Imlie starlife update Thursday 22 September 2022

Imlie 22 September 2022: Aditya insists Imlie to have fat roti. Imlie denies. Malini walks in and asks what is happening. Adi says she needs food as she needs to have medicine. Malini says she has to handle students at college and nursery kids here. Adi says she is right. She says he is also a kid like Imlie and tearing roti into 2 gives it to Adi and Imlie. She then tells that he would become fat eating fat roti and then will have to come for a morning walk with her. He gets romantic and lifts her. She feels shy. He takes her to room asking to feed her roti. Imlie feels weird seeing that and looking at roti smiles remembering Adi offering it to her.

Anu while having dinner reminisces Dev’s words that he needs to restart again from where he left and will have to return to Pagdandiya soon. She stands up and feels dizzy. Daadi and Dev help her sit. She cries hugging Daadi and thinks a thorn pricked her leg years ago and she is bearing its pain till now silently. Daadi asks her not to cry and goes to get something for her. Anu then holds Dev’s hands and says she is feeling alone even after her husband being near her. Dev says he is near her, but they are different people and their thinking is different. She says they should think together and he should just look into her eyes and tell that there is no one between them holding her hand.

He stands silently remembering Imlie. She says he couldn’t even hold her hands. He says he is with her. She asks then why is he going to Pagdandiya. He says on an official work and she shouldn’t take stress. Daadi brings juice for her and asks her to have it, says she is worried for her seeing her condition and wouldn’t have left her alone if she wouldn’t have to visit her sister. She suggests her to call Malini home. Malini gets ready for college when Anu calls her and asks if she can come home and spend a day with her mother as Daadi is going to her sister’s home. Malini agrees and informs Adi that she is taking leave and going to mom’s house. Adi says okay, kisses her forehead and leaves for office. Malini asks Anu what really happened.

Anu says she wants to spend some time with her daughter and asks to bring Imlie along. Malini says she will surely bring Imlie if she is free. Anu agrees.Malini walks to kitchen. Imlie rushes to get milk for her. Malini says she doesn’t need milk as she is not going to college today. Aparna asks if she is fine. Malini says yes, she is going to meet maa as she sounded tensed. Aparna says then she should go. Malini says Maa wants her to bring Imlie along to aologize her for her misbehavior the other day. Imlie says she didn’t feel bad at all. Malini says papa would feel good if she accompanies her. Imlie agrees. Malini thanks her and goes to get ready. Taiji asks Imlie not to create any drama there. Aparna asks her to forgive Anu if she seeks forgiveness. Anu says her mother tells if one keeps grudge in heart, they get indigestion.

She continues blabbering. Aparna asks her to stop. Taiji asks her to go and get ready.Adi returns home in the evening. Rupal opens door. He searches his slippers and says he leaves them here. She says she doesn’t know. Aparna and Taiji meet him next. He asks why house looks so calm today. Rupal asks if he is missing Malini. He walks to his room. Sundar enters, and he thinking Imlie came scolds to knock door and enter. He says its him and informs that Anu invited Imlie to her home, so she accompanied Malini. Adi reminisces Anu insulting Imlie and thinks why would Malini take Imlie to Anu’s home even after knowing Anu’s misbehavior towards Imlie.

Dev is busy over phone when he hears door bell and opens it. He is surprised to see Malini and hugs her saying what a pleasant surprise. Imlie enters says surprise. Dev asks what is she doing here. Malini says mom gave her a real surprise by inviting her and Imlie here. Anu greets Malini and Imlie, thinking she will find out Dev’s connection with Pagdandiya via Imlie. Dev thinks he knows Anu called Imlie with bad intention. She asks Malini and Imlie to come and sit. Malini sees a plastic chair and asks servants to take it away. Anu says she kept it here for Imlie as servants are habituated to sit on hard chairs and sleep on floor. Malini says its not done. Imlie says its okay as she didn’t mind her amma’s words. Anu asks what did she say. Malini says she called her my mother.

