Twist of fate update Sunday 10 December 2023

Twist of fate 10 December 2023:  Meera telling Prachi that the kids will come here, and says if you and the kid likes each other then we can give that kid to you. Prachi thinks everyone shall be fine, so that I get my Khushi. The kids come there. Prachi searches for Khushi and sees her coming.

She says Khushi is here and says I know her. She asks if I can take Khushi. Meera asks Khushi if she will go with her. Khushi says yes. Meera says she will do the formalities. Khushi takes Prachi to her room and tells that about the kids there. She says that a couple had come here to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. She tells her that the kids here are special. She goes to get cake piece, which she kept for her. Prachi thinks her daughter sees the bad things and the difficulties of life with a good perspective. Khushi brings cake and tells Prachi that she will make her eat it. She makes her eat. Prachi then makes her eat the cake piece. She then holds her cheeks. Khushi says one more thing and tells that she got the clothes bag, and says there are just new clothes in it.

She says she will eat the chocolate given by Dadi with her and will share all the good things with her. She takes out an envelope and the star and moon pendant and chain come out from it. Prachi gets emotional and recalls making Panchi wear it. She hugs her.

Meera asks Dadi and Shahana if you have filled the form. Dadi and Shahana says yes. Meera says she will check Prachi’s mail. She checks her mail and says there is nothing written in the mail. Shahana asks what? Meera says it is written in form that they are separated, but I thought otherwise. She then says Prachi can’t adopt Khushi, that’s final.

Ranbir is driving the car. Aryan asks what happened? Ranbir says nothing. Pallavi asks if you are thinking about Rhea’s words. Ranbir stops the car and tells that he wants to do the right thing, but give him some time. He says Rhea is right that Prachi shall know, but why don’t you understand that if Prachi comes to know that she will take Panchi from us. He says I wanted to tell this to Prachi first, and was searching her. He says when I saw her, she was with Akshay and my feelings changed and I have decided not to tell her. Pallavi and Dida tell him that he is with him. Aryan says Rhea will not tell anyone. Dida says Ranbir gave her swear.

Ranbir gets down the car and buys icecream and vada pav. He sits in the car, and is about to say..when they say that Khushi likes vada pav. Ranbir laughs. He drives the car.

Prachi tells Khushi that she will take her now itself and they will go home. She says then we will go for shopping and buys clothes, toys etc for you. She says we will call interior designer and will get your room decorated, and will hang moon and star in the room. She shows the locket. Khushi says it is mine and tells that Maayi had told me, but she would never give, don’t know how she has kept this in the bag. Prachi thinks Laali would have thought to get money from parents using it. Khushi makes her meet her new friend.

Prachi tells Khushi that they have a relation, she is her mother. Shahana comes there and asks Prachi to come, and tells that there is a big problem. Prachi asks what? Shahana asks Khushi to come after 5 mins.

Prachi and Shahana come to Meera. Meera says Prachi, I am sorry…we can’t give you a child for adoption. Prachi says why? She reminds Meera of her words and asks then what has happened? Meera asks her to calm down and tells that they have some requirements and if the requirements are met then only they give the child for adoption. Prachi asks if they want donation and says she is ready to give. Meera says donation is given for charity, and you came to adopt the child this way. Prachi says I didn’t mean this and asks Dadi and Shahana to say. Dadi says Prachi didn’t mean this and requests her to give Khushi. Shahana also requests her. Meera says we can’t give the girl as you are separated.

Prachi says what do you mean? She says I have a family, I earn well and have given my tax slips also. She says the kid will get a good upbringing. Meera says we give the kids to both parents, and says if something happens to you, then? Prachi says nothing will happen to me. Meera asks the caretakers to send them out. The lady asks Prachi to go and says if that girl sees you like this, then she will think that you are mad. Khushi looks for Prachi and thinks she has packed her stuff. Prachi tells the lady that she is her mother.

The lady says she understands her feelings and asks her to seek lawyer’s help. The lady informs Khushi that she has gone. Khushi cries and says she had come to take me. Ranbir comes there in the car. Prachi asks the driver to turn the car. Khushi comes out running call Parvati. The driver stops the car after turning the car and stops at the orphanage. Prachi feels Khushi. Ranbir and his family get inside for adoption process.

