Imlie starlife update Monday 17 July 2023

Imlie 17 July 2023: Child kidnapping gang’s leader shoots at Imlie’s truck. Atharva protects kidnapped children. Imlie drives truck behind. Kidnappers return and catch Imlie, Atharva, and children. Goon asks asks when they are not these children’s parents or relatives, why did they come here to die. Imlie says we will die and reach Seeta maiya, but they will die and reach heaven. Goon attacks Atharva. Atharva punches him down the ground and warns them to run away to save their lives. Boss mocks that they both look like modern day Laila Majnu and came here to die. Atharva asks kids if they are afraid of goons. They laugh on goons. Boss orders team to attack Atharva. Atharva overpowers them first, but then a goon hits his head from behind with a wooden plank and injures him badly.

Atharva is about to fall when Imlie runs and holds him and warns goons to dare not come near them. Boss picks a kid and says they saw hero-heroine drama and should see what villain does. Rudra gets a call from his aides that Atharva and Imlie are caught by goons trying to save kidnapped kids. He asks their location to send police there. Devika cries worried for Atharva and Imlie and says because of his adamancy. Rudra says he just protecting Atharva and Imlie from Chini and says he will inform police right now. Keya hears him and shouts if goons kidnapped Rudra and Atharva. Family joins. Shivani blames Imlie as usual. Akash calls police commissioner.

Goons tie Rudra to a truck and boss at gunpoint orders Imlie to drive the truck. Imlie resists. Boss threatens her to kill the kids if she doesn’t drive. Imlie drives truck. Rudra runs behind. Boss orders her to increase the speed and let her husband be dragged on road. Anu over phone informs Chini that tried to Imlie, but Imile disconnected her call. Chini fumes hearing that and returns to her room. Nurse brings medicines for her and plays TV. News relays about businessman Rudra Rana’s son and DIL are under child kidnapper’s trap. Chini fumes that instead of saving her, Imlie and Atharva went to save children and got trapped. Doctor says they got into trouble because of Chini’s drama. Chini throws water on his face.

Imlie notices Boss’ attention diverted, steals his knife, and throws it at Atharva. Atharva catches it and cuts the rope. Rathores get worried for Imlie after learning about Imlie and Athharva’s kindap. Anu walks in and taunts that they should be equally worried about Chini, says Imlie is suffering as she let Chini go to mental asylum unnecessarily. Rupali, Arpita, and Sundar tongue lash her for her wrong teaching to Chini. Atharva cuts the rope and jumps on the truck.

Atharva jumps into truck and signals kids to divert goons’ attention. Kids ask goons to give them food as they are feeling hungry. Inebriated goons warn them to sit silently. Boss notices Atharva missing and asks Imlie. Imlie says a gush of air doesn’t take anyone’s permission to come and go. Goon picks his gun to shoot her. She holds gun. Atharva beats goons and throws them out of truck. Imlie also snatches gun from boss and throws him out of truck. Kids praise Imlie and Atharva and says they want to become real life heroes like them. Atharva asks Imlie if she is fine. She says yes. Kids ask how did they fall in love, if Imlie’s Atharva’s first love. Atharva says no. Imlie asks who is it then, she means kids want to know. He says his school teacher was his first crush. Imlie says she directly fell in his love. He feels nervous and changes topic, says they should handover kids to their parents. Imlie says they will reach treatment center and inform their parents.

Imlie calls Chini. Chini acts as afraid and asks her to come soon. Imlie says she is reaching there soon. Chini boasts in front of nurse that she is so popular that people always call her, its time to win best actress award. She silently breaks down power, locks herself in cold chamber, and pleads Arto and Imlie to come and save her. Atharva and Imlie reach treatment center with kids. Nurse calls power supply company and files complaint. Imlie asks nurse about Chini’s room. Nurse ignores her. Imlie notices Titu missing and searches for him. Titu and a girl roam inside treatment room. Doctor notices them and runs behind them to catch them. Power returns. Cold storage chamber temperature starts dropping. Chini calls Imlie and Arto for help. A girl notices her and informs Arto and Imlie.

Imlie panics seeing Chini stuck in cold storage chamber. Atharva tries to open it and calls staff. Staff tries to open the room. Imlie takes keys and opens it. Chini pushes Imlie in and runs outside locking Imlie inside the chamber. Imlie tries to open the door but fails. Girl tells Chini that Imlie saved even her, Imlie is a super girl. Atharva asks Imlie to use keys and open the door. Imlie finds keys in her hands. Chini grins seeing that. Imlie jokes that she is locked inside the room and Rudra is outside, she is a fool. Rudra says she is for rescuing Chini and getting stuck herself in. Atharva asks staff to bring another key. Cold storage temperature continues to drop and Imlie feels cold. Staff returns and informs that staff who has another key is on leave. Atharva panics seieng Imlie shovering in cold. Girl asks who will save Imlie now. Atharva says he will not let anything happen to Imlie. He tries to keep Imlie awake chatting with her.

Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai.. song plays in the background. Imlie loses consciousness. Atharva gets tensed while Chini grins.

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