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Radha Mohan 15 July 2023: Damini is standing in front of Radha, Tulsi holds her hand seeing which Radha gets scared and exclaims she felt as if someone held her hand, Damini thinks she cannot let this happen as Tulsi is making her believe of her presence, Damini exclaims she first slapped her but is now saying a ghost slapped her so must do the drama somewhere else, Tulsi exclaims she knows what Damini is trying to do that Radha does not feel her presence but she knows Radha is a truthful person so would find out the truth.

Radha Mohan 14 July 2023

Radha pushes Damini away exclaiming the drama would not work on her anymore as she used to think Damini is a kind hearted person but she is ready to ruin the lives of everyone for her own benefits and was even ready to kill the lives of all the children, she leaves to reveal the truth of Damini in front of everyone, Damini thinks this cannot happen because she would not let her plans fail.

Radha is searching for Kadambari so she can tell her the truth about Damini otherwise no one would be able to control Mohan jee, she doesnot find her in the room but then hears Kadambari calling Ajeet and Ketki to come as they have to surely go as Bhagwan has protected them from such a big mishap, Damini and Kaveri are staring at Radha, Damini explains Kaveri must go take care of Tulsi while she will stop Radha from going to Kadambari, Kaveri asks how can she do it so she rushes towards the room of Gungun, Tulsi follows her.

Radha calls Kadambari just as she walks out of the house, Damini quickly covers her mouth before pulling her to the corner, Kadambari leaves after coming back inside the house but then Radha exclaims she first thought she would not tell Mohan the truth but her actions are not like that, Damini requests Radha to not tell anyone the truth because she would even become a nice mother of Gungun and let her stay in this house but Radha replies her lies would not stop her this time,

she even kneels before her however Radha tries to walk away when Damini threatens if she tells the truth then she would be really worse, Radha leaves exclaiming there is no one bad then her.Kaveri enters the room of Gungun as she is sleeping and tries to remove the quilt of Gungun, but Tulsi stops her and pushes her away exclaiming no one can think of harming her daughter.Radha bumps into Kaveri when Damini asks her to stop her as she is going to tell Mohan the truth, Kaveri twists her hand threatening that she must not even think of telling Mohan the truth,

but Radha twists the hand of Kaveri, Damini gets angry so starts walking towards her but Tulsi causes her to fall exclaiming she cannot ruin the plan of Radha this time. Kaveri once again tries to stop Radha when she explains Kaveri is the mother so should have made sure her daughter follows the righteous path, but she instead stood beside her daughter even when she tried to end the live of Gungun along with twenty children, Kaveri tries to explain but Radha exclaims if she tries to say something else then she ill forget that Kaveri is her elder. Tulsi exclaims Radha must go and tell Mohan the truth.

Tulsi wonders where Mohan is thinking if he gets shocked finding out the truth about Damini as she is his friend, Tulsi goes to check on Mohan.Damini is following Radha when she picks up a vase and is about to hit Radha with it but is stopped by Tulsi who holds her hand, Kaveri is shocked to see this, exclaiming the ghost once again came back meanwhile Tulsi pulls Damini away, Kaveri acts as if nothing has happened in front of Radha.Tulsi pushes Damini in the room and closes the door, Kaveri asks her to open the door but Tulsi is constantly slapping Damini, who exclaims it is nothing like that as she doesnot have any personal quarrel with Radha but she is trying to snatch Mohan from her, Tulsi exclaims Mohan never belonged to her,

she reveals Damini even tried to kill her but death is just a small punishment for her because if Mohan finds out the truth then he would not marry her again which would be the biggest punishment for her. Rahul comes asking Kaveri what she is doing when Kaveri explains that Radha threatened to tell Mohan the truth so he must go and stop her, Rahul doesn’t understand when Kaveri exclaims Radha will tell him about what they tried to do in the hospital so he must stop her. Kaveri requests Tulsi to open the door.Radha sees Mohan in the room and exclaims he would feel bad about what she is going to tell him, but he needs to know the truth otherwise it will be wrong for them,

Rahul pulls Radha away when Mohan thinks he felt she called him. Rahul exclaims he knows what she is trying to do because she has tried to ruin the relation of his and Mohan bhai, Radha asks if Damini or Kaveri said this to him because it was never her intention, she replies that she feels he is not that intellectual or just as bad as Damini. Rahul exclaims he warned her to not go to Mohan, but Radha asks him to not forget what happened the last time when he tried to stop her.Tulsi is constantly beating Damini when Rahul comes, Kaveri is relieved that he would have stopped Radha but he exclaims she went to the room of Mohan.

