Imlie starlife update Saturday 20 April 2024

Imlie 20 April 2024: Sonali notices Agastya walking out of the room with blanket and taunts him that it’s not even 2 days since he married and is sleeping away from his wife. Agastya asks her to take up some hobby to keep herself busy instead of peeping into her room, recalling seeing Sonali peeping into his room.

Sonali says she knows his marriage is fake and will expose it in front of daadi. Agastya asks her to keep dreaming and walks into his room. Sonali determines to expose his fake marriage. Agastya and Imlie’s nok jhok starts. Agastya makes a bed for Imlie on the floor. Sonali knocks the door.

Agastya hides Imlie’s bed, lifts her and keeps her on bed, and asks her to act as if they are busy romancing. Imlie loosens her hair and tears her dress. Agastya opens door and asks what she wants now.

Sonali feels embarrassed seeing Imlie’s condition and walks away. Agastya lifts Imlie again and keeps her back on he bed. Imlie says she can do it herself argues with him. Agastya asks her to sleep now. Do Dil Milrahe Hain.. song plays in the background.

Sonali notices blood-stained footprints on floor. Alka notices them next and asks Sonali if she is injured. Sonali says these are Imlie’s footprints. Alka says Imlie looked fine when she returned home. Sonali says even she saw that and is sure Imlie suffered injury when she was outside the house, she needs to find out Imlie’s truth. Next morning, Imlie sings Bhor Bhaye Panghat Pe.. song while performing tulsi pooja. Agastya stops her and says he already warned her not to sing or else her secret will be out. Amma with Raji walks to him and asks what his happening.

Agastya welcomes her. Amma says he is welcoming her in his own house. Agastya says she is funny. Amma tells Imlie that she needs to perform kohbar pooja in the evening and then they will throw a feast for Purvaiya people. Imlie gets tensed thinking someone from Purvaiya will identify her. Daadi asks why she looks tensed. Imlie gives weird excuse. Sonali notices Imlie’s anxiety hearing about a feast for Purvaiya people and thinks she needs to find out her truth.

Imlie searches for Agastya and thinks her truth will be exposed if she sings, but he forgot that Purvaiya people can identify her. She asks Manno about Agastya. Manno taunts if she can’t stay away from her husband even for a second and informs that he left home in a hurry long ago. Imlie calls him repeatedly in vain. Family makes arrangements for kohbar pooja, dance and sing around. Manno and Rajni decorate kohbar screen and asks Imlie how is it. Imlie says it’s nice. Daadi waits for Agastya to come. Sonali taunts that last time he brought Imlie leaving Noyonika in mandap, this time he may bring someone else. Daadi scolds him. Agastya walks in lifting unconscious Noyonika, leaving everyone in shock.

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