Imlie starlife update Monday 26 September 2022

Imlie 26 September 2022: Imlie tells Adi that she is dumb and spoke the secret which she didn’t have to speak in front of everyone. Adi says he is afraid that if his family finds out their truth, everything will shatter; he is tired of lying and accepted his mistake today. She continues crying. He asks her to stop crying, he didn’t like her before and not now. She asks what about now. Pankaj with family enters and asks if he said sorry. Imlie holds her ears and apologizes Adi. Aparna says Adi should apologize her. Malini twists Adi’s ears and makes him apologize Imlie. Nidhi says good problem solved today as they shouldn’t tomorrow. Rupal asks what is there tomorrow. Tauji says its Sunday tomorrow and he doesn’t want to go to shopping mall.

Nidhi says its valentine’s day tomorrow. Imlie says she heard about republic day children’s day, independence day, which is this new day. Sundar explains they express their love to their partner by saying I love you. Dhruv taunts and asks if he has a girlfriend. Nishant says Valentine’s day is a foreign concept where they make their partner feel special with gifts and express their love for them. Imlie says she can do that daily without any gift. Nishant asks how. She tells everyone individually that she loves them. Rupal asks her to stop as they know she loves them all. Imlie feels nervous.

Next day, Dhruv wishes valentine’s day to Nidhi with a teddy gift and asks her to hug him. She hugs teddy instead. Taiji says Valentine’s day celebration was not present during her days, but she knows Harishji/Tauji loves her. Malini asks Aparna if Pankaj expressed his love to her. She says he doesn’t say I love you, but does something once a day that shows his love for her. Malini says Adi hasn’t gone on his father and gets nervous when he has to express his love for her. Imlie says why only men should express their love and give gifts, even women can express their love for men. Aparna says she will prepare kheer for Pankaj. Tauji says Pankaj likes gajar halwa more. Malini says they should get out of kitchen and think something else romantic. Everyone agree.

Nishant has his medicines thinking he has to take 3 tablets at once hiding. Adi walks to him, and he coughs seeing Adi. Adi asks if he is fine. He says yes and felt weird seeing dirty shoes. Adi says if he wants to give fashion tips, he should consult Anu who also comments on his shoes.
He asks where are others. Tauji, Pankaj, and Dhruv walk in. He asks them if they thought of anything romantic for their parents or not. Dhruv says he already gave teddy and flowers to Nidhi. Tauji and Pankaj scold him. Drama continues. They don’t like Nishant’s idea. Nishant tells Adi just like he goes to gym to keep his body fit, he should do something childish to keep his partner happy.

Ladies decorate living room. Nidhi says Dhruv is unnecessarily overshowering his love on her today. Malini says she should feel jealous of her seeing Dhruv’s romance as Adi is so unromantic. Rupal feels sad hearing their chat and walks down. Tauji and Pankaj bring gifts for Tauji and Aparna and hope they like them. They see Rupal and ask her not to inform about their surprise gifts to Taiji and Aparna. Adi also brings gift for Malini and hides it in room. Malini returns to room and asks where was she. She says she had gone for an afternoon walk. Their chatting continues. Imlie walks in to give something, and Adi notices her torn dress.

In the evening, all ladies get happy seeing their gifts and their lovely words for them. Imlie also gets happy seeing Adi’s gift for her. Nishant takes all men blindfolded to the living room. They all get happy seeing decoration, Pankaj asks Sundar if he decorated the hall. Sundar says he is not their valentine, so they should praise the ones who did it. Malini with ladies walk down. Each lady expresses her love for her partner. Nishant chats with Rupal and says his parents and uncle aunt are looking very happy. Imlie enters wearing her new dress. Aparna asks who gifted it. Imlie says Khalandar/Sundar and reminisces Sundar seeing her gift asking who gave her gift and she asking him to tell that he gave it. Adi stands amazed.

Imlie wears Adi’s gifted dress. Family says she is looking pretty in new dress and asks who gave it. Imlie says Khalandar/Sundar. Adi gets angry hearing that. Nishant taunts Sundar. Sundar says everyone was wearing new clothes, so he gave it to Imlie out of courtesy. Imlie walks away. Adi follows her and asks why did she lie that Sundar gave her dress and not him, there is nothing to hide in it and he would have informed family about it. She asks if he felt bad when she took Sundar’s name, valentine’s day is celebrated with partner and she doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand him, especially Malini. He says she changed his simple intention into a complicated one. She says he will not understand what woman thinks, he should go back to family as Seeta maiya handled the issue. He walks away saying he is afraid saying so many lies.

He returns to Malini. Malini stands sad. Adi asks if she is fine. Dhruv asks Malini why did he marry unromantic Adi who cannot even give her a rose. Nishant asks Malini not to agree until he gives her flower. Adi dances with her and asks her to smile or else he will drop her. She asks to drop her then. He says she knows that he cannot drop her, so she should smile. She laughs. He asks to play music. Dhruv plays Churaliya hai tumne jo dil ko.. song. All couples dance with each other romantically. Imlie stands aside sadly. Rupal also feels sad reminiscing her husband. Imlie notices her and thinks she must be remembering her husband. She walks to Rupal and asks her not to think anything which will pain her heart.

Rupal says she is remembering a man who gave her pain, she showered her love to her husband, but he gave it to someone else and didn’t even look at her once. Imlie asks her to cheer up. Rupal says only she can understand how it feels when her husband loves someone else. Imlie looks at Adi showering his love on Malini.Malini’s sandal breaks and she goes to her room to change it. She finds a dress bill there and realizes that Adi gave dress to Imlie and not Sundar, Imlie lied, why did Adi hide it from her. Rupal tries to jump from balcony when Imlie stops her.

Rupal asks her to go and tires to jump again, but Imlie continues stopping her and is about to fall when Rupal pushes her aside and asks if she has gone and what if she had fallen down. Imlie says she was falling by mistake, but Rupal was falling purposefully; if she thinks holding a hand and gifting rose is love, then what should she say. She continues confronting her with a long emotional speech and asks what would have happened to Tinkle if she does, if she doesn’t love her, she is a biggest fool; she will go and inform family about it and make them scold her. Rupal cries vigorously and apologizes. Imlie consoles her.

Family continues enjoying party. Malini walks to Sundar and asks why did he lie that he gave dress to Imlie. Sundar nervously says he gave it. She asks why was its receipt doing in her room. He says he dropped it by mistake while cleaning her room and takes it looking nervously at her. Imlie thinks she misunderstood. Sundar thinks Imlie would have been kicked out if truth was out. Malini apologizes him and rejoins Adi. He thinks it would be less if Imlie thanks him till next valentine’s day. Imlie continues cheering up Rupal and requests to dance with her. Rupal agrees. Nishant feels dizzy while dancing and goes aside. He feels severely ill, fills water to drink and falls down unconscious. Adi and whole family rush to him worried and try to wake him up.



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