Meet in love update Thursday 22 September 2022

Meet in love 22 September 2022: Everyone in hall Meet says I made tea for everyone, she walks to Raj says first you should have because you want to have medicine. Babita says we already had tea and praises Sunaina for making tea and ask Raj to have medicine Sunaina brought for you. Raj says okay and Sunaina guve him medicine. Meet says everyone had tea that’s the best, you can have more and Meet about to keep tray on table. Babita says keep there I want this table for some work. Raj please don’t take te I will have more made by you. Babita says today we have haldi function so I ask to bring theme designed dresses fro everyone and ask Masum to bring bags. Masum bring the bag and says guve them according to name. Masum reads the name and guve the package to Sunaina, Ragini and Isha and says says to Meet nothing us for you, I’m so sorry for you.

Raj says Babita why didn’t you design clothes for Meet. Babita says I design clothes now uniform and I can design clothes for my daughter in law but she is inspector, look at her and says to Sunaina that you will all the rituals related to Bhabhi and you have to go with Meet Ahlawat to give invitation card to Abhay and says to Masum we will practice on song. Meet gets call from lawyer and says thanks to him.Meet Ahlawat in his room getting ready. Masum walks to her says mom have ask you to give invitation card. Meet Ahlawat says okay I’ll ask Meet to get ready. Masum says no need of that, you and Sunaina are going, mom said. He says I’ll talk to mom.

Babita says no need of talking because I have already decided that you and Meet will go. Meet Ahlawat says he is wife. Babita says but she is not upto mark if Ahlawat’s family daughter in law. Meet Ahlawat try to convince her. Babita says says yes or no.Meet in hall. Babita with Masum says these are the gift of Shanty did you check. Masum says yes I do. Meet see lamp is not working so she walks to it with screwdriver. Babita mocks Meet and ask Sunaina to let’s continue discussion in our room. Meet walks to lamp and repair it. Ragini walks to her. Meet ask her do you want anything. Ragini says yes I want to stop bad happening with you, I don’t feel good about there behaviour, you can stop this for ever if you stop making Babita angry you know how hard it was for you to win her heart.

Meet says I also want to win her heart again but I’m doing this to save Isha because Shanty is not good guy. Ragini says but everyone believes he is good boy, this stubbornness will make you a stranger in this house and treat you same way, you have to feel this daily, what you will do. Babita calls Ragini. Ragini says coming and ask Meet to do things smartly or else time will slip from your hand. Meet thinks how will I live without family I won’t let this happen and she gets call from Balveer. Balveer says I have a news about Shanty. Meet says I’ll see and disconnects call and pray to god says what should I do.

Meet Ahlawat with Sunaina says that’s what I’m trying to say, Tej have good connection with Ram Lakhan and try to convince her and ask her to get things back to normal. Sunaina says there is big difference between reality and practicality, I know I cannot except those kids and nor Tejs stubbornness, I know you can’t live with stubbornness but Tej is mad for them I’ll see how much time more Tej will be stubborn. Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and says I have an urgent work please come with me. Meet Ahlawat ask what is so urgent did you do something again. Sunaina says to Meet Ahlawat we are getting late. He says I cannot come with me, I have to go give these card mom ask me to go with Sunaina, when my work is finish we will go and talked to mom everything is fine.

Meet says thankyou but already talked to Tej she can go with her and you come with me. Tej come out and sit in car. Meet Ahlawat ask Sunaina to go with Tej and handover her things. She leaves. He ask Meet where you have to go. Meet says we need to go to a farmhouse.Meet Ahlawat and Meet on road. Meet Ahlawat smile and says you made a good plan to make Tej and Sunaina talk to eachother. Meet says I didn’t do anything we are going to a farmhouse in Mohali of Shanty were he is conducting drugs deal. He stops car and says what is wrong with you, you know we have function today and you want me to stop everything and spy on him, this is not happening.

She says listen to me one time. He says you are gone mad, think with your brain you are still behind him, mom has stopped talking to you and many members are avoiding you, why are you destroying your image. Meet says Isha and family is more important to me and Shanty is not a good guy try to understand me. He says we are going back. She says do you remember what father says, he said we have to support eachother and today I need you and you will leave me alone. Meet Ahlawat remembers what Raj said and says you know very well I won’t leave you alone. Meet says for one time forgot everything and remember your Meet need your support, whenever I try to bring his truth I always become lier, I want you to see his real face and it will be possible when you come with me, atleast come for your sisters future.

