Imlie starlife update Friday 23 September 2022

Imlie 23 September 2022: Malini cries reminiscing Adi insulting her calling her selfish, etc. Adi walks to her and calls her Moon. Malini asks him not to call her Moon as only her dear ones who understand her call her Moon, he doesn’t understand her even after knowing her since 7 years; he started worrying about Imlie and forgot about a girl whom he married and knows since 7 years, he forgot her nature and taught she would treat Imlie like the way he treated her today; her mom insults Imlie in front of everyone and even he did same with her; she became so bad that he alleged her twice since yesterday without even thinking once. Aparna calls Malini and asks if Adi came there as he left home without informing.

Malini says she forgot to inform that she called Adi to take her back home. Aparna asks her to give phone to Adi and emotionally informs that Nishant is coming home tomorrow and asks him to come home soon. Malini says they are coming right now and disconnects call. Adi tries to hold her, but she pushes him away. Anu’s friends ask her to keep them updated whatever happens in her house and walk away. Malini walks to Imlie and apologizes her. Imlie asks why she is apologizing. Malini says after many years, she thought her mother is telling truth and really wanted to apologize by hear, but she knows to apologize whether her mother does or not. She walks towards door telling Anu that she did wrong. Anu pleads her not to go, slips and falls trying to stop her.

Everyone rush to her and make her sit. Anu writhes in pain. Malini applies icepack on her foot and says mom’s swelling is increasing, so papa should take care of her. Adi says they need to go as Nishant is coming tomorrow. Anu shouts she doesn’t need Dev’s help and starts fighting with him. Malini asks them to stop fighting and says she will stay with mom. Imlie asks her to go as she will stay with English madam/Anu. Anu shouts she will not let this girl stay in her house. Malini says Imlie wants to stay even after Anu’s taunts, if Anu insults Imlie again, she will never see her face again. Anu agrees to let Imlie stay there.

Adi takes Imlie out and asks why she wants to stay with Anu even after she insulted her so much. Imlie asks her not to worry about her as she doesn’t mind Anu’s taunts, she feels more bad when he taunts her tough. He says seriously. She says she is Imlie and her mom says everyone don’t Imlie/tamarind’s taste at the beginning, but once they like it, they cannot leave it; he need not worry about her and walks away. Adi thinks he is understanding Imlie slowly.Dev makes Anu rest on bed while she writhes in pain and asks her to relax. Imlie peeps in. Dev asks her to come in. Anu angrily asks what is she doing here.

Imlie says she brought a herbal paste for her. Anu says she doesn’t need her help and applies pain spray on her ankle. Imlie says its too stinking and with a cooked up long story keeps Anu busy and applies herbal paste on her foot. Dev jokes. Imlie says just like Malini is like her sister, Anu is like her mother and Dev her father. Anu gets more angry hearing that and warns that she is neither her mother nor Dev her father, Imlie is just a maid and if she tries to create any relationship, she will be kicked out on road. Dev takes Imlie away. Adi with Maliini reaches home and asks her to let him carry her bags. She says she will manage and walks away. He thinks he never saw her so much angry till now. Dev asks Imlie if she doesn’t feel bad with Anu insulting her. Imlie says she is habituated as her nakli naani insults her often, but her mother is really good. Dev asks her to tell more about her mother.

She says her amma is her strength. Dev asks her about her father. She says what to talk about a person who was never with her since she is born, who never took her responsibility, he ransacked her and amma and she doesn’t even know his name. She continues her emotional chat and says she doesn’t even miss him as she had her amma and Dadda in village and here she has Adi and his whole family who takes care of her so well and her condition is of a child who is very happy seeing so many balloons in a mela, etc. Dev thinks though she doens’t have a place for her father in her life, he has place for her in his life and house.

Dev takes Imlie to Malini’s room and asks her to sleep there and not kitchen. Imlie panics and shouts she can’t. He stops her and says Malini will feel bad if she finds out that she slept in kitchen, she should wake up early tomorrow as they both will do painting together. Imlie says she didn’t bring her pain and brushes. Dev says he has everything and asks her to go and rest now. She goes on bed and gets sad seeing Adi and Malini’s wedding photo.Adi with Malini return home and seeing family sad says Nishant is coming tomorrow, then why they look sad. Malini asks same. Taiji says Nishant left home without informing them and is coming when he wants to, he doesn’t care about them.

