Imlie starlife update Friday 19 January 2024

Imlie 19 January 2024: Atharva tongue lashes Imlie for being careless regarding Kairi’s safety. Imlie breaks down and says Kairi is also her daughter, so let her hug Kairi first. She hugs Imlie and apologizes her for being not around her. Rudra says Imlie has always been careful towards everyone. Devika says they will visit Kairi daily, but Imlie should be around Kairi whenever they are not around.

Imlie says she will leave her job. Shivani says there is no need for that as they know she can handle both job and Kairi perfectly. She asks Atharva what he calls Imlie. Atharva says fighter Imlie and wipes Imlie’s tears. Bolna Mahi Bolna.. song plays in the background. Imlie calms down. Kairi excitedly says their fight is finished and asks Atharva if Imlie even fights. Atharva says she does without crying.

Imlie goes to wash her face.Devika scolds Atharva for making Imlie cry. Atharva asks Devika to feed sweet curd to Imlie before she leaves for work. Shivani insists him to feed sweet curd to Imlie. Imlie walks out ready for work. Shivani asks her to have sweet curd and asks Atharva to feed her. Atharva hesitates and asks Devika to feed her. Devika does and says Imlie will attain huge success in her job. Imlie joins office and works hard at night for the whole week while Atharva spends quality time with Kairi. Badal pe Paon Ha.. song plays in the background. On Sunday, Kairi wakes up Imlie. Imlie notices her ready and says her child grew up so big that she got ready herself.

Kairi says Atharva is taking her out today. Imlie thinks Atharva knows today it’s his off and wants to spend time with Kairi, even then he wants to take Kairi out.

Atharva walks in. Imlie says today is Sunday, her week off day, so he can return home. Atharva says he forgot and came early morning. Imlie says he can go home now. Kairi says Atharva is taking her out for picnic. Imlie sends Kairi in. Atharva says no one can stop him from taking his daughter away. Imlie says he did same 5 years ago and took Kairi away from her uninformed.

Atharva says she always reminds him same. Their argument continues. Imlie says she will not let him take Kairi along as a punishment. Kairi returns and requests them not to fight because of her and convinces Imlie to accompany them to picnic. Imlie agrees and gets ready. Their nok jhok continues. Kairi says they are getting late for picnic. Atharva’s phone rings, and he asks Imie to pick phone from his pocket as he is carrying Kairi. Imlie tries to take out phone. Atharva laughs. Kairi says she didn’t say any joke, then why he is laughing. He says her mamma is tickling him.

Imlie finally picks phone and accepts call. Devika asks them not to get out of the house as there is heavy rain and waterlogging in the city. They agree. Rudra and Devika hope their differences clear soon with Kairi’s interference and they reunite. Shivani also hopes so. Atharva watches rain via the window. Imlie walks to him and keeps her hand beside his hand. He smiles and says mom was right that they shouldn’t go out. Imlie says Seeta maiya spoilt her Sunday. Kairi asks Atharva if they will not go on picnic. Atharva says they will enjoy picnic at home. Power goes off. Atharva decorates a house with show lights and candles. Kairi likes it. Imlie complains again that he spoilt her Sunday. Their argument starts again. Kairi asks if they are fighting again. They say no. He asks Imlie if they can spend a day for Kairi’s sake without fighting. She agrees.

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