Imlie starlife update Sunday 25 June 2023

Imlie 25 June 2023: Imlie rquests Sundar and Arpita to let her spend some time with Chini as she would be marrying and leaving their house in a week. Arpita says she is making them emotional. Imlie says she has Atharva to support her now and feels shy looking at Atharva. Arpita says she has really fallen in Atharva’s love. Atharva excuses himself and leaves followed by others. Chini taunts Rupali that her plan to send her out of the house failed. Atharva vents out his frustration on car when it doesn’t start. Imlie stops him from hurting himself and asks if she can help him. He angirly asks if she is a mechanic, then apologizes and calms down. She asks him to get out of the car. He does. She sits on driver’s seat and recites a poem on the value of patience for him. She asks him to try now. He tries and car starts. He says its a coincidence and not miracle.

Imlie talks about having hope and positive side of life. He says he liked her attitude and asks where did she read this poem. She thinks only Sundar knows that she is a poet and hence should hide it for some more time. She says she read it somewhere. Atharva thinks she must have read it in Chini’s diary as Chini is a poet. He leaves in his car saying he will follow her advice of driving car patiently. She feels shy. At Rana house, Keya tells Akash that slowly Atharva is getting out of Rudra’s trust and Akash is becoming Rudra’s favorite. Akash says he slowly he is and he will gain so much trust that Rudra will force Atharva to marry Imlie. Keya says soon Rudra will transfer all his property in Akash’s name. She notices Atharva and changes tone and hopes if Atharva could marry Chini and not Imlie and hope they could convince Rudra for that.

Atharva walks to them and says he is a fighter and would convince Rudra for sure. Once he leaves, Akash says seeing Atharva’s determination, he will marry Chini for sure. Keya says greedy Chini loves only Atharva’s money and will not easily marry Atharva, they will make sure Atharva marries only Imlie.Rupali tells Arpita that she didn’t like Atharva stopping Chini from leaving the town. Arpita says he did it for Imlie. Sundar says Chini and Imlie love each other and worried for each other. Rupali says she doesn’t want to separate them, but sometimes elders have to take tough steps for children. Sundar says he knows and asks her not to worry as he will handle any situation and perform Imlie’s wedding in a grand way.

Anu brainwashes Chini against Imlie and says Chini always had to bear injustice since childhood and even now Imlie is snatching her ticket for lavish life Arto. Chini asks what shall she do. Anu suggests her to replace Imlie in mandap and marry Atharva as Rathore family just loves Imlie as Imlie is their blood and Chini is an outsider, that is the reason they were trying to get her out of the house.

Imlie’s prewedding rituals start. Anu continues to brainwash Chini. Imlie touches Narmada’s feet to take her blessings. Narmada angrily walks away. Imlie feels sad and hopes her parents were alive. Meethi walks in and says what if her parents are not alive, her grandmother is still alive. Chini and Imlie get happy seeing her, run and hug her happily. Abhi Mujhme Kahin Baaki Thodi Si Hai plays in the background. Meethi expresses her love for both of them and gets emotional. Imlie says she thought amma wouldn’t arrive before mehandi. Meethi says she is not a mehandi artist and came here to meet damadji/SIL Atharva. She asks Imlie if she is happy with Atharva. Chini shies. Meethi asks Chini about Atharva. Chini says Atharva is super rich and sanskari. She thinks Atharva would be Meethi’s SIL for sure, but he would be Chini’s husband.

Meethi meets Arpita and Sundar next. Anu gets angry recalling that Meethi was her husband’s mistress. Meethi greets her, but Anu ignores her and thinks she will show a servant her place. She cross legs a servant who falls on Meethi. Meethi pushes Imlie Imlie who is about to fall when someone holds her hand, leaving Anu frowning.

Anu thinks a servant Meethi should be shown her place and cross-legs a waiter who falls on Meethi and Imlie. Arpita and Sundar hold Meethi. Imlie is about to fall when Chini holds her and asks her to be careful. Imlie says she is hero and life saver and hugs her. Anu takes Chini aside and asks why did she save Imlie. Chini says she wants to marry Atharva and not end Imlie’s life. Chini says if Imlie is out, she would get a clear chance to marry Atharva. Atharva walks in and waves at Chini. Imlie walks in between them and shyingly walks towards Atharva, thinking he is waving at her. Atharva thinks why didn’t Chini inform her family yet.

Atharva’s family walks in next. Sundar and Arpita greet them. Devika says Chini is becoming more beautiful each day. Rupali introduces them to Meethi as Imlie’s grandma. Keya notices Atharva looking at Chini and eager to meet her. Devika asks Keya to bring shagun mehandi for Imlie. Chini thinks they all just favor Imlie and ignore her, she will herselr create a chance to meet Atharva. Rupali asks Atharva to sit beside Imlie for mehandi ceremony. Atharva talks about love. Everyone look impressed and think he is talking about Imlie. Chini goes to kitchen and fumes when she learns that Imlie’s favorite palak paneer sabji is being prepared.

Devika says they should start mehandi ceremony now. Imlie wishes to dance. Devika says she wholeheartedly can dance as its her day. Imlie says its also Atharva’s day and extends hand towards Atharva. Everyone cheer up for them. Sundar says Atharva has told Imlie’s hand forever. They both dance romantically looking into each other’s eyes on Adha Hai Adha Ishq Adha Hojayega.. song. Next, family dances around them on Mehandi Hai Rachne Wali.. song. Arpita sends Sundar to bring mehandi. Rudra prays god to color Atharva’s heart with Imlie’s love. Chini thinks Imlie’s mehandi won’t be colored with Atharva’s love and prepares a spinach paste to exchange it with mehandi. Sundar comes to take mehandi. Chini says she will mix rose water in mehandi and bring it. Sundar agrees and leaves.

Chini exchanges mehandi bowl with spinach paste bowl and thinks Imlie’s mehandi will never bear color now. Atharva notices that. Shivani asks her niece Ginni to apply mehandi to Imlie properly. Atharva drags Chini aside and pinning him to a wall and asks why did she do that. Chini fears he must have seen her changing mehandi and says someone would see them and his dad would answer him. Atahrva gets romantic and says as she says. Guests taunt Imlie that if mehandi color doesn’t get dark, it means Atharva doesn’t love her. Ginni is about to apply mehandi on Imlie when Imlie smell rose water from mehandi and stops her.

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