Evil Affairs starlife update Thursday 9 May 2024

The Episode starts with Piyush coming running to Nikki in the basement. Saudamini hides seeing him. Piyush finds Nikki unconscious and lifts her. He takes her outside. Saudamini thinks if he saw me? Sumitra and others come there. Piyush says Nikki is unconscious. Sumitra says her adventures don’t end.

She asks Bhavani Singh to increase the security and tells that Nikki shall not come here again. Saudamini thinks to get the book and comes inside the room. She is about to take the book and recalls whatever happened with Nikki. She thinks if I couldn’t come out of the book and thinks she has to take the chance, this book is too priceless to leave behind. She holds the book and says when Nikki had opened it, the hand her held her neck and thinks to take it now, and think how to read it. She takes the book and leaves from there.

Piyush takes Nikki to the room and keeps her on the bed. He covers her with blanket. He says if you had not insisted to come here, then we would have lived a happy life in London. He is about to kiss her, when Sumitra comes there with Aarohi and calls him. He gets up from the bed. Sumitra says emotions make us weak and asks him not to worry, and tells that Aarohi will take care of Nikki.

Saudamini finds the door locked. She asks herself to think of an idea to get out of the basement. She finds the rope holding which Piyush and Bhavani got down. She climbs up holding the rope and comes out of the basement. She walks towards her room and falls on the stairs. Prateik offers help. She feigns sprain in leg and asks him to take her to room. Prateik holds her and takes her to room. She thanks him. Prateik leaves. Saudamini gets inside and closes the door. She sleeps sitting on the floor.

In Nikki’s room, Rakshaudi comes and whispers to unconscious Nikki about the tantrik near the river who will answer all her answers. Nikki opens her eyes and says Rakshaudi. She sees Aarohi beside her on the bed. Aarohi also wakes up and asks why did you do this? She says if we had not known that you would have gone there, then you don’t know what would have happened. Nikki asks if you don’t want to get rid of this slavery and lead a normal life. Aarohi says even she used to think like this, but is afraid of Malik. She recalls Malik killing her baby. Nikki says I am an orphan and I got a family in you all. She says if I don’t take the risk then who will take. Rachna comes there and says Raja Saheb is calling you.

Vikram asks Nikki, why she is so curious to know about Malik. Sumitra says you asked me so many things yesterday. Vikram asks how did you reach the basement? He asks her to question him and says he will answer all her questions. Nikki thinks of Rakshaudi’s words. Vikram asks why did you go there. Nikki says she went out to explore and then she forgot the way. Vikram says same excuse again and again, do you think, we are fools. Nikki says I am fulfilling all the rasams, but you people keep me away from every discussion and Piyush stays far from her and doesn’t spend time with her.

She says she doesn’t have phone or internet, and tells that she gets bored and feels like she is in jail. She asks him to give her permission to go out for an hour, so that she can take some fresh air. Vikram says ok, Bhavani will go with you. Nikki asks him to send Piyush with her, so that atleast she can talk to him. Vikram says Piyush will go with you, but you shall take care of your limitations. Nikki assures him and asks can we go? Vikram nods yes.

Nikki and Piyush go out. Piyush asks her to say the truth and says I know that you had gone there intentionally. Nikki teases him. He asks her to tell. Nikki says she wants to know about the symbol and tells that she found Malik Puran there. Piyush tells her that he is worried for her so much and can’t lose her. Nikki tells that he has trapped her in his love. She asks about the tantrik who stays near the river. She says she understood Rakshaudi’s words and tells that she will ask him about them and their future. She asks him to come behind her if he is worried for her.

Saudamini imagines the hand coming out of book. She thinks how to save herself seeing the red light coming from it. Nikki and Piyush reach there. Tantrik says you have come.

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