Imlie starlife update Wednesday 17 January 2024

Imlie 17 January 2024; Mr Sharma orders watchman to stick Imlie and Atharva’s intimate poster in whole society. Kairi sees poster and shows it to Imlie. She takes her out to show her the posters fixed in whole society. Neighbors start badmouthing about Imlie. Sharma says she wanted to expose him, so he exposed her in return. Geeta and Hema character assassinate Imlie and ask Sharma to get her out of the society.

Sharma asks Imlie to pack her bags and leave from the society with her daughter. Imlie asks them to wait and comforts crying Kairi. She says their chuk chuk gadi’s next rule is not to get afraid of anyone. Kairi repeats it. Imlie thinks she is not afraid of anyone’s taunt, but she will not spare anyone who made her daughter cry. She walks back to society people and tries to explain that they are mistaken about the person in poster. Sharma and his aunties don’t let her speak and continue to accuse Imlie.

Atharva walks in with family. They all look at them in shock. Atharva says they should have taken a better pic of him for the poster, but anyways he looks good with Imlie. He reveals that the person who had entered Imlie’s house via window and the one in photo is him, he is Imlie’s husband and Kairi’s father Atharva. Ranas introduce themselves next and say they are Imlie’s family. Sharma says they should hug each other in their room and not openly in society, they are spoiling the society with their public display of affection. Imlie reveals how Sharma offered him a personal assistant’s job and put evil eyes on her and when she gave him a befitting reply, he tried to defame her and kick her out of the society. Aharva gets angry hearing that and tries to hit Sharma. Imlie stops him and tongue lashes neighbors for believing Sharma and trying to humiliate her. She leaves with her family from there. Society members tongue lash Sharma for his characterless behavior and ask him to leave the society.

Imlie takes Ranas to her home. Keya taunts seeing a small dilapidated house. Imlie offers them. Keya refuses to have tea in a broken cup. Devika can’t see Imlie and Kairi in such a condition and requests her to return home at least for Kairi’s sake. Imlie agrees and says she won’t be able to breathe there. Atharva questions her and insists her to return at least for Kairi’s sake as he can’t see himself sleeping in a spacious AC room while his daughter sleeps in a small hot room. Imlie argues and continues to criticize Atharva’s past behavior. Kairi cries and asks them to stop fighting because of her. They both comfort her.

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