Destined by fate update Friday 12 January 2024

Destined by fate 12 January 2024: Sayuri tells Kanha that she must have imagined something and troubled him and family. She goes to get ready for breakfast. At the dining hall, Rashmi says Kanha and Sayur didn’t come down yet as maybe Sayuri is still feeling weak, so she will take breakfast to Sayuri to her room.

Sayuri gets ready and tells Kanha that they should go down now. Kanha replaces her bindi and says he has another surprise for her. Rashmi walks in with breakfast and says since Sayuri must be feeling weak and wants rest, she brought breakfast for her. Sayuri says she is fine and would have breakfast with family. Kanha says same. Rashmi frowns but agrees and takes breakfast back.

Sayuri joins family. She hands over Mithu to Kanha and says she will serve breakfast today. Saroj refuses to accept breakfast
from her and says she is not yet hungry. Tej says breakfast became tasty with Sayuri’s touch, his will be more happy if he gets tea. Dhanraj sayshe still remembers Sayuri’s tea taste. Sayuri remmebrs preparing tea for 2 days and leaving it in thermos flask for Dhanraj. She says she will serve them tea and pakoras with special chutney in the evening. Tej says he will enjoy pakoras and tea. Daadi mausi scolds him that sweet and oily food is prohibited for him. He says even sugarless tea tastes good from Sayuri’s hand.

Kanha apologizes Nakul for being rude to him in the recent past and promises to accompany him work soon. Nakul hugs him and says he didn’t feel bad. Rashmi gets jealous seeing their growing bonding and her plan failing. She thinks she needs to emotionally blackmail Sayuri and stop her from revealing truth to family. She carries her son to Sayuri’s room and pleads to forgive her for her son’s sake.

Sayuri says she will expose her lies at the right time. Rashmis says even now is the right time as it did a year ago, she wanted to reveal truth herself but stop because of her son. She continues to emotionally blackmail Sayuri and requests her to hide the truth for her son’s sake.

Sayuri takes Arjun in her hands and says a mother is defeated by a sister, she suffered separation from her daughter because of Rashmi, but will hide truth for Arjun’s sake. Rashmi thanks her for maintaining secret and tries to hug her for forgiving her. Sayuri stops her and says she will never forgive her for her heinous act but will maintain silence. Saroj demands Kanha to get his and Mithu’s DNA test done as she cannot live without a doubt in her mind. Kanha is shocked and refuses her plea. She continues to pester him and walks behind. Sayuri hears their conversation.

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