Unfortunate love update Friday 9 December 2022

Unfortunate love 9 December 2022: Malishka worries and thinks Rishi might have caught Balwinder and made him speak the truth by truth. She thinks she shall not think negative, and thinks if she shall call balwinder, and then decides not to call him with the fear of getting caught.

Rishi and Lakshmi come home. Malishka thinks they have come, but they are looking normal, if they didn’t come to know about the truth. She asks Rishi why did he go after an attack on him. She then asks Lakshmi why did she take him with her, so that attack happens on him again and she saves his life and becomes great again. Rishi asks what is this way to talk to her. Malishka says if that attacker return to kill you. Lakshmi asks why are you staying back, to know if that attacker is caught?

Rishi says yes, if you want to know about him. Malishka says I was worried for you and want to know about the attacker/murderer. She asks if you know him. Rishi says no and tells that once he/she do a mistake we will catch him/her. Malishka thinks to be silent and tells Rishi that she is happy that he is safe and there is nothing important to her. She asks Rishi to take care and says he is very important to her. She hugs him, says good night and goes. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come, and says he will apply ointment to her. Lakshmi says she didn’t get the big injury.

Malishka comes to her house. Balwinder holds Malishka from behind. Malishka slaps him and asks how dare you to touch Rishi and wanted to snatch my life, and was making my love go away from me.

Balwinder says you was about to ruin my life, I had told you and your father now. He says first you was behind Lakshmi and now me. Malishka says I bought you to send Lakshmi to jail and not to kill her, and what you was doing, you was killing Rishi. Balwinder says he didn’t die, and calls her chameleon. Malishka says you gave me wrong pendrive and calling me chameleon. Balwinder says he did that intentionally. He asks her not to have enmity with him and says it will be problematic then.

He asks for her help, and tells that Rishi had beaten him up, tells that he has taken clothes from mechanic garage and asks her to make arrangements for her stay. Malishka asks if he has gone mad? Balwinder says I will stay in this room. Malishka asks him to go. Balwinder asks her to keep her make up stuff and tells that it will be used in jail. Malishka asks if you are threatening me. Balwinder says I am your partner and we will help each other. Malishka says fine, I will help you. she asks him to stay in his limits. She says you can stay here, if you give me pendrive.

Balwinder checks in his pocket and tells that don’t know where it fell down. He says he didn’t see the pendrive, just had kept it with him for his safety. Malishka asks have you gone mad? Lakshmi calls Rishi. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi asks if it is yours. Rishi says no, but it is used in our hotels. Lakshmi says if it fell down from the thief who stole it. Balwinder asks what is in that pendrive? Malishka says it is our death warrant.

Lakshmi says the pendrive was stolen and tells that the thief must have thrown it. Rishi says may be Balwinder had it. He goes to get laptop. Malishka says it fell down near the Ravan effigy ground, and gets worried. She gets worried thinking someone might get it. Lakshmi and Rishi play the pendrive. Lakshmi says it is a big proof which can prove us innocent. Rishi says now we know who is the real criminal. Malishka takes Balwinder to the guest room. Balwinder gets happy seeing the lavish room. He asks for the drink.

Malishka says you can stay here? Balwinder says I can get one murder every month for you and will stay here for all life. Malishka says you can stay here for sometime. She warns him and asks him to stay in limits, else she will tell Neelam. She asks him again if he has pendrive. Balwinder swears on Kiran and then on his mother. Malishka worries if Lakshmi gets the pendrive. She asks him to stay in the room hiding. Balwinder says I don’t get sleep in night alone. Malishka slaps him. He asks why did you slap me, I don’t sleep without drinking. Malishka asks him to open the almira and drink. He thinks of his words and thinks she misunderstood him. He drinks wine.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that God gave them this pendrive, as their heart is clear. Lakshmi says we got the real criminal. Malishka thinks this pendrive will be my life’s threat, and hopes Lakshmi don’t get the pendrive. She sees the broken star and says they shall not see the pendrive and if they see, then also they shall not know about me. Lakshmi tells Rishi that they shall give the pendrive to Police. Rishi says we have faced so much because of that criminal and says he will punish the criminal.

He says he will get the dreams of 7 births jail rather than 7 births relation. Malishka thinks she shall think about Rishi and her, so that she gets dream about him that they are together for 7 births. She tries to sleep and lies down on the bed .

Next day, Ahana comes to Neelam and Virender and says there is a big good news. Karishma comes there and says I will say. She tells that the criminal is found. They both say at the same time. Neelam and Virender ask what you said? Dadi says she will say and tells that Rishi went to the PS. Karishma asks if good news is told like this. She tells that the real criminal is found and Rishi’s innocence is proved, he is freed without any problems. Virender thanks God. He says now they will be proved innocent. Neelam says our name will be saved now. She asks how this has happened? Dadi says who can do miracle, as there is one person who can do this? Neelam says yes, our son Rishi. Dadi says no, Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi.

