Guddan zee world update Thursday 22 September 2022

Guddan 22 September 2022: AJ says to Guddan that how come you are here? Guddan slips but falls in AJ’s arms. Flashback shows that Guddan had put idol in AJ’s room ad said that nobody can remove you. AJ comes there and glares at her, he says let me tell you that I don’t like my things to displaced so dont try to change my life or my things. Guddan says its God’s idol so if you change it then you will be punished, she leaves. AJ tries to remove idol but cant do it.

Kaushalia is with her neighbor, neighbor says Guddan might get roles in movies, tell Raiti to do something too. Kaushalia says look at your house before taunting my Raiti. She thinks what if Guddan really come on TV? I have to go there and tell that Raiti is better than her.

AJ looks at his mother’s photo and says I am not ready for change, for my second marriage.

Guddan comes to Dadi. Her saree gets stuck in fan and it blows away.. All are stunned to see her real avatar. AJ and Guddan looks in each others eyes, ishq mukamal plays. Lakshmi says this is Guddan, she was lying and came here too. Druga says why are you here? Lakshmi says she must have sensed our wealth, she had put cake on AJ and now wants to have a relation with him and brought her family too? Guddan says dont blame my family.

She gives bangles back to Dadi and says I am sorry, I wanted to tell you all that I am not Leela even if you put me out of drama. Durga says you think that all this is a drama? AJ’s wedding is a drama for you? Guddan is stunned and says marriage? I came here for Sita’s role in a show and you thought that I am here for AJ’s marriage proposal? he is old. Lakshmi says why are you lying?

Guddan says did I talk about marriage anytime? If I knew that we were talking about AJ then I wouldnt call him Ram, I would never marry him even if he is a last person, he should be ashamed to marry in this age, have some shame. Kaushalia comes there and shouts Guddan. Kaushalia says to Guddan that stay silent, think about our respect. Lakshmi says whole family is a drama, they stooped low for money, they are using their own daughter. Guddan says hello.. AJ says enough, he shouts to leave. Guddan starts leaving but glares at AJ and leaves.

Family comes home. Kaushalia shouts that we give you these manners? why did you go there if you cant do anything? you fooled them and they thought that they are searching for a bride? Raiti says but.. Kaushalia says enough, you both have spoiled her, she lied. Guddan says I didnt lie, if you dont believe me that it was not my mistake then take me to place where you always take me when I am punished, I am ready to go with you, I will make you believe that I am not wrong, lock me in room where you always do. Father tries to stop her but Guddan takes Kaushlia to room.

Kaushalia sees Guddan’s mother photo on wall and many notes on walls. Guddan says I never lied in this room because it has my real mother’s photo, I can never lie here. Guddan writes note and says I swear on my real and step mother that I didnt lie, it was not my mistake, she shows her note which says that I am sorry but it was not my fault, she cries. Kaushalia tears note angrily and says stop your drama, I cant trust a girl like you, you will irritate us so much that we will die like your mother because of you, dont know when you will get married and I will be free from you and have a peace in this house with my husband, she leaves. Guddan gets hurt.

Scene 1
Lakshmi’s husband comes to his room, he sees it decorated. Lakshmi says I want to celebrate my happiness with you. He says that I will make papa happy when I work nicely in restaurant. Lakshmi says you dont care about me, we didnt even go to honeymoon. He says once I make papa happy then I will take you to honeymoon.

AJ looks at Lakshmi’s husband’s plan and shouts that this was your plan? its rubbish, tell your wives to not play with my respect, that girl can say anything, I get so angry thinking about her, he throws things around, he says to Durga that yes I have decided to remarry but how did you think that I will marry a girl who I hate so much? He asks men to work on house first then think about restaurant, he leaves.

Lakshmi’s husband says that stop all this drama and let us work. They leave. Durga says that Guddan destroyed everything. Saru says my Rahul worked so much but AJ insulted them because of Guddan. She calls someone to take revenge on Guddan.

Dadi is sad and says that I accepted that girl as my daughter in law, she looks at Antara’s photo and says you were my AJ’s life and you want him to have love too but when will be happy? AJ comes there and takes Antara’s photo, he says she gave me love and life, my Antara was enough. Dadi says I know but you can relive that love, you will earn a good life and that girl.. AJ looks on.

Guddan is trying to sleep but says that AJ has brought destruction in my life, how can he even think of marrying me? that oldie. She leaves from there. Raiti opens window and Prav comes inside. Guddan comes back and sees his silhouette, she starts beating him. Raiti stops her.

