Imlie starlife update Monday 26 June 2023

Imlie 26 June 2023: Imlie smells rose water in mehandi and says looks like Devika likes rose perfume a lot. Sundar says Chini mixed rose water in mehandi. Atharva pins Chini to a wall and gets romantic. Chini says if he stays like this for some time, someone will watch them and then his dad will question them. Atharva says as she says and pulls a curtain rope. Curtain falls on them and everyone downstairs and breaks music system. Ginni drops shagun mehandi bowl. Arpita gets tensed seeing that. Atharva tells Chini that her sister is getting mehandi applied downstairs. Chini says only she has right on Atharva’s named mehandi. Atharva asks when will she reveal truth to Imlie and everyone as he doesn’t want to keep innocent Imlie in dark. Chini requests him to give her some time as she doesn’t want her family to expel her out of the house. Atharva agrees.

Arpita says she will get another mehandi bowl. Narmada asks if everyone are alright, mehandi falling down is an abshagun. Anu says what kind of mehandi function is this without mehandi and entertainment. Imlie says mehandi can be prepared again, let us dance and entertain ourselves till then. She dances on Laungda Gawacha song.. Rudra gets impressed with Imlie’s multitalented nature and says wherever this girl goes, she spreads happiness. Chini writes her name on Atharva’s hand and says now she has entered in his palm lines, nobody can separate them now. Imlie searches for Atharva. Chini leaves saying she would be in trouble if someone sees them.

Atharva holds Imlie’s hand behind a curtian thinking her as Chini and asks her to visit him at his house tonight. Imlie gets nervous. Atharva asks if she is so nervous to speak to him and pulls her towards him and is shocked to see Imlie instead. They both fall on ground holding each other’s hand. Atharva’s mehandi smears on Imlie’s hand. Arpita and others notice them. Atharva helps Imlie stand up and asks if she is fine. Arpita says Imlie is absolutely fine in Atharva’s company and says Imlie got mehandi from Atharva, she is very lucky. Chini gets jealous seeing her named mehandi spoilt because of Imlie again. Atharva leaves.

Imlie thinks Atharva requested something for the first time, so she needs to go and meet him at his house. She informs Sundar about Atharva challenging her to visit his house tonight. Sundar pulls her legs and then agrees to help. Atharva calls Chini and asks if she is ready to complete her challenge of visiting his house tonight. Chini says usually boys take a risk and meet girls. Atharva says she always says Chini is different, so she should accept this challenge. At night, Keya and Akash lock Atharva’s room from outside to stop him from leaving the house to meet Chini. Imlie reaches Rana house nervously and hopes Rudra doesn’t misunderstand her. She notices Atharva from his room’s window and signals him. Atharva makes a rope out of bedsheets and throws it down to get out of the room. Imlie thinks he threw it for her and climbs up with the help of rope.

Imlie climbs up to Atharva’s room to meet him. Atharva tries to get out of room via rope when he is shocked to see Imlie racing his room using same rope. Imlie slips. He holds her, and they both fall on ground. Atharva asks what is she doing here. She reminds him about his challenge to visit him at his house at night. Atharva realizes that he had challenged Chini, but Imlie heard it. Imlie says she was afraid of getting out of the house after 1 p.m. and today she came to meet him at night. Chini calls Atharva. Imlie heads towards mobile. Atharva rushes and picks it. Chini says she is waiting for him at his parking lot and asks why didn’t he come out yet. He says Imlie is here after she mistakenly heard his challenged and thought he invited her. Chini fumes that Imlie is barging in everywhere.

Atharva murmurs I love you and messages Chini. Imlie feels shy thinking he is practicing to say her I love you. Chini gets mesmerized with the luxury car collection in the parking lot and plans how she will use each one of them. One of a car’s alarm starts beeping. Family gets alert and think if a thief barged in. Imlie and Atharva also think a thief barged in. Imlie says she will go and check if uncle and aunty are fine. Atharva says she is worried about others even in this situation and says there would be an issue his parents see them together. Imlie says she is a fool and tries to leave via balcony. Atharva asks if she can go from there again. She says no. He says let him think how to get her out as the door is locked from outside.

Atharva tries to open the door, but fails. Imlie asks his card and opens door sliding a card through the door slit. He is impressed wit her skills and says he was trying to help her and instead she helped him. Imlie extends her hand and says if they walk together, they can solve any problems they face. He holds her hand and tries to take her out silently. Shivani walks out asking what kind of a sound was that. Imlie and Atharva hide. Kaise Chali Ye Hawa, Ishq Hua Re Hua.. song plays in the background. They hide again seeing other family members. Rudra is about to catch them when they hide behind a lamppost hugging each other. Imlie shies feeling his touch. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Rupali finds Imlie’s real shagun mehandi in kitchen and realizes that someone changed menhandi purposefully with a spinach paste, thinks it must be Cheeni. Cheeni walks out of parking lot murmuring its good Imlie didn’t notice him or else she would have created a drama, she will not let her trump card Atharva slip from her hands though. Atharva and Imlie reach parking lot at last. He says he will drop her home before someone sees them. Akash tells Rudra that there is no one around and a cat must have jumped on car. Cheeni returns home and messages Atharva that she reached home. Rupali confronts her for changing Imlie’s shagun mehandi with spinach paste and warns her to stop trying to interfere in Imlie’s life. Chini blames Keya and Akash instead and says she is worried for Imlie and even now had gone in search of her. While dropping home, Atharva asks Chini what she wanted to say. She feels shy.

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