My desire update Sunday 16 July 2023

My desire 16 July 2023: Sharda tells Preesha that only bad will happen to her because of her sins. Armaan is shown getting ready. Sharda asks Preesha if she thought she can live with Armaan in Rudra’s house, devimaa punished her for her sins by getting her married to Armaan. Armaan enters acting as a child calling Preesha as Preesha aunty. Sharda says Preesha wanted a husband, but got a child instead. Preesha recalls marrying Armaan and asking him to reveal her son’s location as promised. Armaan says he knows Revati and her baby’s location and would take her there tomorrow. Preesha thinks she will divorce Armaan once she gets her baby.

Next morning, Armaan takes Preesha to Revati’s location and shows her Revati handling baby. He asks Preesha to wait outside while he goes an convinces Revati to return baby. He enters hut and fights with Revati. Revati hits him on his head and runsa way with baby. Preesha tries to run behind Revati, but hearing Armaan’s plea rushes to him. Armaan says Revati somehow found out that they are coming and escaped with baby again, he knows her location and would take her there. Preesha gets Armaan admitted where doctor informs that Armaan suffered a brain damaged because of which his cognitive part of brain is severely affected and he will behave like a 7-year-old child, so she should send him to a mental health clinic. Preesha says she can’t find out where her baby is if Armaan goes to mental health clinic, sos he will take Armaan to her house.

She tells doctor that Armaan is her husband and hence she will take him home. Doctor asks her to finish discharge formalities and treat Armaan like a 7-year-old child.Out of flashback, Preeesha thinks she is hiding truth from Sharda and Saransh for her baby’s sake and once she learns about her baby’s location via Armaan, she will reveal truth to them. Armaan continues to act like a 7-year-old child. Saransh orders birthay cake for Preesha. Sharda walks away fuming. Saransh tells he cannot miss Preesha’s birthday and asks her to make a wish. Preesha says what shall she wish when she already lost Rudra and prays to get her baby back soon. Armaan smears his face with cake and takes Saransh’s shirt. Roohi busy partying with her friends gets angry seeing Armaan down. Preesha convinces Armaan and tries to take him up.

Roohi thinks Preesha knows she hates Armaan, even then she brought him down to hurt her, so even she will hurt Preesha now. She plays Rudra’s one-time wonder song. Preesha gets emotional hearing that while Roohi feels happy seeing her sad.Saransh offers Roohi’s birthday cake to Preesha. Armaan snatches it and eats cake. Preesha scolds him for snatching Roohi’s birthday cake from her. Roohi hears that and asks who gave her cake. Saransh say she did. Roohi asks why did he gave her birthday cake to a stranger, Preesha purposefully spoilt her birthday. She walks to her room crying. Sharda gets angry on Saransh. Armaan returns cake to Preesha continuing to acting childish. After some time, Preesha misses Rudra and feels sad. She gets a call from an unknown number. Pihu speaks. Preesha says her voice seems to be known one. Pihu asks if she forgot her in 3 months.

Preesha gets happy hearing her. Pihu says she found her soul mate and is coming tomorrow to invite her and Armaan for wedding and take Armaan’s blessings. Preesha says she will wait for her and thinks at least she got a good news after a long time, she will welcome Pihu and her would be husband. Pihu tells her fiance that they are going to meet Preesha tomorrow. He signals thumbs up.Sharda notices Preesha decorating house and asks if someone is coming. Preesha says Pihu is visiting to invite them for her wedding. Sharda taunts that Pihu is same like Preesha, Preesha married Armaan after Rudra’s death and Pihu is marrying someone else after Vidyuth’s death.

Preesha informs Digvijay about Pihu’s visit. Digvijay thanks her for informing him as he is in deep sorrow without Pihu and Kanchan. He says he thought he would lose Armaan after losing Pihu, but Preesha is taking care of Armaan and doing favor on them. He asks if she informed Pihu about Armaan’s condition. Preesha says no. Digvijay says nobody does what she is doing for Armaan. Preesha thinks yes, she is taking care of Armaan as only Armaan can inform her about her baby’s location.

Preesha performs Pihu’s aarti and welcomes her. She asks about her would be husband.Pihu says he is in car. Armaan takes Roohi’s chocolate. Roohi gets angry and tries to snatch it from him. Armaan calls Preesha aunty. Preesha and Digvijay rush to him. Armaan says Roohi is fighting with him for chocolate. Digvijay handles Armaan and takes him in. Pihu asks Preesha if she will not perform her fiance’s aarti. Pihu’s fiance walks in. Preesha, Sharda, and kids are shocked to see Rudra as Pihu’s fiance. Preesha asks if Rudra si alive. Pihu asks how is her surprise, this is her fiance. Rudra asks Preesha if she will not perform Pihu’s would be husband’s aarti, he will marry Pihu and become Preesha’s son-in-law. He asks if she must be shocked to think how can he be alive, she must have not thought even in her dream that he can be alive and would marry Pihu.

He says since Armaan is Pihu’s elder brother and elder brother is like a father, and since Preesha is Armaan’s wife, she is his sasuma/mother-in-law. Preesha says she is very happy seeing him alive. Saransh and Roohi happily hug him and asks where was he till now. Sharda emotionally touches Rudraand takes him to her room. She hugs and pampers him emotionally and says her life is back. Rudra says he is alive with her blessings. Sharda says seeing the blast, she thought he passed away. Rudra describes how he fell into lake and how a savior rescued him just when a crodile was about to attack Rudra. Savior treats injured Rudra for days until he regains consciousness. Rudra murmurs Preesha subconsciously. Savior thinks looks like this man loves Preesha.

Rudra regains complete consciousness after a few days and asks where is he and how did he come here. Savior says he was found severely burnt and injured in a lake and fate saved him. He asks who is Preesha, he was murmuring her name subconsciously and is alive because of her Preesha’s name. Rudra says they were about to marry and she must be in shock, so he needs to visit Preesha and inform that he is alive. He feels drowsy. Savior says still there is time for him to get well. A few more days pass, and Rudra gets well completely. Savior says life and death, meeting and separating are a game of god, he can go and meet his Preesha now. Out of flashback, he tells Sharda that he got well thinking he would return to his family and Preesha but nothing happened as he thought.

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