Evil Affairs starlife update Tuesday 7 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki telling Sumitra about Malik’s symbol and asks what does it mean? She says I want to know its meaning. Sumitra says there is no meaning and asks her not to over think. Nikki says I am not over thinking, I want questions for my answers. She just notices the same tattoo symbol in the Palace everywhere. She thinks to twist her finger and know about it. She says people will come and tell her about its meaning now.

Vikram brings Saudamini to the balcony and says everywhere it is bhurangarh. Saudamini asks him to open her dress button as she is feeling suffocated. He opens it hesitantly and asks her not to come out of her room, as their ancestors have made traps outside. She thinks she knows how to explore the traps and how to trap people.

Nikki comes to the kitchen and makes Malik’s symbol with haldi. Suguna, Aarohi, Rachna and other ladies come there. They see the sign and gets shocked. Suguna says this is inauspicious. Kapalika tells that Amavasya night will come in few days, and she will make the tasks so difficult for her, that Nikki herself will ask why she is born. She laughs. Aarohi asks why this sign is made here itself. Suguna says to know the book shall be read which is in the basement, written by the ancestors. Aarohi says Malik Puran. Suguna asks her not to take its name and tells that we can’t read it and it is risky for our lives too.

She asks Rachna to clear it. Rachna sits down to wipe it, and the kitchen stuff starts falling down. Aarohi says we shall tell Mummy ji about this. They leave. Nikki thinks what is the power in this? She comes out and collides with Piyush. She falls in his embrace. Song plays……

Piyush asks what khichdi you are making. She says she is not a good chef and Raita is already spread. She says I promised you that I will do something and says I will not do anything. He says I know you very well. She says she wants to get him, but rasmein comes between them. She goes. Piyush thinks she is upto something. Saudamini tries to get the key chain and falls, but she finds just the chain. She asks if there is no pocket watch along with the chain. Vikram says few things have to be kept very safe. He asks her not to go out before going. Saudamini thinks he is hard nut to crack, but he is a man. Rachna comes there and gives map to Saudamini.

Saudamini checks the map and says this blue print is saying that the Palace is more deep inside. Nikki comes out of room and sees Piyush standing. She thinks she herself gave him clue. She comes out of the room through the balcony. She comes to the basement. Saudamini also comes there and hides seeing her. Nikki sees the wall and keeps hand on the statue there, and the wall opens up. Nikki smiles. Saudamini gets impressed with her.

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