Imlie starlife update Monday 11 December 2023

Imlie 11 December 2023: Dhairya brings snack bag to Imlie and says they will go on a pic today, watch a movie, then go to a restaurant, and spend whole day together. Imlie says so that by the time they return home, Atharva and Chini’s engagement would have finished. He says he doesn’t want her to feel pain seeing Atharva’s engagement. Imlie says she has already seen Atharva becoming a groom before and doesn’t mind now, she has moved on and won’t be hurt. She says Atharva himself doesn’t want her to attend his engagement, so she will not.

She goes out to living room. Atharva pulls her towards him and asks why she comes in front of him often when he warned her not to. Imlie says he came in front instead. She jokes if he can’t stay away from her and bumps on her often, says she came to pick her mobile, asks him to get ready for his engagement, and walks away casually listening to music. Athar thinks Imlie left his life 5 years ago and he should forget her.

Imlie returns to her room and writes an emotional poem, teary eyed, listening to music. Kairi knocks her room door. Dhairya notices her and says her princess mamma is unwell and needs rest. Kairi recalls feeding magic water/herbal concoction to Imlie when she gets fever. She says she will get magic water for princess mamma like she got during summer camp and runs to kitchen. Dhairya runs behind her. Kairi climbs a counter top to pick a pan and falls down hitting her head to the floor. She gets severely injured and unconscious. Imlie feels as if her heart stopped beating. Dhairya picks Kairi and rushes to living room. Atharva rushes to her and panics seeing blood.

Kairi is shifted to hospital where doctor informs that Kairi lost blood and needs immediate blood transfusion. He says Kairi has rare B negative blood group which is unavailable at the hospital, so they should arrange it among their relatives. Atharva says his and Kairi’s blood groups are different and requests each family member to donate blood, but everyone say their blood group is different. Devika asks Chini to donate blood as her and Kairi’s blood group must be same. Kairi stands silent. Atharva continues to panic and says he will beg for blood at reception or anyone passing by. Rudra hugs him tightly and tries to comfort him. Atharva looks at Kairi and hears her murmuring princess mamma. He thinks only Imlie can save his daughter now. Imlie feels uneasy and thinks she is nervous because of Atharva’s engagement, he needs to attend it now.

Atharva tells Chini that it’s time to reveal Imlie that Kairi is his mother. Chini stops him. Atharva says he kept Kairi away from Imlie for Kairi’s safety, recalling the incident, and says now he will bring them together for Kairi’s safety. He calls Imlie and finds her number busy. Dhairya tries Imlie’s number, but her phone is in silent mode. He informs Rudra that he tried for blood at the surrounding blood banks and his friends, but couldn’t find. He says he will inform Imlie about Kairi’s condition. Rudra says let is be as Atharva and Devika will not let her meet Kairi. Dhairya says it doesn’t affect Imlie when it’s a question of Kairi. He calls landline and informs Imlie. Imlie rushs towards hospital.

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