Dadi says to AJ that I know she lied but when I saw her first, I felt like looking at Antara. AJ says please dont compare them, we get one life, my life partner left me but she is always with me. Dadi says but your mother’s last wish is to see you settled with a good girl, wont you fulfill it? Antara’s last wish was same. She leaves. AJ says I want to fulfill wishes but that girl?

Scene 2
Raiti introduces Prav to Guddan, Guddan says why are you here at night? Prav says today is 100th day anniversary so I brought her pillow, he shows heart shaped pillow. Guddan says wow its a good romance. Kaushali knocks on door. Prav runs and jumps from window. Kaushalia comes there, she asks she heard some noise, Guddan says it must be pillow, Kaushalia sees pillow. Guddan says this is for papa, Kaushalia leaves. Guddan says you should tell to mom. Raiti says not now, I will talk to Prav. She thinks that Guddan doesnt know about Prav’s truth.

In morning, Raiti sees Guddan’s picture in newspaper which says that a girl Guddan wanted to become a millionaire by decieving a family. Guddan comes there. Raiti tries to hide newspaper but Guddan checks it, she gets angry and says they wrote this for me? AJ can do anything if he is rich? he has messed with a wrong girl.

Guddan comes to AJ’s house and says you will pay for writing such rubbish against me, I will not spare you.

Scene 1
Durga says what did you do Saru? She says that Guddan should learn a lesson. Durga says it will defame AJ too. A woman comes in. Durga says who are you? Lakshmi says this is Shweta. She can be perfect wife of AJ. AJ comes. Shweta comes and says she is Shweta. She can be perfect for you. Dadi says there are only five days left. AJ says tell us about yourself. Shweta says I will be yours forever. AJ says how can you love an unknown man? Guddan comes and says uncle ask the right questions.

The question is can you be loved or not. You can only buy non living things from money. I would rather go to jail then to marry a person like you. What have you dared getting written in this paper about me. You will pay for it. AJ is dazed. She says I will teach you a lesson. Or get ready

to see your ego shattering. And then ruining your image. AJ says in heart is she the one. Antra I will marry her.

Guddan leaves. Durga says what does she think of herself Laskhmi says AJ please don’t listen to her. You have right to be loved. Shweta will love you a lot. AJ says what’s your address? She says for Shagun? SHe tells her address. He says I have booked your ride back home. Shweta says what.

Dadi says AJ you deserve to be loved. don’t listen to her. She doesn’t know you. AJ says who is she. Why would I care what she thinks of me. Lakshmi says I brought such a good girl but AJ said no as well. Saru says it was so funny.

Scene 2
AJ calls someone and says do my work.
Guddan is in market. She tries to call Raiti but she can’t. Guddan sees Perth there. She says wow. Guddan sees a girl with him. She says is that Raiti? I will surprise her.

Dadi says it was all my mistake. Look at that girl. she hurt AJ. Durga says it was all a drama. We let her come here. All this happened because of us. Dadi says in heart I considered her our daughter in law. I hope AJ finds a girl soon.

Lakshmi says to Durga you are responsible for all this. You chose Guddan. At least the girls I brought weren’t like her. Durga says you are right. It is my mistake so I will solve it.

Guddan comes to temple and says God you have to help me. Don’t show me that uncle’s face again. She steps back and fell. AJ holds her. She says are you following me? He says not me. My men. She says yo have thugs after me. why are you here? I was angry because of the news. He shows her a paper an says this paper will give you everything. Money house everything. She says you want to bribe me? He says no.

I want to marry you. She says what. He says no matter what you ask for, you have to marry me. She says do you have a pen? She writes something on paper. She says this is for mental asylum. Call there and go there. Better stay away from me or I will call police.

Scene 1
Guddan’s bracelet gets stuck in his watch. She pulls her hand and leaves. Guddan says because of this uncle I couldn’t even see Perth and Raiti.
She sees Perth. She says how can i marry that old uncle. Guddan sees the girl. Perth sits on the bike. Guddan looks at her dazed. Its not raiti. She says sorry I thought its my sister. The girl says my husband is waiting for me. Guddan is dazed. She cries.

Raiti is cooking. Guddan comes and spoils her cake. She says I want to tell you something. I really love you. I wont let anything wrong happen with you. You have to know this. Perth.. Raiti says is he okay? Guddan says he isn’t okay for you. He is married. He is fooling you. I just saw his wife. Raiti says I knwo. Guddan is dazed. She says what?