Kaveri scolds him saying Mohan is right to say he is useless, she asks him to help her enter the room since Damini would know how to end this problem. Rahul and Kaveri manage to break the door, they ask Damini how he got the marks on his face but she exclaims they must stop Radha from telling Mohan the truth.Radha enters the room of Mohan explaining she has to tell him something which might hurt him, she explains that all the incidents which happened to them in the past few months were because of Damini,

she feels he must not ruin his own life or that of Gungun by marrying the wrong person, she requests him to say something, but he is just standing there quietly.Radha reveals all of these things are just because of Damini, he turns in shock when Radha explains she knows he is really busy in the case of Gungun but this doesnot mean he should ruin his life by marrying someone who is so evil, Mohan takes off the ear phones from his ears asking if she was saying something, Radha is tensed so is about to explain but she notices he is crying and asks the reason,

Mohan explains he was remembering the person who he hates the most in this world so he was listening to her favorite song and remembering her as after marrying Damini the last thread of his relation would end, Radha replies some relations can never end because both love and hate are two sides of the same coin, they tend to hate the person they love so she knows he really loves Tulsi and his actions are the meaning of it.

Tulsi requests Radha to not waste any more time and reveal the truth, Kaveri standing at the door exclaims she does not feel Radha has told the truth otherwise there would have been a storm in this house, Radha seeing the tears asks if he is fine, Mohan explains that he is really missing Tulsi today and when he was in the hospital he felt as if he met Tulsi. Rahul asks if Mohan has started talking with ghosts, Kaveri whispers to Damini how Rahul doesnot know that Tulsi occasionally beats them.

Mohan mentions that Tulsi was standing in front of him and even trying to say something, Radha explains he loves Tulsi then must not marry Damini hearing which Mohan questions what she is saying, Radha explains love is the meaning of a feeling and it tends to brighten the eyes, so she knows he never loved Damini as she never saw that feeling, Kaveri curses Radha to die of thirst in fire. Mohan accepts he doesnot love Damini but in fact is in love with someone else, Tulsi exclaims if Mohan has also realized he loves Radha. Rahul questions what Mohan is saying that he loves someone else,

Kaveri is about to take the name of Radha but exclaims she doesnot know anything about it. Mohan mentions he still only loves Tulsi today and feels that love never happens again. Tulsi replies he is wrong as the love has once again entered his life but he just has to open his eyes.Radha asks then why is he marrying Damini, Mohan replies because he has sworn that he would marry her and not only him but Maa also swore, as even Damini is someone’s daughter just like Gungun so Radha must think if someone refuses to marry Gungun one day before their wedding and he would not do something so wrong,

Mohan explains if the relation breaks in their society the girl is always blamed, he considers it to be wrong so would not do it to Damini. Tulsi exclaims Damini is taking advantage of his nice behavior.Radha exclaims he was trying to say but Mohan says it is enough so she needs to leave, Radha tries to plead that he listen to her however Mohan exclaims they have talked a lot about Tulsi so she must leave before he takes out Tulsi’s anger on her, she requests him to listen but he instructs her to leave. Radha slowly starts walking towards the door, Damini and Kaveri hide.

Radha hesitantly walks out of the room when Mohan rushes to close the door, Tulsi is also worried and tries to hug him but is not able to do it. Tulsi also starts crying.Radha exclaims it is a matter of this night after which her life would be filled with darkness as she will reveal her truth tomorrow morning, Radha leaves when Rahul asks Kaveri what truth Radha was talking about, Kaveri asks him to go and sleep.Radha enters the room of Gungun when she notices the injuries on her hand so asks how they occurred, Gungun replies she doesnot know but feels they might have happened in the bus, Radha assures it would get better, so she brings the cream that she applies on the injuries. Gungun asks what the cream is, Radha mentions everyone of the family should have this cream as it is something which can be used by everyone. Radha explains this cream also brightens the skin while correcting the bitter ankles.

So, everyone should have it, Gungun in excitement exclaim everyone should have it, Radha reveals it even comes in a small pack, Gungun assures she would even tell her friends about it.

Kaveri in the room mentions they have to do something about Radha before she tells their truth, Damini replies she tried to stop her but Tulsi was there to protect her, Kaveri exclaims she was not alone even before because Ajeet called her as his sister while even Ketki considers the same, she mentions Mr Trivedi really likes her as she is the daughter of his friend while even Kadambari is not on their side anymore, she knows if Mohan was not bound by the vow then he would have eagerly gone to marry Radha. Damini exclaims what if he did not have anyone else to be with beside her, she plans to end the life of Radha tomorrow morning.

Radha is filing the jug with water, she feels as if someone is following her but doesnot see anyone behind her.Radha sees Mohan who is staring at the portrait of Tulsi, she exclaims Mohan jee really loves Tulsi and walks away, Mohan feels as if Radha was standing there but he immediately blames it all on Tulsi, she exclaims he is the one who cannot understand the truth about his love but why is he blaming it on her, Mohan exclaims he is glad that Radha came into their lives, even Tulsi agrees but says he is still not able to tell his feelings, Mohan exclaims he feels she is ordering her so he leaves.

Radha pours out water in the glass but is shocked to see she has still not put Bihari jee to sleep, she immediately rushes to perform the ritual meanwhile Damini and Kaveri seeing the opportunity put the tablet in the water, they hide when Gungun starts screaming thinking she saw them both however Gungun is talking in her sleep, Radha consoles her assuming there is no one there but then feels as if she saw someone, Radha goes to the window to see but then drinks the water.Radha immediately starts feeling pain in her throat because of which she even sits down, Damini with a smile wonders how did she think she would end her relation with Mohan, she must pay the price and die, Radha is in tremendous pain.

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