Anupama update Sunday 25 September 2022

Anupama 25 September 2022: anaya asks Little Anu go to Pakhi’s room and play with a teddy. Little Anu says she will not go away from her mother. Pakhi rudely shouts at her to go to her house with her mother. Kinjal warns her to behave with the kid. Pakhi yells at her and calls her Anupama’s puppet. Rakhi asks Leela if she will not slap her granddaughter now while she is always ready to slap everyone. Leela says situation will worsen more if she does so. Vanraj warns Pakhi that she is going out of the board. Pakhi says she hasn’t started yet. Anupama asks Little Anu to go and play in Kinjal’s room. Little Anu denies to leave her alone. Hasmukh says they will have tamarind candy and cream roll. Little Anu says ashram teacher says if they get angry on a mother, god will get angry on them. Hasmukh says god can bear his insult but not a mother’s insult and takes Little Anu away. Pakhi comments Anupama’s younger daughter is exactly like her and would give lectures when she grows up. Anupama warns her to shut up or else. Pakhi asks what will she do then.

Anuj while driving car thinks his Anupama is suffering a lot in both her parental and in-laws’ house for trying to keep them united, he has to take action now. Anupama asks Pakhi if she is suffering from hysteria that she is talking nonsense, she just sent her from Kapadia house as her father wouldn’t like her to stay there. Pakhi shouts her mother sent her out of the house when Barkha supported her. Anupama says she didn’t kick her out of house and her father took her away. Leela says Pakhi is speaking Adhik’s language. Rakhi taunts Leela that her granddaughter already found a son-in-law for her. Leela warns her to shut up. Pakhi shouts she has her own brain to think. Kavya says what a joke. Pakhi says they both are making a joke out of her. Leela warns her to behave with her mother. Pakhi says Leela was misbehaving with Anupama all these years.

Anupama warns her that Leela is her mother and a mother can tell anything to her child, this is the custom they are following since ages, but modern kids can insult their mother and question her motherhood. She says Pakhi can continue question her and she will continue to answer, asks who is she to stop her from visiting this house as even this house belongs to her. Pakhi says she is snatching everything and wants everything to herself. Vanraj warns her again to stop. Pakhi says let her vent out her frustration today. Anupama says let her speak, its between her and her daughter now. Pakhi says she doesn’t want her to come to Kapadia house as she wants it only for her second daughter. Leela warns her to stop misbehaving with her mother. Pakhi says she learnt it from her. Anupama asks her to continue. Pakhi says she is the worst mother in the world who is greedy for money and is unable to handle the recently got wealth, etc.

Kavya recalls Anupama supporting her earlier and questions Pakhi wthat she had problem when her mother was poor and now when she is right. Pakhi says Anupama wants even them to dance to her tunes like Anuj, she has god syndrome who considers herself first before her children, she is greedy and hypocrite, etc. Hasmukh offers cream roll to Little Anu and asks why is she not having it. Little Anu says they have sweets when they are happy, how can she be happy when her mummy is sad. Hasmukh says they can have sweets to get happy. Little Anu asks is it and starts having cream roll. Hasmukh thinks a relationship of love is more than blood relationship, Anu’s own daughter didn’t understand her whole life while a small kid understood her within a few days.

Pakhi continues her misbehavior. Toshu returns home and asks Kinjal what is happening. Rakhi says same old drama with 10 times more intensity. Anupama asks if Pakhi is feeling bad that her mother is not crying always and not running around her requesting her to have food, wear an old cotton sari and look in sorrow always. Pakhi says parents just know to sarcastically speak. Anupama says children like her wants mothers to only be in sorrow and asks her to continue. Pakhi says she is a home breaker who broke all the relationships around her and enjoys troubling everyone. Anupama stumbles in shock. Kavya supports her and tongue lashes Pakhi for being so ungrateful to her mother.

