Imlie starlife update Sunday 16 July 2023

Imlie 16 July 2023: Imlie prays Seeta maiya that Chini gets a life partner like Atharva. She says she loves Chini a lot and wants an understanding life partner like Athharva for her, she is a fool not to understand Chini’s pain. Atharva says he is wrong. Imlie asks what does he mean. Aharva says he couldn’t understand Chini well. Imlie says maybe he didn’t spend time with Chini as a friend. She says he tried to heal Chini with music therapy. Atharva says Chini needs medical treatment. Doctor invites Chini to his cabin. Chini steals is mobile silently. Doctor asks how does she feel now. Chini say like her class teacher Ramesh who was never understood by everyone. She says what is her mistake if grade 2 balloon caught fire, its fire’s mistake. She threatens to set doctor’s cabin on fire, burns a paper, and throws it on doctor. Doctor hides and runs away from there.

Imlie and Atharva continue to spend quality time together, feeding food to each other. Agar Tum Saath Ho.. song plays in the background. Chini video calls Imlie and asks her to save her from the mental asylum as the staff here is trying to kill her. Staff runs behind Chini. Chini returns to her room and asks her to give her injection if they want to. After getting injection, she acts as asleep and murmurs Chini is different, she will kill everyone. Doctor thinks its a critical case. Imlie and Atharva rush out. Rudra asks where are they going. Imlie says to bring Chini from mental asylum as her life is at risk there. Rudra tries to stop them, but they walk away. Rudra says its a chess game now, he already made his move first and now Chini did. He calls his aides and orders them to not let Atharva and Imlie reach mental asylum.

Rudra’s aides keep a nail plate in the middle of the road and puncture Atharva’s car. Atharva and Imlie hold each other’s hands and look at each other. Agar Tum Saath ho… song continues to play in the background. Aides inform Rudra that they punctured Atharva’s car. Devika gets worried for Atharva and Imlie’s safety and ask how will they return home now. Rudra says Chini is the biggest threat to them now, she need not worry as whatever he did will get them closer. Keya hears their conversation and thinks Rudra risked his own son’s life, her plan will fail if Chini doesn’t return to Rana house, now she has to get into the battlefield.

Rudra removes nail from car tyre and says its purposefully done to stop them from reaching mental asylum. He says he surely knows his dad did it as his dad always creates hurdles for him. Imlie asks him to calm down and says if he thinks Rudra has done it, it must be for a reason as Rudra is experienced and whatever he does is for his family. Atharva asks if she thinks Rudra did right by not letting them reach Chini. Imlie says there should be transparency in relationships, they will find out the reason only after questioning Atharva. Imlie continues to calm down Atharva with her baseless talk. He smiles. She asks how will they reach the medical center now. Rudra checks GPS and says they can reach via a jungle shortcut.

Hospital staff takes halwa for Chini and says her sister told she likes halwa. Chini throws halwa bowl away. Staff asks what did she do. Chini says she is ill and would do same. She runs from there again. Atharva and Imlie get tired walking. Imlie hits leg to a stone and injures herself. Atharva asks if she is fine. Imlie say she is fine nad walks limping, saying they are getting late to reach Chini. Atharva notices her and asks her to jump a ditch. She slips. He holds her. Their eyes lock.

Imlie slips while walking in jungle with Atharva towards Chini’s mental asylum. Atharva holds her. Their eyes lock. Atharva says she has sprained her but still continues to walk. Imlie says they should reach Chini soon. Atharva says she gives importance to everyone except herself. He lifts her and walks while she looks at his face. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt button. He then makes her sit and tries to free it, says he needs to break it. Imlie stops him and says her mangalsutra is her life and she will let it break till her last breath. Atharva thinks he wants to break their relationship and trust and she is worried about mangalsutra. Imlie frees her mangalsutra and says she freed it. They notice a truck nearby, Atharva walks again lifting Imlie.

Imlie creates havoc at the mental asylum, locks herself in a store room, and threatens doctor to face the consequence for supporting Rudra. Doctor calls Rudra and informs that Chini has wrecked havoc the mental asylum and is provoking other patients. Keya calls Chini and informs that Imlie and Atharva have left for the centre, but Rudra got them stuck midway. Chini fools center staff again, calls Anu, and seeks help. A news of a kidnapper gang kidnapping innocent kids plays on TV.

Imlie and Atharva reach tuck and don’t find anyone there. Imlie hears kids crying inside a trick and open its door. Kids cry and plead them to save them. They both getinto truck and learn that goons kidnapped them. Atharva tries to call police and finds no network in his mobile. He says he will drive truck and reach police station. Kids hugs him and cry. Imlie says she will drive truck and gets into driver’s seat. Goons return drinking alcohol. Atharva and Imlie get tensed. Goons hear kids crying and open tgruck door to check. Atharva hides behind cartoon. Goon head toward’s driver’s seat and finds the door locked. Imlie’s mobile rings. Goons notice her and picking weapons head towards kids. Kids plead Atharva to save them and doesn’t let him go.

Atharva fights with goons. Another goon threatens Imlie to get ready to die. Imlie drives truck away. Goons follow them and stand tired. Kids praise Imlie’s bravery. Kidnapper’s boss stops Imlie’s truck and punctures it with a bullet.

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