He says okay but you have to promise me this is the last time and if you are wrong you will leave him alone, promise me. Meet says promise.Shanty at his farmhouse doing drug dealing. One of his men says this is good quality product. Supplier says to Shanty this means we can have a deal and they cheers. Meet and Meet Ahlawat outside farmhouse. Meet says now you will see his true face from your own eyes.Tej and Sunaina in car together. Tej saks his driver about his tiffin and ask him from where did you bought. He says my wife brought it for me. Tej okay I’ll take a picture of it. He says ask your wife the have good knowledge about this. Tej says Vijay few works we men have to do so that they feel we can do there job too, so I’ll order these tiffin soon for my kids.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat at gate hiding from guards. Meet see a car says to Meet Ahlawat Shanty car is here this means he is inside and she start moving forward. Meet Ahlawat follow her. They climb the dorr together te reach compound. They both a door. Meet says it’s locked let’s look for other door.Tej and Sunaina at Abhays house to give invitation. Abhay looks at wedding invitation sats it’s beautiful and says Babita was saying Meet Ahlawat will also be coming where is he.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat at back door. Meet Ahlawat says to her listen to me I think Shanty is decent guy, forgot this and let’s leave. Meet says I know he is not decent and start looking for a way to open door. Meet Ahlawat try to hit ut with stone. Meet stops him says they will know about us we need find some other way and ask him to say here.Sunaina says to Abhay he was coming but Meet ask him to come with her she has something important. Tej says she wants his help that’s why she took him. Abhay says okay well we know about her. Sunaina says exactly, I heard her saying that she want to go to a farmhouse in Mohali.

Meet brings allen keys from car and break the lock with them. Meet Ahlawat ask who are you police or thief. Meet says you have to think like thief to catch them and they walk in, they reach hall and see Shanty doing pooja. Shanty see them and acts like he is in shock.…( Abhay inform Shanty on call about Meet and ask him to play safe and be alert. Shanty looks her through CCTV and ask everyone to leave and make necessary arrangements of pooja to trick her…)Shanty ask them what are you doing here. Meet Ahlawat says we were passing so thought if meeting you. Shanty says good you are here, Pandit ji was saying I have some bad omen so we kept this pooja to remove that and afterall I’m getting married so few precautions for future me and Isha, I don’t believe much but have to do and ask hwo did you know I’m here for some work.

Meet says we came here to take measurements for your dress. Shanty says you could have message me. Meet Ahlawat says no worries finish your work then you can text me your measurements. Meet thinks something is fishy he is hiding something, I have to find out. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet to leave. Meet says let’s wait uf we are here he will feel good. Shanty says yes sure. He insist Meet to go. Meet says let’s sit and do pooja and ask Pandit to chant mantra. Pandit begin with Pooja. Meet ask pandit to say more in chant. Shanty says to Meet if he will start pooja then it will take 4hrs and says let’s do it on phone because we can get everything there so I’ll play because we have less time and he start playing mantra. Meet observe Pandit says he have digital watch this is not good and says to Shanty let’s lit the havan I love it’s smell. Shanty remembers he kept drugs in havan.

Meet give matchstick to Shanty to lit havan. Shanty think if I’ll light it then drugs worth crores will be gone, why is she not going. Shanty try to lit havan and thinks if I didn’t lit it then she will have doubts about havan and he lit the havan, he regret about his action.Meet Ahlawat take Meet outside. Meet says listen to me. He says were you able to prove him wrong. Meet says something was wrong there Pandit was wearing digital watch, he is hiding something. Meet Ahlawat shouts stop it, mom ask me to go at Mamajis house but I came with you, something is wrong, now you are crossing the line, I know you can’t do anything wrong but now you are getting obsessed. Meet says believe me I’ll catch him red handed. He says I believed you that’s why I came here, and ket me remind you your promise, if you fail to prove him wrong then you won’t put any allegations on him, did you promise or not.

Meet remembers the promise she gave to Mest Ahlawat in car. He says we are going back come and sit in car and he go inside car. Meet get’s call from lawyer and says I’ll be there soon. Meet says to him will you drop me to court house I have some urgent work there, it’s my job, I’m not following Shanty believe me. They both leave.Abhay slaps Shanty and says I ask you wait ti your marriage, you know important it is but you don’t want to listen at all. He says it was a good deal. Abhay says deal will come again but what if she had caught you, everything would be ruined, I understand you have no interest in Isha but still you were ready but son I beg you wait some more time. He says okay and Abhay leave.

Shanty gets call from his men says I’m leaving town and you should also leave I got news that police has arrested our clients with money, I think Meet asked to stop that car. Shanty in anger says I lost money and drugs both just because of Meet, I have to think something how to take revenge and see invitation scroll on table he open it and says you have to pay Meet.Babita in her room. Masum walks to her. Babita ask her openion about jewellery. Masum show her a diamond set and says Mamaji have specially send for you. Babita get’s happy and says we are still related to eachother. Masum says that Sunaina was saying Mamaji was upset because Meet Ahlawat didn’t go, he forced Tej to go with Sunaina because Meet Bhabhi took him.