Rakhi asks Kavya not to overreact as Pakhi is speaking bitter truth, and when she is in shock seeing Anupama adopting a little girl from nowhere, Pakhi would be even more shocked. Kinjal warns her to stop. Rakhi asks what if she adopts a child and asks Kinjal to teach her nursery rhymes and feed her chocolates. Kinjal says she coudln’t take proper care of one daughter, how will she take care of one more. Rakhi says she gave proper upbringing to her daughter who is not mannerless like Anupama’s daughter. Kavya says Pakhi is mannerless because her papa is allowing her to, Vanraj should act as a great father and teach some manners to his daughter. Vanraj says he knows what to teach, Kavya shouldn’t interfere. Kavya says if he doesn’t stop Pakhi, she will misbehave even with him. Vanraj asks since when she started lecturing. Kavya says when he stopped lecturing, why don’t he say anything. Toshu blames Anupama for the situation. Leela shouts to stop, tells Pakhi that she will talk to her later, and says Mrs Anupama Anuj Kapadia will not visit this house from hereon. Anupama stands shocked hearing that.

Leela asks Mrs Anupama Anuj Kapadia not to visit Shah house again. Anupama stands shocked. Leela says she wants everything for herself, but its impossible as nobody gets everything and they have to sacrifice something. She gives an example of god Kanhaji leaving Gokul when he shifted to Mathura and never returned back to Gokul. She requests Anupama to never return again and be happy with her younger daughter and husband. Vanraj says Leela is right, there would be more problems because of Little Anu. Anupama asks if she doesn’t come here, won’t there be any fights in this house, will they live happily without any issues, will Leela stop cribbing, will Vanraj stop fighting, will Toshu reform himself, will Pakhi change her behavior, etc.; all these things will continue as 2 utensils strike when they are together; they cannot villainize her and put the blame only on her. Vanraj says at least they would have one reason out out of many.

Anupama says she cannot live without meeting her children. Vanraj says her children don’t want to meet her. Anupama says there would be fights between mother and children. Vanraj asks her to stop her lecture here and do it in her house. Anupama gets adamant that she will not stop meeting her family. Kavya says as soon as Toshu and Pakhi get into trouble, they first will search of Anupama. Kinjal backs Kavya and reminds Toshu that he wanted to abort their baby. Toshu asks Anupama to hold her little daughter’s hand and get out of this house. Anupama breaks down. She gives a long explanation on hardships of being a mother. She describes how she is blamed for everything and says she is not ashamed of being Little Anu’s daughter like she is not ashamed of being her other 3 childrens’ mother.

Little Anu tells Hasmukh that mummy sent them out as they must be fighting. Hasmukh says he doesn’t know. Little Anu says they used to fight even in ashram and end the issue with sorry, elders are fools to continue their grudge. Hasmukh thinks she is right. Little Anu says she will not let her mummy cry. Anupama continues her explanation and says this was everything to her and she has right on every corner of this house, so she will not stop coming from here even if they all try to stop her. Vanraj says she gave her lecture and should get out of here. Anupama continues her works. Vanraj says she just is worried for her younger daughter and not even Kinjal. Anupama says she came here for Kinjal today. Kinjal says yes and then Pakhi started her verbal abuse. Leela says that’s because Anupama provoked her. Vanraj warns Anupama to get out or else he will kick her out of house.

Anuj enters and warns him to dare touch his Anu. He consoles Anupama and says his Anu is enough to handle them all, but since she is emotionally labile now, he will answer them on her behalf. He asks Vanraj what did he say. Vanraj asks him to stop his college boy attitude and take his wife from there. Vanraj says his wife will go only when she wants to and tells Anu that these people don’t deserve her tears. Vanraj says his palace deserves Anupama’s tears, so he should hold his wife’s hand and take her from her. Vanraj says he will go after counting their sins. He confronts Pakhi for insulting his mother. Pakhi rudely says its between her and her mother and hence shouldn’t interfere. Anuj says just like her mother is not welcome here, Pakhi is not welcome at Kapadia house and if he sees her there, Adhik will be on road and then he will see if Pakhi was behind Adhik or his rich lifestyle.

Vanraj says nobody can speak rudely to his daughter in his house. Anuj says nobody can speak rudley to his Anu and if Anu and Hasmukh were not present, he would have destroyed Shah house. Vanraj says even he would have destroyed his palace. Anuj says brick and mortar structure doesn’t matter to him as he values Anupama more than anything. Vanraj says they both should just play this drama. Anuj replies Vanraj didn’t value his first wife and now doesn’t value his second wife. He says Kavya deserves much much better. Vanrfaj warns to stop provoking his family or else he doesn’t know what he can do. Anuj asks him to list it and mail him. Drama continues with the feud between Toshu, Vanraj, and Anuj continues. Vanraj repeats at Anuj to take his wife and little daughter from there.

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