Evil Affairs starlife update Wednesday 8 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki opening the door of the basement. Saudamini thinks how I will go infront of her. Nikki finds the stairs there, and thinks what is the use of it. Saudamini comes running to the door, but the door gets closed. Nikki gets down the stairs. Saudamini opens the door and gets down as well.

Nikki walks in the basement. She finds the firetorch burning, and thinks nobody came here since years, then how do these firetorch are burning. She steps on the skeleton and gets shocked. She finds the door with Malik’s sign on it.

Sumitra asks who made this Malik’s sign. Suguna says a foolish person must have made it and tells that the loss is small, and if the sign was made with shaitaani mantra, then this place would have got destroyed fully. Sumitra says there is one foolish person in this Palace, Nikki and says since morning, she was asking me about this sign. A Servant comes there and tells that something wrong has happened. Nikki tries to open the door and the sharp thick blade falls down. She moves back before she would get killed by the blade. She wonders how to cross the door. Saudamini looks on.

Sumitra, Suguna, Piyush and Aarohi come to the basement door with Bhavani and others. She says Nikki must have gone there. Piyush says Nikki is sleeping in the room, I was outside her room. Sumitra says Nikki has fooled you. She says the door is made in such a way that it will be opened from inside once someone goes inside. Bhavani says he will do something. She says whoever goes inside, doesn’t return. She panics and says if something happens to Nikki then how I will handle Piyush. Piyush goes to check Nikki. Aarohi and others try to pacify Sumitra.

Malik says the first Amavasya is going to come, once Nikki completes the ritual, I will get my one body part, and then Nikki will come closer to me. Kapalika tells Malik that if Nikki doesn’t love him with full heart, like she used to love him since many 1000’s of years then.

Nikki burns the rope with which blade is tied, and then she opens the door and gets inside. Saudamini says beauty with brains. Nikki comes near the book and sees Malik’s sign on the book. She says this is the same symbol, this is it. She sees Malik Puran and says she will get all the answers related to Malik in this book, and thinks the voice must be of the guiding angel because of whom she has reached here.

Piyush comes to Nikki’s room and thinks she is sleeping. He sits on the bed and says I shall not doubt you. He thinks she might feel cold due to the cold weather. He puts down the curtain and turns. He looks at the pillows under the blanket and gets shocked. He runs from there, thinking Nikki is in the basement.

Nikki feels pain in her head and holds her head, thinking this is happening due to Malik. Malik tells Kapalika that Nikki is calling him, he is feeling. Nikki touches the book with much difficulty and opens it. Saudamini thinks I got the book which I have been searching for long. A hand comes out from the book and says you want to steal my pages. Bhavani Singh tells Sumitra that he will go through this secret room and open the main door from inside. Piyush comes there and tells Bhavani Singh that he will also come with him. He says Nikki’s life is in danger. They go inside. Prateik tells that Piyush has gone mad. Piyush and Bhavani come down.

Piyush asks Bhavani to open the door and call the soldiers. Aarohi says lets go to the secret door. The hand pulls Nikki’s head in the book. Saudamini wonders what is it? Nikki gets the voice of the guiding angel who asks her to realize her power, says you can return back from the dark world. Nikki opens her and the divine light comes out of her eyes and she comes out of the book and falls down on the floor unconscious, and the book also falls on the other side of the floor. Saudamini looks shocked.

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