Imlie starlife update Saturday 15 July 2023

Imlie 15 July 2023: Shopkeeper hears Imlie’s voice sample with a cough in a background and says this is the voice which ordered grade 2 balloons. Shivani blames Imlie as usual. Shopkeeper says not Imlie, but a coughing voice in the background. Imlie says its Chini’s voice. Rudra sends shoopkeeper away and gets angry on Chini for risking his family’s life. Devika says everyone was blaming Chini’s sister, but Chini was standing silent after herself putting her sister in trouble. Chini starts acting and says lost her memory due to extreme weakness and must have mistakenly called shopkeeper trying to make sure Imlie doesn’t disappoint her family. She continues her weakness drama. Imlie says she is right. Chini reminds Imlie’s anxiety issues whenever she sees crowd and says she is disheartened to see her sister doubting her. She walks away continue to act. Devika asks Rudra what did Chini just do. Rudra says he understood Imlie’s drama, she just escaped again because of innocent Imlie, he will use Chini’s tacits against her now.

Anu enters Rathore mansion when a servant drops water on her by mistake while mopping the floor. She yells at servant as usual. Rupali and Arpita taunt her, leaving her frowning. Anu says she came to take Chini’s clothes and shoes. Rupali taunts if she is selling Chini’s stuff in chor bazaar and refuse to give any more clothes, reminds that Rathores have taken care of Chini since childhood and not Anu, and informs that they will bring Chini back home tomorrow. Anu walks away fuming.

Imlie feels sad recalling Chini’s acting and considering it as real. Atharva walks to her. Imlie emotionally describes her concern for Chini and says she doesn’t want Rudra, Atharva, and family to doubt Chini. Atharva says he will never doubt Imlie’s trust on anyone and comforts her. Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai Piya.. song plays in the background. Imlie calms down and feels romantic. Atharva says he will always trust Imlie. Imlie says she will go and check on Chini. She walks to Chini. Chini starts her emotional drama again. Imlie as usual easily falls for her drama and comforts her. Chini thinks its so easy to fool Imlie, she will use same health issue and fool even Ranas.

Next morning, Imlie asks Chini how is she feeling now. Chini says she is better but still feeling weak. Rudra says he feels worried seeing Chini’s condition, she needs treatment more than care. He tells Devika its time for their arrival. Chini asks who. Health care center staff walks in and says they came to take Chini for treatment. Chini stands shocked. Rudra tells Imlie that Chini’s condition is more critical than they think and should require treatment.

Rudra tells Imlie that Chini is unable to sleep and cannot remember what she does, her condition is very critical, and she needs treatment badly. Chini says she needs her sister’s love and care and not treatment. Imlie requests Rudra to let her take care of Chini and get her well soon. Rudra says whatever Chini did yesterday was due to Chini’s illness and she should be corrected soon. Atharva argues that Chini is absolutely fine and was just careless. Rudra says if this news goes out, Chini will be charged with attempt to murder.

Sundar with Arpita and Rupali walk in and greet Rudra. He asks why treatment center van and staff are at home. Chini runs to him and cries that Rudra is sending her to treatment center. Imlie explains whole incident happened. Rupali apologizes Rudra and says she will take Chini back home. Imlie says that would be a better option. Chini asks if her sister became a burden on her that she wants to get rid off her. Keya tells Akash Chini’s stay is important for their plan. Akash says after what Chini did yesterday, they can’t keep her at home and risk everyone’s lives. Rudra tells Sundar that yesterday’s accident was not a simple one and would have killed anyone, Chini is a threat to herself and hence should go need a mental health center treatment. Sundar says he is right. Imlie resists and says she will not go anywhere. Treatment center staff drags her away while Chini pleads Imlie to not let her go. Imlie stands crying.

Imlie prays god that she saw her parents in Chini’s eyes, but saw tears instead. She blames herself for not convincing Rudra to let Chini stay with her. She telsl Arpita that she failed to take care of Imlie. Arpita and Sundar ask her to stop feeling guilty as every illness needs treatment. Imlie says she is stubborn and lighting a lamp praysgod to fulfill her wish at any cost. Atharva thinks Imlie and Chini’s situation is because of her. At the treatment center, nurse brings food to Chini and informs that her treatment will start from today. Chini angrily throws food away.

Imlie sits silent while having dinner. Rudra asks her to have food. Imlie says Chini must have not had food, so even she can’t. Shivani comments as if she alone is worried for Chini. Imlie says she is the last in worrying for Chini, but the first to see her return home after treatment. Anu tongue lashes Arpita, Rupali, and Sundar for letting Chini forcefully shifted to mental asylum. Rupali says they went there to bring Chini home. Anu says she had gone to Rana house with a plan, then stops and says she had planned to spend time with her sister, but they didn’t let her do that. Rupali says she understood Anu’s words and its good that Chini went to treatment center. Anu asks center’s address Sundaar says its good if Chini stays away from her shadow. Anu laughs and says Chini is Malini’s shadow and would do whatever she likes.

Anu calls Chini and says she heard about her mental asylum shift and is worried for her. Chini says she will create a scene and force Imlie herself to pick her up. Anu asks what will she do. Chini she will do whatever it takes to shift to Rana house permanently. Anu wishes her all the best. Chini fumes that Atharva didn’t even stop her, she will take revenge from everyone. She expects Atharva’s call and gets angry seeing Imlie’s call. Imlie feels sad recalling Chini’s words before being dragged away for treatment center. Rudrabrings food for her. Imlie says she is not hungry and says she doesn’t know what she can do for Chini. Atharva jokes to get MBBS to treat her sister. He says she does so much for her sister and his family, everyone was happy before balloon incident because of Imlie, she should take credit for herself at least. Imlie hopes Chini gets a life partner like Atharva.

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