Imlie starlife update Saturday 29 July 2023

Imlie 29 July 2023: Chini walks to her car to meet Abhishek. Anu walks to her and says she will be happy see what she brought for her and gives her wedding card. Chini excitedly opens card and reads her and Atharva’s name on card instead of Abhishek’s. She says she is with Abhishek now and Arto is over now. Anu says she should marry Atharva and return to Rana house permanently, her love story will be complete and Anu’s revenge. Imlie tears card saying she is more interested in improving her life than destroying Imlie’s life and hence she chooses Abhishek. Anu says she is craving for a toy named Abhishek, but soon she will return to her pleading to get Arto for her. Chini says that wouldn’t happen as Arto would give her money after drama, but Abhishek would give her money happily.

Imlie gets ready to leave Rana mansion with Sundar. Shivani suggests Devika to get Atharva married to Chini now. Imlie overhears that and uniting loving hearts is a good virtue and its good that she won’t be present to watch that. Chini meets Abhishek at a restaurant and describes Imlie’s story from her point of view and says she feels sorry for Imlie. Abhishek says everyone has their own point of view and asks if she can see her future with him. Chini says of course, in fact she started loving him. Abhishek holds her hand and says he wanted to hear same from her.

Imlie meets Rathores one last time before leaving and bids adieu to them. Shivani, Divya, and Manish refuse to bless her. Imlie looks at Atharva and walks towards her car. Her pallu gets stuck in a plant. She thinks Atharva is holding her pallu, but then turns nad finds it stuck in a plant. She frees it. Chini gets out of car with Abhishek and walks to family holding his hand. Abhishek is surprised to see Imlie, recalling their meetings. Chini says she is his sister Imlie. Imlie asks if he is Abhishek. Abhishek praises Imlie for her strong nature. Imlie says everyone has that misunderstanding. Chini asks how does she know Abhishek. Imlie says she didn’t know he is Abhishek, he is the one who supported her when her dear one abandoned her. Chini announces that she and Abhishek exchanged engagement rings and are planning to marry. She introduces Abhishek to Atharva and taunts Rudra that he doesn’t have to frown seeing her again.

Rudra stops Imlie and requests to start afresh with Atharva when Chini is marrying Abhishek and moved out of Atharva’s love. Imlie refuses. Rudra talks emotionally and asks her to go before he breaks down more. Imlie leaves with Rathore family. Chini tells Abhishek that they should also leave now. Ranas walk in. Atharva takes Chini aside and says he knows why she did all this. Chini thinks what else than money. Atharva says she is sacrificing for Imlie. Chini thinks let him think so. Atharva says his happiness is with her and he can’t leave her. Chini says he should forget her and move on with Imlie. Atharva says he has even his friendship with Imlie and can’t be with her. Chini says she has to leave and seeks from from him to let her go. He promises. Abhishek silently watches them. Chini signals Abhishek and leaves in his car.

Atharva recites Imlie’s poem mistaking it as Chini and thinks he truly loved only Imlie. Rudra hears that and gets angry on him. He says child behavior looks good on kids, Atharva is hurting his father with his acts repeatedly, a girl whom she is crying for made a joke out of his love in front of everyone and left him and Imlie crying Atharva accuses Rudra for playing with his, Chini, and Imlie’s lives and calls him a villain. Imlie reaches Rathore mansion and unpacks her clothes. Sundar, Rupali, and Arpita feel sad for her. Chini excitedly rushes in and shows her engagement dress and jewelry to Imlie. Arpita and Rupali tongue lash Chini for being insensitive even after seeing Imlie’s condition. Chini tells Imlie that Rupali knew about her and Atharva’s affair since day one, even then she hide the truth and let Imlie marry Atharva. She says she rejected Arto for Imlie and is marrying Abhishek. Sundar asks if she is playing a drama of happiness over Imlie’s sorrows.

Imlie says she has become a joke for everyone, she never felt so alone in life before. Chini says why would she feel alone when she will attend my wedding. Imlie asks why should she. Chini reminds she attended Imlie’s wedding Imlie says everyone knows why she attended her wedding. She then tongue lashes Sundar and Arpita for betraying her even after being her dear one. Arpita apologizes her. Imlie says though her family didn’t follow their duty, she will follow her duty and attend Chini’s wedding; let Chini see what a sister means. Anu learns about Chini’s engagement and asks if she doesn’t want to take revenge from Chini shows crying Imlie and says she already took her revenge. Anu feels happy and praises her.

Atharva recalls Athara accusing him and thinks if he destroyed everyone’s life trying to protect them. Imlie recalls Rudra crying when she left his home and worries for him. Rudra gets a heart attack and collapses. Atharva notices that and rushes to him. Whole family rushes to Rudra next hearing Atharva crying. Ginni informs Imlie about Rudra’s heart attack. Imlie rushes to Rana House. Atharva is shifted to his room. Imlie drives car hoping Rudra is well and reaches Rana house. Shivani notices her and shuts a door on her face, but Atharva stops her. Shivani warns him to move aside as Imlie left by he wish but will reenter their house by her wish. Atharva says Imlie left home helplessly and asks her not to make the situation more tough with her adamdancy now. Shivani lets Imlie in. Imlie reaches Rudra’s room. Devika cries hugging her. Imlie comforts her and herself runs aside and cries recalling Rudra’s last words. Atharva offers water to her. Imlie asks how did Rudra’s health deteriorate. Atharva says who else than him. Imlie says she doesnt’ want to confront a stranger and came here for Rudra.


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