Imlie says she will call her English madam from her and would use her chair as her throne as she is unique and will take it home as English madam’s gift. Dev smiles. Anu thinks he changes his behavior seeing Imlie, so she will insult Imlie and provoke Dev to tell truth.Malini tells Dev that Imlie does painting really well. Dev asks really. Malini reminds him of Imlie drawing her mehandi. Imlie says she loves drawing since childhood. Malini asks him to teach her painting and she is sure Imlie got her talent from her parents. Dev says he will if Imlie wants to learn. Imlie excitedly says she really wants to. Dev asks if her shoulder is fine. Imlie says she has become strong drinking milk, but Malini doesn’t like milk and has to be forced.

Malini says she doesn’t like milk. Imlie says milk is a whole food. They repeat laughing. Anu gets jealous seeing that. They all 3 enjoy imlie/tamarind. Malini offers it to Anu saying she never let it eat in childhood. Anu says she doesn’t want her to have a cheap roadside stuff and spoil her health. Imlie says Imlie is good for health and describes its goodness in her own singing style. Malini and Dev laugh, leaving Anu more fuming. Anu’s friends enter and their drama start. They chat with Malini and ask about Imlie. Anu says she is Malini’s family’s servant. After a bit of drama, they remind her of kitty party. Anu apologizes for forgetting about it and asks Imlie to make preparations as she has given leave to all servants.

Dev comments that she does this purposefully. Anu orders Imlie again. Malini says she will help Imlie and will serve her guests. Anu gets jealous. Dev walks away greeting guests.Adi asks Aparna if Imlie went to Anu’s home with Malini. Aparna says Anu invited Imlie home with Malini. He asks why did she let Imlie go. Aparna asks how could she if Anu has requested. Adi feels something is wrong and thinks Malini shouldn’t have taken Imlie to her mom’s home even after knowing Anu’s nature.

Malini and Imlie take snacks for guests. Dev jokes if these are for him. Malini asks if he purposefully irritates mom. Imlie jokes that guests will make her snack and eat her. Malini jokes with imlie ki chutney. They all 3 laugh. Guests noticing that comment that Dev is getting along well with a servant as if he has adopted her and she is his own daughter. Anu says Dev behaves with servants like family. Malini says they should stuff guests’ mouth with snacks and shut their mouth. Imlie backs her. They serve snacks, and Malini goes to bring chutney. Guest rudely orders Imlie to serve her juice and insults her for standing close to her. Dev gets angry seeing that. Anu thinks she is provoking Dev to find out why he behaves so good with Imlie. Guest asks Anu to send servant and bring her slippers from her car. Anu says all servants are on leave, so Imlie will bring it.

Imlie goes to bring slippers. Anu asks Dev to sit with them or else her friend will say he has adopted a servant. Dev sits next to her fuming. Imlie brings slippers. Guest orders Imlie to put them in her feet. Imlie does same while Dev burns in anger. Imlie tries to leave, but guest stops her and tells Anu that she got a good servant, so she wants to take her along; asks Imlie how much her parents are paid for her. Anu says she doesn’t have a father and she doesn’t know who her father is. Guest jokes. Dev shivers in anger.

Adi enters asking Anu if she called Imlie to insult her in lieu of apologizing her. He asks how can she be so immature and selfish in this age, people teach children good morales in her age, but she is teaching her daughter to be arrogant, etc. Malini tries to stop him. He lashes her next saying he didn’t expect such a careless behavior from her, she knows how her mother behaves with Imlie and even then she brought her here when her mother lied that she will apologize Imlie, she didn’t understand her mother even after so many years, she is also selfish like her mother, etc. Imlie stops him and says Malini doesn’t know about her mother’s behavior and was helping her in kitchen, she shows Malini’s hands. Adi feels guilty hearing that. Malini walks away angrily. Adi follows her.

Dev confronts Anu and says she is ruining her daughter’s marriage and should be ashamed of her. Anu says Imlie is ruining Malini’s marriage and not her. Imlie shatters hearing that and sitting in a corner reminisces all the incidents happened today.

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