explaining that she set an alarm but doesnot know why it did not ring, Preeta rushes into the bathroom with her dress, Rishab explains he himself ended the alarm as she was a little tensed so he thought she would rest for a little bit.

Dadi questions why Mahesh came down since it is the ritual which the wives perform, Mahesh explains he always come here to support his wife, Karina mentions it is strange since they both have the same dialogue each year. Rakhi questions where Preeta is, she comes running down followed by Shristhi. Dadi is the first one to give the Sarghi to Rakhi who in turn gives it to both Preeta and Rishab followed by Shristhi and Sameer whom she advises to not fight and love each other a lot. Rakhi advises Rishab to take extra care of Preeta as she would not have eaten anything for an entire day. Karina gets furious explaining this is wrong since they both should spend the festival in the house and can postpone the meeting, Preeta replies how it is important which is why she is going with him. Rakhi requests Karina to not scold Preeta, Karina replies she would not have to say anything if Rakhi had already instructed them, Rishab mentions how he knows Karina bua cares for them and is the reason she is angry but he cannot delay this meeting, Karina leaves in anger explaining how no one cares about her suggestions.

Dadi asks Rakhi to stop and have Sarghi since Karina is wrong so she would talk with her later, Rakhi along with Preeta and Shristhi start having their Sarghi, Rakhi asks Rishab the time of the flight, he informs it is at 9 am if it is on time, Rakhi assures everything would be on time. Preeta listens to their conversation.

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