Ranbir and his family coming to the orphanage. Peon says he will call Meera and her husband Satish, who run this Ashram. Dida says hai and keeps her hand on her chest. Aryan and Pallavi get worried. Dida says she said it as she is happy to meet Khushi. Pallavi says you does a lot of overacting. Ranbir feels Khushi and comes to the garden area of the orphanage. Khushi thinks if parvati will realize that she has left her here after reaching home. Ranbir sees her and comes to her. Khushi is crying and said Parvati has forgotten her. Ranbir kisses on her forehead and says he will be with her always, and has come to take her home. She says Parvati didn’t take me. Ranbir tells her that they will have vada pav at home.

Pallavi and Dida come there and hug her. Aryan takes Khushi in his arms and tells Ranbir that he is called for paper work. Prachi feels bad. Shahana says everything will be fine. Prachi asks them not to say that everything will be fine, as nothing is getting fine. Dadi says when God closes one door, then he opens another door which is better than first door. She says we shall go home and think of the other way. Prachi thinks whenever I feel that everything will be fine, and I will bring my daughter home, then why did this happen.

Ranbir meets Meera. Meera asks her to fill the form. Ranbir asks if I can adopt Khushi. Meera says I met your family, they are good. She says a strange thing happened, we can’t tell about one parent to another parent, but a lady had come who is good and kindhearted, and she belongs to a rich family, but…Just then an employee comes and tells Meera that Satish gave her file to check. Ranbir waits for her to say. She asks him to fill the form. He fills the form and returns it to Meera. Meera asks him to write his wife’s name. Ranbir says it is not important.

Meera says it is important to meet your wife before handing over the child to you. Ranbir says my wife and I are separated. Meera asks what? She asks what happened to people, and says they shall get married and have children. She says you can’t adopt any girl, leave Khushi. Ranbir says Khushi will get love of all the family members, and says he will be marrying Rhea soon. He says he has promised Khushi that he will take her today. Meera asks him to get married first and then come. She asks someone to call his family and closes the file.

Rhea thinks of Ranbir saying that Khushi is Panchi. She says when she heard, she was very happy, it is a miracle coming true, she is feeling bad as she couldn’t tell the truth to her sister. She says she deserve to hear the truth. Dadi asks Prachi to come inside and have food. Prachi says she is not hungry. Dadi says if you don’t hear me, then I will call Rhea. Prachi says no, and says she don’t want Rhea to know that Khushi is Panchi, and says she will tell this to Ranbir. Prachi and Rhea call each other at the same time.

Rhea calls Prachi then and asks how are you? Prachi thinks I can’t tell you the truth, though you are Panchi’s maasi. Rhea says I called to inform you that….She then recalls Ranbir giving her swear and stops herself. She says I am missing you. Prachi says even I am missing you and will meet you soon. Rhea ends the call and thinks one side is Ranbir and other side is Prachi, what to do, I love them both, they are important to me.

Ranbir asks Meera, what you are saying? He says many people adopt the child without getting married. He asks why my marital status matters, if I am earning well. Meera calls a guy and asks him to handle him. She says it is the second case since morning, even that lady was separated from her husband and I refused her. She says even he is separated. Ranbir says I will get married and your criteria will be fulfilled. The guy asks him to go. Ranbir says I will not go and says I will not go until I take my daughter from here, and asks who are you to stop me, and says I am her biological father, my blood and my DNA matches with her. He says I will not go until I take Khushi, I have right on her.

Aryan gives chocolate to Khushi. Khushi asks if I am bad. Pallavi says no. Khushi says I thought Parvati loves me, but she has forgotten me. Dida says Parvati can forget the world, but not you, she loves you the most, and we all love you the most. Pallavi says you are dear to us, and says we are sorry to leave you here, and says we will take you home. Pallavi says nobody loves me, and Parvati don’t love me, and even you will leave me here, She says Maayi didn’t love me like Mumma and God ji left me alone in this world, there is nobody for me in this world. Pallavi says we are your family, you are not alone.

She says Dadi is you Badi Dadi and Shiv is your Papa. She hugs her and says we are your family, you are our daughter. Khushi asks if I am yours. Pallavi says you was lost in childhood, but now got united us. She says we didn’t know that you was alive, now we will never leave you. She hugs her. Dadi says we will keep you happy always. Pallavi says we all love you a lot. Dida says your Papa Ranbir loves you a lot. Aryan says even I love you a lot. Khushi asks them not to leave her alone and says I have to live with Shiv and Parvati. Dida says we don’t know about Parvati, but we will not leave you. Pallavi hugs her and says she will love her a lot. The lady asks them to come to the office and says it is urgent. Khushi asks them not to go. The lady says it is urgent and says the girl is not yours yet. She holds Khushi’s hand and asks her to come. Pallavi, Dida and Aryan are shocked to see the lady’s bad behavior.

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