Tauji say they should show him that they can live without him, he is coming after 10 years and will go again for another 10 years breaking their hearts again; he asks Rupal to send him a message that this house has only 2 sons. Adi says the fact will not change though and checking Nishant’s message says he has just written that he is coming and not when he will go. Aparna says Nishant must be missing his family. Taiji says Aparna supports Nishant since childhood and scolds Adi for Nishant’s mistakes. Tauji says Nishath has become their guests now. Rupal says even she is angry on Nishant and will scold him when he returns, maa is keeping his shoes since 10 years and now doesn’t want to meet him, papa didn’t sleep for days when Nishant went abroad to study and why he doesn’t want to meet Nishath.

Anu seeing Imlie in Malini’s room shouts how dare she is to enter her daughter’s bed. Imlie stammers nervously. Dev asks what is she doing here, he asked Imlie to.. Imlie says this house is so because and she didn’t find servant’s room. Anu asks if she will take other’s stuff if she doesn’t find her ones; though she doesn’t have a father, she has a mother who must have taught not to take other’s stuff. Dev shouts enough. Imlie walks away.

Rupal says if they don’t want Nishant back, she will send a message to Nishant that this house doesn’t need him and he doesn’t have to come here as this house has only sons. Tauji asks her to stop. Rupal says she sent him to bring lots of chocs for children, sugar-free for Tinkle. Adi says some for 2 kids, Tauji and Taiji. Dhruv says they should plan for a party now. Nidhi says yes, they should hurry up as they don’t have much time. Aparna says when they are together, they can. Rupal asks where is Imlie. Adi says she stayed back at Mrs. Chaturvedi’s house. Nidhi thinks Imlie is not so dumb to herself become a prey for tigress. Adi hearing that hopes Imlie stays safe at Anu’s house and Malini forgives him for behaving with her like Anu behaves with Imlie. He walks to his room and knocks door. Malini opens it.

He says thank god she opened door or else he would have to sleep on Tinkle and Sunny’s bed. She says she doesn’t want to trouble someone repeatedly. He says he doesn’t want to trouble her and says he brought Imlie from Pagdandiya and its responsibility to protect her. Malini says he realized his responsibility now, she is protecting Imlie from before from Anu and him, but he thinks he is selfish by making her work hard. He says he is selfish and scolded her in front of everyone without knowing truth, but she behaved with his family so well and didn’t let his mother about their fight, he is very thankful to her for that. She says she needs to wake up in the morning to make arrangements for Nishant’s welcome and others also worried for Imlie. Adi says he is worried for Anu as Imlie would trouble her in her Pagdandiya style. She asks him to keep his remaining apologizes for tomorrow qand switch off light now.

Next morning, Malini goes to kitchen and sees Aparna laughing on Taiji. Taiji says she doesn’t know what Nishant would like to have and asks Malini what she wanted to have after returning from abroad. Malini says mom’s cooked food and consoles Taiji. Adi with Dhruv enters and says he has to cook breakfast now as women are chatting. Dhruv backs him. He tries to prepare tea. Malini asks if he knows to prepare tea. He says no. She asks him to go and bring Nishant and take raincoat as it may rain. He says she is worried for him still and kissing her forehead rushes away. Malini hopes everything is fine at her mom’s house.

At Chaturvedi House, Anu shouts. Dev rushes to him and asks what happened. She says her foot turned yellow because of stupid Imlie. Dev says she didn’t realize that she can stand without a support now. Anu limps. Dev and Imlie support her. She shouts at Imlie to get back to work. Dev says her staff has come, so she shouldn’t force Imlie. He tells Imlie that he is going to bank for half an hour and will return and paint with her. Anu thinks she should let Imlie see Dev’s favorite painting and asks her to go and clean Dev’s painting room. Imlie walks to painting room. Dev returns and asks maid where is Imlie. Maid says Anu asked Imlie to clean painting room. Dev rushes to painting room and stands shocked seeing Imlie looking at Mithi’s painting and identifying her.

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