Imlie starlife update Sunday 25 September 2022

Imlie 25 September 2022: Tauji, Taiji, and Rupal emotionally hug Nishant. Imlie thanks Seeta maiya. Nishant tells Imlie that nobody spoke to her papa like that and asks who is she. Imlie says she is just Imlie from Pagdandiya, very nice to meet him. He says nice to meet her too, but he will call her cool dude. Sundar jokes he can call her bhootni. Imlie and his nok jhok starts. Aparna takes everyone in. Malini asks Adi why is he wet. Rupal says even Imlie is wet and should go and change. Adi says Imlie covered him with banana leaves, he wanted to stop, but she forced him to drive, he wanted to meet Nishant soon anyways. Imlie walks to kitchen and seeing Sundar preparing cappucino for Nishant insists to prepare ginger tea for him.

Their nok jhok starts. Tauji and others walk in and try to stop their fight. Aparna asks to prepare both. Nidhi says Nishant will like cappucino and Rupal says tea and their nok jhok starts next. Aparna says whoever wins will have to drink what they don’t like.Nishant checks gifts he brought for family. Adi picks his bag. Nishant warns him to dare not check his stuff. Adi says he shared everything with him since childhood but never shared his stuff. They reminisce childhood memories. Adi says he never hid anything from childhood, family missed a son and brother and he missed his best friend a lot. Nishant says he also missed them, but dear ones never go away from heart. Adi says he wants to tell him something. Nishant thinks even he wants to tell him a lot, but will listen to him first.

Adi says he had gone to Pagdandiya to cover a story and was forced by villagers there, reminiscing his and Imlie’s marriage. Just then, family rushes in with tea and coffee and insists him to choose one. He says he wants only water as he doesn’t coffee or tea. Family walks away disappointed. Imlie offers Nishant water and walks towards door when she hears Nishant asking Adi to continue that he was forced by Pagdandiya people. Imlie thinks why Adi thinks only he was forced and sneezes. Nishant sees her and says she caught cold. Imlie leaves. Nishant asks Adi again. Adi says its a small story and he will discuss later. Nishant hugs him and thinks he wants to discuss his story with him as he has very less time and he hopes he shares his secret with Adi.

Mithi looking at Dev’s dolls reminisces speaking to him over phone. Satyakam walks in and asks her to give him rotis as he is very hungry, seeing her crying asks whom did she speak the other that as she is crying since then. She says wrong number and stands up. He sees Dev’s doll on floor and says when she knows city man was wrong, why is she wasting her precious tears on him. She says she is worried for Imlie, at least she will get her father’s name. Satyakam gets angry and says that man was never with Imlie when she was born, grew up, got scholarship, and during her wedding. He continues venting out his anger, says he will cut the city man into pieces if he comes here, and walks away breaking the doll. Mithi cries picking broken pieces.

Dev tells Daadi that Mithi identified his voice when he spoke to her after 18 years, he doesn’t know what he should do. Daadi says Anu is reacting because of the pain he gave her with his betrayal, so he should work on fixing his relationship with her. Servant informs that Anu did not have food and sent him away scolding. Dev goes to check on her.Nishant takes out his medicines and medical files when Imlie enters and says he opened a medical shop and looks like a compounder. He says these are his medicines as there is a climatic change between US and India. She sneezes and asks him to give her medicine. He says its not cold medicine.

She asks if its motion sickness medicine. He says she is very intelligent. She says he is intelli gents and she is intelli womaniya. He laughs and asks her not to inform family about his medicines. Aparna and Taiji enter and emotionally chat with him. Once they leave, he hurriedly hides his medicines in suitcase. Imlie notices it.Malini drapes blanket over Aditya seeing his cold and gives him kadha/herbal decoction saying his cold will go away with it. He says its very bitter. She asks why didn’t he carry raincoat with him, if she was with him, she wouldn’t have let him drive. He says even if he had carried raincoat, he would have given it to Imlie and good she didn’t accompany him as he would have worried for her. Imlie passes by sneezing. Malini forcefully makes him drink kadha. Malini then forcefully feeds Imlie kadha with Nidhi and Parul’s help while Imlie resists with her usual jokergiri.

Sundar taunts her showing ice cream. She stuffs ice cream on his nose and shoos him away. She then smells pudina on kitchen table and thinks nobody would like Malini didi’s bitter kadha. Adi enters and giving her kadha asks to drink it. She says she already had it and its bitter. He says it will feel bitter at first and soon she will she will feel good. Malini with Rupal and Nidhi returns and asks Imlie why she is drinking kadha again. Adi says she was sneezing, so he gave his half kadha to her. Imlie says she told him, but he didn’t listen. Rupal says good Imlie drank kadha with Adi’s fear. Malini hopes they both get well soon. Adi and Imlie both sneeze.

Family gathers in living room. Aparna asks Pankaj why he is changing his dresses repeatedly. He says so that Nishant should feel he hasn’t changed. Nishant says house has changed. Tauji says when he is coming after 10 years, he would obviously notice change. Imlie says she will introduce him to family again. He asks what she means. She says he stayed in US for 10 years, but doesn’t know English properly, asks whom he wants to meet first. He says Nidhu. She calls Sundar and murmurs in his ear to mimic as Dhruv. She mimics Nidhi’s discussing about makeup . Everyone laugh hearing that. Nishant asks her to mimic Tauji next. Imlie mimics Tauji puffing cigarettes. Tauji says he has stopped smoking. Everyone laugh again. Rupal says Adi next. Imlie mimics Aditya that he is a serious journalist. Family laughs more. She calls Malini and continues mimicking.

Adi hearing her voice walks down. Family stops laughing seeing him. Sundar nervously signals her to stop, but she continues mimicking and mimics how he ordered to dare not enter his room. Family are shocked to hear that and each family member tongue lashes him reminding each event. Adi finally says he didn’t Imlie before as Pagdandiya villagers forcefully sent her with him. Pankaj says if he is forced, even Imlie was forced. Nishant reminisces Adi telling about same. Family continues scolding Adi.

Dev takes paneer noodles to Anu and reminds that she used to crave for his prepared paneer noodles during her pregnancy. Anu says her father was angry during her pregnancy as she chose a struggling author, but she did was determined. Dev says he sacrificed a lot for him. She says it was his love for him, but now her husband is not hers and wants to go to Pagdandiya. He says whatever was hers will be hers forever, he is going to Pagdandiya to fulfill his responsibility and will return only to her forever. She asks promise and he says yes. Daadi watches them standing near door.

Adi walks to Imlie and asks if she is crying. She nods no. He asks why is she lying, if it because he doesn’t want to see her face. She asks why he reminds her repeatedly, she has become a slippery pot now. He says then? She says she was dumb to reveal the secret and everyone felt bad and scolded him, she didn’t want this. He says truth is a sun and they cannot hide its light via curtains; he just wants that nobody should be hurt when the truth comes out; he is afraid that if his family finds out truth from somewhere else, everything will shatter.

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