Imlie starlife update Friday 28 July 2023

Imlie 28 July 2023: Chini reaches restaurant and excitedly hugs Atharva from behind confusing him as Abhishek and thanks him for this awsome surprise. Atharva turns. Chini gets angry seeing him and tries to leave. Atharva tops her and says they sit and can speak. Chini says there is nothing to speak as their relationship is over. Atharva says Imlie knows about his affair, and they can announce about their relationship to her. He hugs her tightly. Rudra says there is no need to explain. Atharva is shocked to see his whole family standing in front of him. Chini fears she will lose Abhishek. Rudra says Imlie knows about his and Chini’s affair now and shows Imlie standing with tears in her eyes.

Devika slaps Atharva and blames flaws in her upbringing that Atharva did such a heinous act. Shivani stops her and says its her good upbringing that Atharva had informed them that he doesn’t love Imlie, but Rudra and Devika forcefully got him married to Imlie. Imlie shatters hearing that.Rathores walk in. Keya taunts them that they taught their daughters to share things among themselves, hence Imlie and Chini are sharing Atharva. Devika warns her to shut up. Keya says she wants to know why Imlie and Chini are both behind Atharva. Rupali says their family had come up with an alliance for Imlie. Divya says they had many alliances for Atharva, but Rudra and Devika got him forcefully married to Imlie.

Rupali asks why didn’t they get Atharva married to one among many girls. Shivani says they dumped their inauspicious daughter in our house, after which all the accidents happened in their house. Rupali asks why don’t they reveal Atharva’s secret also. Allegations and counter allegations continue. Imlie shouts to stop.She walks to Rudra and asks when he knew from before that Atharva loves someone else and not her, then why did he get Atharva married to her. Rudra says he thought Atharva would reform in her company. Imlie says Atharva is unable to raise his head because of Rudra. Rudra says he is at mistake and is speechless. Imlie tells Atharva that he gave her pain for her whole life. She then Imlie that she ruined her life and betrayed her. Chini tries to justify herself. Imlie gives her a tight slap and says she is at mistake.

Imlie says she and Atharva both are at mistake. Imlie warns her to lower her gaze and says people say right that the one who is most closet betray them most, she stooped so low that she forced her to slap her.Chini says she is slapped, but everyone are blaming her; Imlie is acting a victim again and framing her as villain again. Rupali stops her. Chini says let her speak today and says shew was always considered as Imlie’s sidekick, her own family loves Imlie more than her and she is a stranger in her own house. She says a bitter truth here is Imlie is a Rathore and she is a Tripathi, a second-class citizen like her mother was treated. Rupali says they always considered Imlie and Chini as equal. Imlie says if Chini had told her, she would have given her everything. Chini asks even Arto? Imlie says Atharva is not a thing to be sacrificed, but if Chini had informed her beforehand, she would have walked out of their way. Chini says its a frustration of years. Imlie says she is a fire like her mother and not an ash. She leaves from there crying.

Imlie tells Chini that if she had revealed truth to her at the right time, she would have moved out of her and Atharva’s way, but Chini didn’t and her bitterness burnt her house. Chini says is not bitterness but frustration of years. Imlie says she is a daughter of Sr Imlie and would be fire like her.mother. She walks away from there crying followed by Atharva. Rudra breaks down. Ginni asks what happened. Keya says because of Imlie, their reputation is tarnished. Rudra says everyone except Imlie were wrong here. Imlie walks out in rain. Atharva runs to her and says lets go inside as its raining. Imlie says everyone would be hurt if she goes in. Atharva says she is thinking of others even now. Imlie says she is like that and asks why did he lie to her and hid the secret.

Atharva says he is not brave like her to face family’s wrath silently, so he kept quiet. Imlie says even she is not brave, but people like him forced her to act brave; her meetings with the rain were always pleasant, but he made it bitter today.Chini walks to Imlie and says if her family wouldn’t have treated her like an outsider, she wouldn’t have been bitter to Imlie; Imlie should stop punishing Atharva for her mistake and accept him as she is marrying Abhishek anyways. Imlie says she gave her a never healing wound and is talking so casually. Chini says time heals every wound, so Imlie should chill at Rathore mansion for 8-10 days and then return to Atharva. Imlie says she was doing same, but Chini ruined it. Chini says she already slapped her in front of everyone, what else she wants.

She gets Abhishek’s call and leaves from there. Back to Rathore house, Devika says its their fault that they got Atharva married to Imlie even after knowing that Atharva loves Chini. Divya says its Imlie’s fault that she couldn’t control Atharva. Sundar warns them to stop testing their patience with their taunts. Devika says even she lost her patience and warns Divya and team to dare not speak ill about Imlie again as they are all her sinners. She feels worried for Imlie.Imlie with Atahrva returns home and brings her bag out. Devika asks where is she going. Imlie says she doesn’t know and says Atharva betrayed her and Rudra hid truth from her. She breaks her mangalsutra. Shivani yells at her that a suhagan breaking her mangalsutra is a big abshagun/bad omen. Imlie says what else can be bad than her broken heart, she should understand how heart broken she is seeing her husband meeting his girlfriend behind her after marriage.

She walks to god’s idol and says his devotees fooled him, seeta maiya is her friend since childhood and now even Mahadev is now. She keeps her mangalsutra in idol’s feet and says she is leaving her fate her and even her parents whom god has to take care of.Devika requests her to stay back. Imlie says her self-respect will not let her stay here. She then hugs Rudra and cries. Rudra also breaks down. Devika says if he cries, Imlie can’t go from here. She says their blessings are always with Imlie. Imlie then hugs Ginni and cries and says she will miss her, looking at Atharva. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background.

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