Imlie starlife update Sunday 21 April 2024

Imlie 21 April 2024: Agastya returns home carrying unconscious Noyonika in his arms. Family is shocked to see that while Sonali grins. Amma says they all called him multiple times, but he didn’t reply their call and returned home with Noyonika.

Agastya lies Noyonika on couch. Daadi asks why did he bring Noyonika home. Agastya says Noyonika was calling him repeatedly since morning and while was going somewhe, Noyonika came in front of his car and fell unconscious, he wouldn’t have let her on road and hence brought her home. Daadi says he didn’t inform his wife about Noyonika’s call and brought Noyonika home without informing his wife.

Agastya says he is married, but hasn’t lost his freedom. Daadi gets more angry. Govind asks her to calm down. Daadi asks him to explain that he is married now and can’t bring a stranger home.

Rajni says it’s Agastya and Imlie’s Kohbar pooja today and whole village would be visiting them, what will they say when they see Noyonika home. Sonali says villagers will badmouth. Agastya says his life is boring without her comments, doesn’t he have a right on this house and can’t he bring anyone home.

Daadi says he can but with Imlie’s permission as he is married to her now. Imlie gets emotional and says someone sought her opinion for the first time. Daadi says Agastya owes her an explanation and she will scold Agastya if he doesn’t behave with her properly. Imlie says it’s their family’s good morales that Agastya got concerned for Noyonika and brought her home, they shall inform Noyonika’s family and send her home once she wakes up.

Sonali says she acts well and asks her to reveal truth. Daadi asks what kind of truth. Imlie says their wedding truth, the truth is she trusts her husband more than anyone in he life, Noyonika is Agastya’s friend and helping a friend in need is their duty.

Agastya carries Noyonika to his room. Alka tells Amma that Agastya’s father’s blood showed up on him and he is following his father’s path. Agastya lies Noyonika on bed and thanks Imlie for understanding. Imlie fumes. Agastya asks why is she overreacting when their marriage is fake. Imlie says for the world, they are husband and wife and she should know where her husband is, they had to perform pooja and he was missing. Agastya says she is right and says she said she was worried for him. Imlie nervously says she was worried for herself.

Daadi walks in with clothes and asks them to get ready for kohbar pooja. She sees Noyonika in his room and asks Agastya what is she doing in his room. Agastya says doctor said Noyonika needs rest. Daadi says there is a guest room for guests; he is sensible and did a mistake even after seeing what family went through. She leaves from there. Imlie asks what did Daadi mean. Agsatya says nothing. Imlie says villagers are coming for a feast and someone may identify her, so he should cancel this feast somehow. Sonali tells Alka that Noyonika is very talented and knows what she is doing and would be beneficial to them. She notices Agastya walking towards Daadi’s room and follows him. Noyonika wakes up. Imlie asks if she is fine, does she need anything, does her family know that she is here, she will inform her family about it. Noyonika ignores her, turns her side, and falls asleep again.

Agastya tells Daadi that he has an important meeting with client, so she shall perform only pooja and cancel reception. Sonali interferes and asks which client. Agastya says Malhotras. Sonali says she will attend meeting. Agastya says Malhotras want to meet company’s director and not her. Daadi says he can attend meeting, they will have reception some other day. Sonali asks what he and his wife are hiding that they don’t want this reception. Agastya says it’s none of his business and leaves from there. He returns to his room and tells Imlie that Daadi agreed to cancel reception and perform only pooja. Imlie asks him to get ready soon for the pooja and gives him clothes. He gets ready in a blazer.

A romantic song plays in the background. They both get lost in each other. Agastya walks holding her hand and says they are husband and wife in front of the world and should behave so. Imlie agrees and walks down holding his hand. They are shocked to see villagers at home. Sonali walks to them and says she preponed reception for Agastya’s sake and now they can perform ritual in front of all villagers. Imlie hopes nobody identifies her.

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