Shalu seeing Rishi with Malishka in the inauguration. She doesn’t see Malishka and thinks jiju didn’t want Di to come, as he wanted to go with this girl. Lakshmi reaches there and asks the people to move. Just then her slipper breaks and she stands behind. Rishi inaugurates the showroom with Malishka and gets inside. Lakshmi thinks Rishi has to inaugurate without me here. Malishka and Rishi are taking pics, while she is hugging him. Lakshmi doesn’t see her.

Dadi, Neelam and Karishma come home. Dadi asks Neelam to call Lakshmi. Ahana says Lakshmi bhabhi went to Gracious showroom’s ribbon cutting ceremony with Rishi. Karishma gets shocked. Shalu reaches there and sees Lakshmi standing out. She asks are you fine? Lakshmi says Rishi was here, I had reached, but

someone pushed and my slipper broke. She says he had to inaugurate alone. Shalu says I had seen, he had inaugurated with a girl and he has an affair with some girl, and then he hugged her too. Lakshmi says it must be a misunderstanding. Malishka and Rishi tell Uncle that they will leave. Uncle thanks them for coming. Rishi and Malishka are about to leave. Shalu shows the pics to Lakshmi. Lakshmi watches them and says no. Shalu says there is nothing like you are thinking. She says it happens in the city, not in our village. She says Rishi’s friends hugged him, even in his birthday party.

She says there is nothing like that. Shalu says why he didn’t call you even after reaching here, and haven’t told that you was with a girl – friend. She asks if friends hug like this? She asks her to believe her, and says he might be still inside, come with me. Rishi and Malishka are coming there, when someone brings the board and Lakshmi and Shalu couldn’t see them. Rishi and Malishka go from there. Lakshmi says love is trust.

Shalu says there are many feelings of love and asks why you are not feeling the fear of losing love. She says the happiness which you gets to find love, there will be much more fear for losing love. She asks her to love him, but don’t have a blind faith. Lakshmi says what are you saying? Shalu says I can’t see you blindly believing and says if you come to know that he likes someone else, then how you will feel.

Lakshmi says then I will feel bad. Shalu says world is not like you, if that witch traps jiju then. Karishma calls Malishka and thinks her phone is constantly out of reach. She thinks if she shall inform everyone. Lakmi says may be. Shalu says lets go inside and see. Lakshmi says I will call Rishi. She calls Rishi and asks where is he? Rishi says he was in the meeting and didn’t see her call. She says you have reached home so soon. He says the inauguration was cancelled so I reached home, then has meetings lined up.

He asks if she has any work and tells that he is in the meeting. Shalu makes her see Rishi as he goes in his car. Lakshmi ends the call. Shalu says we shall see the girl’s face, but they couldn’t see Malishka’s face. She says some girl was with jiju and she must be trapping him. Lakshmi says she can’t make Rishi lie. She says he lied with his wish, this is not right, something is really wrong.

She wipes her tears and thinks we shall find out who is that girl and why Rishi lied to me. Shalu takes her in auto and asks driver to follow the car.
Karishma calls Malishka and asks if they are still there. Malishka says they left from event and are going to office. She says she will call her after reaching office. Lakshmi and Shalu reach office behind Rishi and Malishka’s car. Lakshmi says I will only talk to him. She asks how do you know about love. Shalu says I will tell later. Jennifer comes to the office to thank Rishi for the inauguration. Receptionist asks her to wait. Shalu sees Jennifer and tells Lakshmi that it was her.

Malishka thanks Karishma for informing her and is wearing some other dress. She says Lakshmi is here. Karishma asks her not to admit about loving Rishi. Lakshmi asks Malishka if they are having an affair. Malishka is shocked and thinks thank God, Jennifer is here and is wearing the similar gown, now Lakshmi will doubt her.

Lakshmi says due to you, Rishi and I are together. She says you are the way to unite Rishi and me, and now even I have relation with you, of a friend. She says you are good and think good about me always. She says you are Rishi’s friend and was with him in college too.

Malishka says Rishi will never do anything like that, you are misunderstanding him. Lakshmi says I don’t doubt unnecessarily and trust him more than myself. She says I can’t tell this to anyone at home, and says everyone will feel bad thinking that their son. She says Rishi lied to me. Malishka hides her gown behind the sofa. Lakshmi says he was in the jewellery store and went from infront of me.

She says I am not stupid, I don’t think why Rishi will do this, he can’t have an affair, lie and betrayal. He is good. Malishka says Rishi is an one woman man and asks her to trust her. Lakshmi says I want to talk to that girl once and asks her to help her catch her. Jennifer comes out. Lakshmi says you and asks if you are having an affair with my husband? Malishka asks Jennifer to go from there. She tells Lakshmi that she is a salesgirl and asks how she can have affair with Rishi. Lakshmi says if she is not, then who was that girl. She asks Malishka to help her catch that girl.

Lakshmi asking Malishka to help her and says you know all his friends. Malishka says I don’t feel that he is having an affair, but as you insist, I will help you. She asks her to go home. Lakshmi thanks her and says my heart says that you are the only one, who will move that girl from Rishi and my lives and will unite us. Malishka is shocked. Ahana calls Lakshmi and says Neelam is asking about you.