Do you know he is married? This isn’t love. Raiti says do you even know anything that you are judging him. He was married by force. He wants to leave his wife. He hates her. Guddan says I saw them. They clearly don’t hate each other. Raiti says they just pretend. I really love him. Guddan says if you don’t stop I will tell mummy. This is wrong you are doing a mistake. Kaushliya says who made the mistake? Guddan you spoiled this cake. Why you do this with my mom. Raiti says I will fix it. Kaushaliya says she only ruins everything. Guddan says mummy really loves you. You will call Perth and break up with him right now.

Scene 2
Durga comes to house with police. She says arrest them. Their daughter pretended to someone else and fooled us.
Guddan and Raiti come to Perth. Guddan says go and tell him clearly you don’t wanna be with him. Think about our parents. Perth says why you look scared? Guddan says because you are fooling her. Guddan says you will never meet her. Perth holds Raiti’s hand and says please.. Guddan slaps him. She says don’t dare touching my sister. You can’t fool her. You have to break up with her. Don’t dare meeting her again or I will tell your wife and police. Let’s go. Perth says Raiti please stop. Dont’ separate us. please say something Raiti. Your silence is killing me. You don’t love me? Guddan says stop playing with her emotions. Do this acting with your wife. They leave.

Durga says she shouldn’t have messed with us. She stole from our house. Inspector says arrest them. AJ comes there and says stop. Durga is dazed.

Inspector says your daughter wanted to steal. Durga says arrest them. AJ comes and says stop. Durga is dazed. AJ says don’t take them anywhere. Durga had a misunderstanding. Durga says yes. AJ says we take our complaint back. Police leaves. AJ says i know nothing is more important than dignity. Please forgive us. Durga is dazed. AJ says I am sorry that because of my family you had to see this day. Tomorrow morning’s newspaper will have an apology letter for you. Durga says in heart AJ apologized? AJ says I brought some presents are a token of apology. if you accept them I will be really happy. His man brings in all the gifts. AJ says one thing is left. Durga you also have to apologize. You did so wrong with them.

Durga says I am sorry. AJ says apology should also sound like the way you were defaming them? They should know it was your mistake only. Durga says whatever happened was my mistake. I am really sorry for it. It wont happen again. Kaushaliya says it better not happen again. otherwise the handcuff will be in your hand. This happens when egoistic people like you face off truth. They fall off. Just like you.

Durga comes home angry. Saru says is Guddan arrested? lakshmi says she learned the lesson. Saru says AJ made us pack so many things. Durga recalls what happened. Durga throws it away and says better cry. Those boxes had gifts for Guddan and her family. I was asked to apologize them in front of everyone. AJ apologizes himself. Saru and Lakshmi are dazed. Saru says Rahul told me that he once apologized someone but AJ ruined their business. Durga says AJ apologized after so many years. There is some reason behind it that AJ isn’t tell us. Dadi wonders why is AJ doing that.

Scene 2
Guddan and Raiti comes home. Raiti says you did so wrong. She goes to her room and cries. Kaushaliya stops Guddan. She says where were you? Guddan says where are these presents from? She says this shouldn’t have been here if I didn’t handle what you did. Why do you make our lives difficult. That AJ’s daughter in law came here with police. Durga was sending us to jail. AJ came and apologized. He brought these gifts too. Guddan says how dare he. You are so innocent. Don’t listen to that AJ. That uncle.. Kaushalya says enough of all this. Don’t ever go near them.

AJ is cooking. Guddan video calls them. She says money can’t buy everything. Don’t show off in my house. You thought if you do all this drama my no will be a yes? it will always be a no. Rich people don’t understand. Look at your age. I can never say yes to your rubbish offer. He says you will. Guddan says don’t dare coming here again. I am not a thing that you can buy with money. He says i don’t her a no. No one ever said no. She says now you met me. I said no to you. That’s all you will her from me.

Dadi comes to AJ and says what are you upto? He says nothing ma.

Guddan is trying to cook. Kaushaliya says what are you doing. Raiti has a big order today. I and your papa are going. Don’t come and ruin her order.
Raiti is crying in her room. perth send a video of his hand cut. Raiti says what did you do. She cries. Perth comes on video call and says i did this as a proof to my love. Raiti says why did you do this. You forgot me. Raiti says i didn’t forget you. perth says I will kill myself without you. Raiti says I will kill myself too. He shuts the video.
Guddan brings ice cream for Raiti. She opens the door. Raiti is on the bed fainted. Guddan screams.



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