Imlie starlife update Saturday 2 March 2024

Imlie 2 march 2024: Imlie says she will boil a water and give steam to her daughter. Shivani asks how will she when there is no stove here. Imlie says she will bring the sun down to boil a water from it and save her daughter at any cost. She collects wood. Atharva pleads doctor to come and check his daughter as she is severely ill, but doctor refuses and says he needs to check other patients first.

Atharva prays god for help. Imlie tries to burn wood when rain starts. She tries to hide wood under her sari pallu. Another doctor covers Atharva with her umbrella and assures to accompany him. Imlie returns to camp. Shivani says baby’s condition is worsening. Imlie says even this mother is out of control now, lifts a chair, breaks it, and says she will burn it for her daughter and if need be she will sacrifice herself but not let the fire set off.

Imlie boils water on a fire while while others cover it. Kairi asks if her little sister will get well. Imlie says Seeta maiya will protect her. Camp officer announces that a storm is coming, everyone should get out of their tents and stand in a safe place till the storm subsides. Imlie with Ranas rushes out. Devika asks if choti Imlie/CI is fine. Imlie notices CI not breathing and prays god to listen to a mother’s plea and save her daughter. Bal Gopal walks to her and asks her not to cry as she has solution to all her troubles. He gives her peacock feather and disappears. Imlie looks at the temple lamp and boils water on it. Devika says it won’t sufffice. Imlie says water will heat at least till she gives steam to her CI. Rudra prays god to make Imlie’s efforts successful.

Imlie gives steam to CI and CI starts breathing again. Kairi thanks god. Imlie with whole family chants Jai Sri Krishna. Atharva brings doctor. Doctor checks CI and says she is out of danger now and they need not worry. Divya thanks doctor. Doctor says credit goes to Imlie who kept CI alive with her efforts. She leaves. Rudra says Kanhaji came a day before janmastami and saved CI. Imlie recalls Bal Gopal and says he is right. Anu hears them and thinks she will snatch Imlie’s both daughters. She walks to a few goon-looking men and provokes them that the are struggling for food and water here, but other camp’s people are having clean water and bathing everyday. Goons say food and water are everyone’s basic right, they will not tolerate this injustice.

Rana family celebrates Janmasthami festival. Imlie imagines Bal Gopal again. Kairi dresses herself as Bal Gopal and breaks curd pot. She tells CI that she will break the pot next year. Devika says they didn’t lost anything even after losing everything. Shivani prays god that everything should be fine from hereon. Ranas then perform Bal Gopal idol’s pooja with other camp members. Goons join them. Imlie tells Atharva that she doubts that man’s behavior. Atharva says there is nothing like that. They finish pooja. Keya shows aarti. Goon steals aarti money. Imlie thinks they need money, so she should help him. She stops goon. Goons run away. Mob rush behind them. Imlie notices her both daughters missing and searches for them.


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