Lakshmi says I am coming home. She hugs Malishka and thanks her. Shalu asks Lakshmi if she met her. Lakshmi says she was some other girl. Shalu looks at Malishka and takes Lakshmi from there, asks did you tell everything to Malishka? Lakshmi says she is now my friend and we are together because of her. Shalu says just because she saved you from falling, you think anything. She asks her to talk to Rishi. Lakshmi says I will go home and talk to him there.

Malishka comes to Rishi’s cabin and says where are you? She comes to Ayush and asks where is Rishi? Ayush says he is with Mama. Malishka is about to go. Ayush says he went out with Mama and will go to his wife. Malishka gets angry. Ayush goes. Malishka thinks to tell Rishi that Lakshmi is doubtful on him.

Lakshmi thinks of Shalu’s words and Rishi’s lie. Ahana comes to Lakshmi and asks her if she is fine. Lakshmi says yes. Ahana asks her to come out as Neelam is calling her. Lakshmi hears Rishi and keeps the photos in the cupboard. Rishi sees Lakshmi hiding something and asks her. Lakshmi says what you are hiding from me. Neelam comes there and takes Lakshmi with her. Rishi thinks why she behaved strangely as if she is upset with me. Virender comes to Lakshmi and insists to talk to her. Neelam goes.

Virender asks if she got upset with you, then call her father. Lakshmi says you are complaining about her unnecessarily. Virender says our marriage is strong as I am her father’s favorite. Lakshmi praises Neelam and says she loves you. Virender says I shall be your favorite always. Lakshmi hugs him. Virender says don’t call Nana ji, tell me instead. Lakshmi is going to Neelam and thinks if I shall tell Bau ji about Rishi. She thinks to tell him later.

Karishma comes downstairs and sees so many gifts and jewellery kept on the table. She asks why so much arrangements is done. Neelam says we do this every year. Karishma says what is the use of doing karwachauth with our friends’ circles and says everyone will praise her to be good bahu, celebrating karwachauth.

Dadi asks what is the problem? Karishma says problem will happen, when Rishi divorces her after a year and we kick out Rishi. Dadi taunts her. Neelam tells Karishma that she can’t raise a question on her decision. She asks Dadi why they keep fast? Dadi says for husband’s long life. Neelam says Lakshmi is Rishi’s wife and she is shield of him, and she will bear it and will increase her husband’s life. She says if she does it with heart then it will benefit Rishi, and that’s why I want to be happy.

She says I got her married to him, to save his life and asks how you have thought that I will not let her keep fast for Rishi. She says I am just thinking about his present. Dadi asks Karishma to bring her charger and says battery is dead. Karishma sees Lakshmi standing there and goes. Dadi asks Lakshmi to sit. Karishma thinks what will happen if Lakshmi don’t keep fast, she is saving him due to her strong kundali. She says they want to make her bahu, and it is difficult to understand Malishka too.

Malishka thanks Karishma and says Lakshmi had seen Rishi with a girl and not with me. Malishka’s mom Kiran opens the door. Malishka hugs her and says hi mom. Karishma asks her to make her talk to her mom. Kiran says hi. Karishma says she had gone to temple. Kiran says she came late night. Karishma says I want to talk to you, as Malishka is not understanding. Malishka asks her to put call on loudspeaker. Karishma says Lakshmi will be keeping fast for Rishi, and Neelam is melting for her, soon Rishi will accept Lakshmi as his wife. Malishka takes the call and asks Kiran to relax.

Dadi tells Lakshmi that Neelam keeps nirjala vrat for Karwachauth. Lakshmi says she has brought Karwa’s pic and has done all the arrangements. Dadi says she is like you. Neelam says I know and gives some stuff to Lakshmi asking her to get ready. Lakshmi gets emotional taking the stuff and is teary eyes. Dadi asks why did you get emotional? Lakshmi tells about an old lady sending these stuff for her mother. Neelam asks her to think that she is her mother. Lakshmi says you are my mother only, and has given me new life. Neelam says sargi shall come from your mayka and asks her to call Rano. Malishka tells Karishma that Rishi is just hers, and asks her not to think all that. She asks her not to tell this infront of mom. Karishma says I told you truth, rest is your wish.

Malishka looks at the love band. Kiran asks if everything is ok. Malishka says yes. Kiran says until you both have understanding. Malishka says Rishi loves me and even takes breaths for me. She thinks to inform Rishi about Lakshmi. He gets a call and says I will call you later. He thinks to talk to her himself.

Neha thinks Preeti called and says I will break your mouth. Neelam says I am Neelam on the call. Neha says I will call Mom. Rano comes there and says you have long age, we were talking about you and you called. Neelam asks Rano to send sargi as it shall come from mayka. Rano says I will send. Neelam asks her to keep on time and says I don’t want my bahu to remain hungry. Rano says I will get it from market and then tells that she will make it herself and will send at 5 am. Neelam tells Lakshmi that Rano will send and said she will made herself. Lakshmi says now Chachi has to wake up early. Neha scolds Rano for promising to make sargi. Rano says I will tell them that I couldn’t wake up and then Lakshmi has to keep fast without having sargi and water. Neha gets happy.


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