Imlie starlife update Sunday 28 January 2024

Imlie 28 January 2024: Imlie tells Kairi that she escaped today and if she wants to escape completely, she needs to find the nurse. Atharva says she is a thief in a police-thief game running outside, what if she is caught. Imlie says she will win the game for sure.

Atharva and Imlie disguise as policemen and question paan shop owner to tell who had called Dr Sinha from his PCO. Shop owner refuses to divulge any information and tries to bribe them. Imlie gets angry. Atharva asks her to keep his money inside and fix CCTV cameras in his shop first.

Imlie notices nurse’s posters on wall and informs Atharva. Paan shop owner says she is Pinky, a struggling actress who stays in a nearby lane. Imlie bumps with a man with a suspicious bag and questions him. He says its’s his work related stuff and rushes away. Imlie tries to catch him, but Atharva stops her and takes her along. Man watches them hiding.

They reach Pinky’s lane. Pinky notices police and tries to escape disguised as an old woman. Imlie identifies her and catches her. They threaten Pinky to reveal on whose order she tried to kill Atharva. Pinky at first says Imlie, but then on their further scrutiny agrees to tell the name. They record her video. She says Imlie had not hired her to kill Atharva and the real culprit is.. Someone drops flower pot on Pinky’s head and she collapses. Atharva rushes up to catch the culprit, but he escapes. Imlie calls ambulance and shifts Pinky to hospital. She tells Atharva that they should stop here as the culprit can harm even Atharva.

Akash informs Keya that he saw Imlie and Atharva walking out of the outhouse disguised as policemen and followed them, they caught nurse Pinky and she was about to reveal Keya’s name when he dropped a plant pot on Pinky’s head and escaped from there. Keya asks is the nurse dead. Akash says Imlie took her to hospital. Keya scolds that he can’t do any work properly. Imlie and Atharva return home. Family gets happy seeing them. Atharva describes how they caught the nurse and proved Imlie’s innocence. Imlie says they couldn’t find out the person who wants to kill Atharva though. Ginni informs that Kairi’s school would be starting tomorrow. Imlie gets emotional and says she will drop Kairi to school as she already missed watching Kairi growing. Atharva shows her a footage of Kairi growing up. Imlie emotionally watches it, and they both share their feelings.

A suspicious man Imlie bumped in the market plans to kill a businessman when he attends his school’s independence day function. He tells his aides that they will fix bomb chips in all children’s watches and kill everyone in a radius of 100 meters. Imlie gets Kairi ready. Whole family joins and wishes good luck to Kairi. Imlie informs them about Kairi’s school’s independence day function.

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