Lost in love starlife update Sunday 3 March 2024

Lost in love 3 March 2024: Ishan holds Savi when she slips and scolds her to do at least some work properly. Savi thinks how will she work properly when a negative person is around her. Ishan asks if he said something. Savi says no. Ishan says let’s fix remaining posters. After fixing posters, Savi sits on a bench tired. Ishan asks if she got tired.

Savi says though he hates his mother immensely, don’t he remember any sweet memories with her. Ishan says when they hate a person, even their sweet memories turn into sour memories. He says when he was a child, he used to play whole day with his parents in their old house. He recalls the incident and says his mother promised to never leave him alone, but she left him alone. Savi asks who stays in that old house now. Ishan says nobody stayshere, he didn’t visit that house since 20 years, Shantanu didn’t sell that house and doesn’t let anyone go there but visits there sometimes.

Savi says his mother must be at their old house for sure and asks him to take her there. She messages Shantanu to reach his old house. Shantanu reads it and heads towards the house. Ishan and Savi reach old house. He recalls Ishan running around him in childhood to feed him food. Isha walks around the house imagining feeding Ishan. Ishan gets emotional seeing that. Shantanu reaches there and tries to stop her. Ishan continues. Shantanu shakes her and gets her out of imagination and says they are in their old house. Isha sees Ishan and pleads him to come to her. Ishan backs off. Isha breaks down. Shantanu and Savi hold her. Isha continues to plead Ishan and loses consciousness. Ishan leaves from there. Shantanu and Savi shift Isha to a room. Isha opens eyes after a few minutes. Shantanu says they are in their old house. He says he will return in some time after finishing some important work and leaves.

Shantanu returns home and informs Yashwant and Surekha that he has decided to stay in his old house with Isha. They both yell at him that Isha has manipulated her. Shantanu says Isha has lost her mental balance because of Ishan and since Ishan doesn’t like her here, he is going to stay with her. Surekha asks if he doesn’t know what Isha did with them and how selfish she is. Shantanu says it’s irrelevant now and says he likes to be in his imaginative world and wants to spend rest of his life that way. Their argument continues.

Shantanu tells Ishan that he was in this house for Ishan, but when Ishan has grown up so big that he doesn’t need him anymore, he is leaving the house. He walks away. He reaches Isha and informs his decision to be with her. Isha says he should be with Ishan instead and says she doesn’t need him anymore. Shantanu says she and her son may not need him, but he needs them both and has decided to be with her until she completely gets well. Ishan walks in and says he came to apologize them both.

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