Babita says I’m getting irritated with her. Masum says I try to warn you but supported so much. Babita says I know how to make for my mistake, it’s enough now I’ll show her true colours of mother in law.Meet at court house in uniform. She walks to lawyer and thanks him for helping her in case and ask where is he. He points her towards a boy. Meet walks to Deep and ask her gow are you feeling. Deep says I can’t believe how did you do, I cannot understand if should be happy or sad but I can’t forget what you did for me. Meet says all the evidence against you were lie that’s why you are out now. Deep ask her how is Isha. Meet says she is not well she is getting married. Deeo in shock says she is getting married. Meet says don’t worry it won’t happen but you have to promise me that you won’t contact anyone and if you try then situation will go out of hands and everyone will think I’m an enemy. Deep says I promise you I won’t contact Meet Ahlawat and Isha.

Everyone at functio. Everyone start the haldi function. Raj says to Babita I’ll ask Meet where is she. Babita says I don’t care at all about her and if she come then nobody will involve her in any work and ask Ragini to start function and ask to olay dhol. Meet Ahlawat thinks about Meet, he walk to door and stumble into her, she save him from falling and hugs him. One lady says why is police here in haldi ritual. Masum says she is our daughter in law who is in police. Raj says to Meet you are on right time. Meet says sorry got late from work and says I’ll be back soon.

Meet in her room says I’ll change and go down but what I’ll wear mom didn’t got anything for me and she see a note from Meet Ahlawat saying from Meet to Meet and see the photograph of her and looks under the bedsheet, she finds a new dress from Meet Ahlawat, she thanks him and gets happy.Shanty says to Meet, that good you come at the right time, and by the way I do lot of bad work but I do yoga and have control on myself and won’t you ask why I did this. (Shanty had seen Isha msg Meet).

Meet says to Shanty because of boys like you girls life gets ruined and after this I would never let this marriage happen and pushes Shanty and you know about Isha and Deep, then why did you agree for marriage and then called Isha here in name of Deep. Shanty says you are so impulsive, let’s keep something for after marriage and I promise I will make hell of Isha’s life and it will all happen in front of your eyes and you can’t do anything. Meet slaps Shanty and says when I am here you can never go near Isha.Meet Ahlawat walks in, and says what nonsense is this leave him, Meet tries to explain, Meet Ahlawat says shutup, because of your stubbornness, things between us are you to ruin now. Shanty says good you came, she is always behind me, Meet says don’t believe him he is lying but what are you doing here. Meet Ahlawat says Shanty called me saying he found Isha unconscious in hotel but you are just behind him. Isha wakes up.

Meet Ahlawat asks Isha, how did you come here. Isha thinks how can I tell him truth and says I came here to meet a friend and I felt unconscious. Shanty says I saw her unconscious and got her here. Meet Ahlawat says my sister is safe because of you. Shanty says I am her would be husband. Meet Ahlawat says I apologise for my wife’s behaviour. Shanty says I am used to her behaviour, I just hope that she overcomes the hatered. Meet Ahlawat hugs him.Meet Ahlawat says Isha lets go and leaves. Shanty says to Meet what a failure you are and now how will you save Isha from me.

Sunaina trips. Ram Lakhan save her. Sunaina scolds them and says stay away from me I am warning you and leaves.Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat, she picks her necklace and thinks how Meet Ahlawat use to help her wear it and wears it on her own and asks Meet Ahlawat to help her with suitcase, he doesn’t respond so Meet steps herself on stool thinking Meet Ahlawat will come help her when he sees her in trouble, Meet trips, Meet Ahlawat saves her and asks is she fine. Meet says no because I can see you love me but don’t trust me. Meet Ahlawat gets her suitcase and about to leave. Meet stops him, he leaves her hand and walks out. Meet says you will trust me back when you will see the truth, but for now I have to save Isha.

Ahlawat’s enjoying Isha’s Mehndi. Meet sees everyone dancing and enjoying. Isha hugs Ragini and starts crying. Babita smiles at Ragini and says don’t cry, every mother wishes for a happy family for her daughter and our Isha will rule there, this is happy moment. Ragini says I am happy but I am scared if Isha will adjust there, like I was scared when I came here, Babita says now look, we are incomplete without you, you accepted you, Ram gave you all the love and you always supported him, I understand you have lot of questions but our Isha will be very with Shanty and with you even I have prayed for her. Babita hugs Ragini. Meet says I wish these people could see the truth, what do I do God, if I support Isha, family will be upset and if I don’t Isha’s life will be ruined.

Meet Ahlawat says lets change the atmosphere and hear everyone’s couple stories and ask Raj to share what he felt while getting married. Raj says I loved Babita since college but her family didn’t like me but I was sure she is my life. Isha remembers her and Deep’s moments.
Raj says I asked Babita does she love me, does she have trust on me, and I saw a yes in her eyes and ran away with her. Masum says but that must be rough. Raj says yes but slowly Babita’s family accepted me and out relationship and so if your love is true you can win the world, we didn’t do wrong by running away, always remember truth takes time to come out and when it does people agree with you.

Meet listens to it and says thank God and today I know Papaji is always with me and now I have only one way to save Isha and family will agree too, and God will listen to prayers for Isha, and she will have a good husband and its Deep.



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