Titli Starlife update Monday 22 April 2024

Manikant fuming at Maina. Garv says its not Koel’s mistake. Manikant blames Koel. Koel asks Garv to stop it. She scolds Titli and asks her to leave. Garv runs after Titli. He stops her and walks with her. She sees her scooty tyre flat. He says if one tyre gets flat, then trust the other tyre. They talk indirectly about their relation. She says I know what you want to say.

He says no, it’s a big loss for you, we shouldn’t make mistake in knowing a person, identify the one who is valuing you. He moves the hair off her face. He says maybe our story becomes incomplete forever. She comes home and thinks of Garv. Bhakti says Garv is a nice guy. Paresh says Garv is so arrogant. He recalls Garv’s words and gets angry. Bhakti says Garv’s attitude makes him charming, he always supported you and stood for your respect. Hiral sees Garv’s pic and says he is my boss, Garv Mehta. Paresh asks what. Bhakti praises Garv.

She asks why don’t you like him. Paresh says his anger, he spoke to me badly, I hate him, I don’t want to see his face again. Hiral asks him to calm down. Bhakti says I can see your yes in this silence. Garv gets food for Koel. She cries. She says I feel Manikant is fed up with me, but I won’t get fed up, my love for him is true, I will find a way to reach his heart one day, you won’t understand until you find someone. He says I got her. She asks who. He says Titli, I understood everything, I will never lose in love. He goes. She says no, not that girl.

Titli gets ready in the morning. Dadi asks her to come with her. She shows the three grooms to Titli and asks her to choose one of them. Titli says I don’t know them. Garv is also there. He says I know everything. He gets on knees and proposes Titli. She imagines Garv in all the grooms. He asks her to say yes for marriage. She worries. She wakes up and says why am I getting this dream.

Its morning, Koel serves the food to everyone. Garv comes. Everyone talks. Manikant asks Maina to handle Monica’s pagphere rituals well. He says I know you will handle it well. Garv thinks Koel didn’t feed me the food today. He goes to her. Maina asks Koel to handle the arrangements. Koel asks her not to worry. Garv asks Koel are you fine, won’t you feed me the food. She says go out, you know the reason. She says Titli isn’t good, she will break this girl, she isn’t deserving of this family, swear on me, you won’t go after her, promise me, you will forget her. He agrees. She says I will feed the food with love, come. Uncle looks on.

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