My desire update Monday 26 June 2023

My desire 26 June 2023: Preesha accuses Rudra that he is a liar and not Armaan. Roohi says her papa is not lying as she was present when Rudra found medicines in Armaan’s room and replaced them and kept the original ones in plant pots. Saransh asks her to keep quiet. Roohi says she will not as her papa is true and Armaan is a liar. Armaan asks Preesha if she saw that Roohi’s memory is intact and she was fooling them all like her father, Rudra and his whole family are frauds. Kanchan says then Prem is also fake. Armaan removes Prema’s her wig. Kanchan says she has seen her before, who is she. Vanshika says she is right and accepts that she is Rudra’s manager. Digvijay asks Armaan to call police and get Rudra and his team arrested. Preesha stops him and says she doesn’t want police here. Armaan asks even after what Rudra did. Preesha says she is heart broken with Rudra’s lies and hates him and his family more now. She asks him to leave with his team now. Roohi tries to hug her. She stops Roohi and says she dons’t want to see their faces again. Rudra sadly leaves with his team. Na jaa ve.. song plays in the background.

Rudra with team returns home. Sharda asks what happened to them, why did they return. Rudra reveals how Armaan proved him guilty in front of Preesha. Roohi says mamma hates them now and didn’t even let to hug her. Pihu gives Rudra’s love letters to Preesha and says it proves Rudra’s love for her and reminds even she let Rudra touch her while she doesn’t let Armaan even near her. Sharda encourages Rudra not to give up so easily. Preesha asks Pihu if she forgot how Rudra tortured her. Pihu says its a lie, they just believed Armaan without any proof. Preesha says she remembers Rudra torturing her and even trying to throw her from balcony. Pihu says she doesn’t know why she get those flashbacks, but the truth is she loves Rudra immensely.

Preesha says she doesn’t love Rudra. Pihu asks why didn’t she get Rudra arrested then and sent him to jail. Preesha says she saved Rudra’s children instead from a mental torture of seeing their father going to jail; she doesn’t want to talk about it again. Pihu asks her to read these letters and realize what she meant.Preesha gets flashback of Rudra’ and her romantic moments. Main Jahan Rahoon main Kahin bhi Rahoon.. song plays in the background. She reads Rudra’s love letters for her. Rudra also recalls the events and doesn’t get sleep. He drinks alcohol and throws the bottle on floor. He thinks he cannot get weak and should save Preesha from Armaan at any cost.

Once Preesah is asleep, Armaan burns love letters. Preesha wakes up and sets off fire and asks what did he do. Armaan asks what was she doing with these letters. Preesha says she was reading these letters and feels Rudra really loved her. Armaan says Rudra wrote these letters recently to fool her, why did she burn her hands. Preesha says she wanted to save these letters, anyways she thinks he is right and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Armaan makes her sleep and thinks he played a game and Preesha easily got trapped in it. He recalls noticing Preesha reading the letters and once she sleeps, he writes new letters and replaces them to make Preesha believe that Rudra wrote them recently. He thinks he will.Armaan tells Digvijay that after the drama yesterday, he feels its better to shift to London with Preesha. Pihu asks Preesha if she really wants to shift to London even after reading Rudra’s letters. Preesha says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Pihu thinks how did Armaan convince Preesha so easily, she needs to inform about it to Rudra. She tells family that she needs to visit studio for song rehearsal. Kanchan says she will accompany her and will make sure that Raj and Rudra don’t interact with her much. Digvijay says he will stop her training if Rudra and Raj try to get more friendly with her.

At studio, Rudra hires a new vocalist Kalindi to train Raj and Pihu. Kalindi flirts with Raj while he practices song. Pihu feels jealous seeing that. Rudra walks out of rehearsal room. Pihu walks behind him and informs him about Armaan shifting to London with Preesha and asks him to do something before its too late. She notices Kanchan searching her and returns. Armaan tries to make Preesha comfortable when he notices her nervous about shifting to London. Rudra walks in and asks Armaan why he is in such a hurry. Armaan shouts how dare he is to return here after so much happened. Rudra says he realized its waste to run behind Preesha who insulted him and rejected his love repeatedly and decided to marry a girl he loves now. Armaan asks whom? Rudra says his friend Vanshika loves him immensely and can do anything for him, so even developed feelings for Vanshika and wants to marry her now.

Armaan asks if he wants to leave Preesha and marry Vanshika now, what about him roaming around Preesha till now. Rudra says he realized that its waste to run behind Preesha now and had come here to revive Preesha’s memory, but when he failed, he realized that Vanshika is his true love and he is going to marry her. Kanchan with Pihu walks in and asks what is he doing here. Rudra says he is apologetic for whatever he did, but now he has come to invite her and her whole family for his wedding with Vanshika. Pihu is shocked and asks if he is really marrying Vanshika. Rudra says yes and tells Armaan that talking about past is of no use as he is moving on and leaves asking to kindly attending his wedding. Pihu walks to Preesha and says its good Rudra’s true color is out, he was fooling everyone; now Preesha can sigh of relief once Rudra really marries Vanshika.

She suggests her to attend Rudra’s wedding to make sure he has really moved on and then leave for London. Preesha walks to Armaan and asks him not to book ticket so soon as she wants to attend Rudra’s wedding.


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