Imlie starlife update Saturday 10 December 2022


Imlie 10 December 2022: Pankaj offers medicine to Aparna when she writhes in pain after having chillies during best bahu competition. Imlie with Adi walks into their room holding trophy. Pankaj walks out fuming. Aparna asks if she dared to enter her room. Imlie says she brought honey for her. Aparna says she came to provoke her and asks her to set her shop somewhere else instead of her room. Adi’s boss gets terrorists arrested and over phone informs him about the incident and main goon Jugnu escaping with Adi’s photo and warning him to be careful. Adi thanks him for informing and thinks he is not bothered about himself, but what if terrorists reach his family and harm them. Aparna says she will not forgive Imlie for lying and betraying her, so she can get out of her room with her trophy.

Imlie keeps trophy aside and says she doesn’t need it and just needs her love, she insists her to have some honey. Aparna denies. Malini enters and offers her honey. Aparna calms down seeing her. Malini says mom informed what happened during competition, she got worried for her and came uninformed. Aparna says she can even have poison from her bahu. Imlie thanks Malini and walks aside. Aparna asks Malini why didn’t she inform them about Adi and Imlie’s relationship when she knew about it, she dreamt of Malini becoming her bahu since 7 years, but Malini left her breaking their relationship. Malini says she has bonding with her, but Adi doesn’t love her and hence its better she left. Aparna says Adi is infatuated with Imlie and has fallen in her trap and once he gets back into his senses, he will be back to Malini.

Imlie thinks Aparna is telling this in anger, but Malini will calm her down. She goes searching Adi.Adi walks out of house. Imlie also walks out and thinks she thought Adi came out, but there is no one here. Terrorists kidnap Adi and stuff him in a bag. She sees a truck and Terrorists loading a bag and asks why they have parked their truck here. Terrorist says someone ordered vegetables, they are going. She then asks Sundar if he saw Adi. He says Adi was speaking over phone here and rushes to kitchen. She finds Adi’s mobile ringing and picks it. Boss asks Adi to leave the house with his family as terrorists know his location. She realizes Adi is kidnapped and shouts his name. Kidnappers torture Adi in their den. Adi asks kidnappers if they work for Tiwari, he will not spare them.

Kidnappers punch and warn him and walk away to inform someone that they kidnapped Adi.Imlie cries after informing family about Adi’s kindap while Rupali and Pallavi console her. Malini consoles Aparna. Radha comments Adi got into trouble since Imlie came in his life. Rupali says Adi got into trouble due to his job and not Imlie. Pallavi says its time to console Imlie than alleging her. Nishant returns and informs that police arrested terrorists. Pankaj asks who kidnapped Adi then. Anu over phone speaks to kidnapper and says she didn’t know he is so efficient. Kidnapper says he can kill anyone with the money she gave and asks if he should kill Adi. Anu asks him to brutally torture Adi as she wants to hear him shouting in pain, but not kill him.

Tripathi family visit police station and plead inspector to find Adi soon. Imlie cries to bring back her husband. Senior inspector hears her and asks if she is Adi’s wife. Aparna says Malini is Adi’s wife and Imlie is just their servant, she is a dust which wants to touch sky unsuccessfully. Radha says Imlie is rebel Satakyam’s relative and must have got Adi kidnapped via him. Nishant asks her not to allege Imlie. Imlie accepts that Satyakam is her dadda and loves Adi a lot, so he will not kidnap Adi. Inspector orders constable to arrest Imlie. Nishant and others ask not to do that. Malini also stops him. Inspector says her husband is kidnapped and they cannot blindly trust Imlie by her words, so they need to arrest Imlie. Constables drag Imlie to interrogation room.

Nishant and Rupali shout at elders for getting Imlie arrested and venting out their anger on her. Malini calls Dev and asks him to reach police station soon. Inspector questions Imlie what is her plan, why is she calling herself as Adi’s wife while Adi’s wife from a respected family is already present here. Imlie says she is not lying. Inspector asks if she has any marriage certificate or photo. Adi orders kidnappers to free him and he will speak to police and less their punishment. Goons brutally trash him. Inspector threatens Imlie to inform where are Adi and Satyakam. Imlie cries that she doesn’t lie. Dev tells Malini that he is reaching soon. Anu asks what happened.

He informs that someone kidnapped Adi and police is doubting Imlie. Anu acts and thinks after a long time, her wish is fulfilling, Adi and servant are both trapped. She requests Dev to take her along as she wants to help Tripathis. He agrees. She thinks she watches her show in front row and cannot miss it.Imlie returns after police interrogation. Rupali and Pallavi ask if she is fine. Inspector says he interrogated this girl and doesn’t feel she is involved in Adi’s kidnap. Rupali confronts Aparna and Radha that they knew Imlie innocent, but they lied to inspector and made him interrogate Imlie. Pankaj asks what is their mistake when Imlie’s house is full of criminals, she should thank them that they didn’t complain against her for forceful marriage.


Harish says this girl shamelessly calls herself as Adi’s wife. Imlie feels bad hearing that. Anu rushes to Malini showing her fake concern. Malini asks why didn’t papa come. Anu says Daadi fell ill, so he took her to hospital but will come soon. She tells senior Tripathis that she can understand their condition as their son is kidnapped and his life is in danger. She gets a call, goes aside, and speaks to kidnapper. Kidnapper sends her video of torturing Adi. Anu watches it when Imlie walks to her and says she heard Adi’s voice. Anu asks what nonsense, she hears Adi’s voice everywhere. Imlie says she hasn’t changed a bit but showed her fake concern to Aparna today, that means she has kidnapped Adi for sure.

She insists Anu to show her phone and tries to snatch it. Anu resists. Malini stops Imlie and asks how dare she is to misbehave with her mom. Imlie asks her to check Anu’s photo as she has kidnapped Adi. Anu warns her to behave with her mother as she saw her mom standing silently and Imlie snatching her phone; when Imlie doesn’t let anyone disrespect her mother, why she is disrespecting other’s mother. She shows a comedy video on family group and says mom was watching this; warns Imlie if she cannot handle her husband properly, she shouldn’t allege other for that. She walks away while Imlie stands crying. Back in car, Anu thanks Malini for supporting her and not trusting Imlie.

Malini sends driver out and asks her to give her phone as she didn’t want to insult her in front of Imlie. She checks Aditya’s torture video and asks her to take her to Adi right now.Imlie prays Seeta Maiya and questions her if she is responsible for the problems in Adi’s life and if she is a foot dust, she is sure she heard Adi’s voice in Anu’s mobile, etc. Anu takes Malini to kidnapper’s den where they see goons being tied instead. Anu asks what happened here. Kidnappers inform that Anand Bhai’s goons took him away. Anu asks who is Anand Bhai. Malini shouts that she doesn’t read the news, Adi had published Anand’s news today, she put Adi’s life into trouble, etc. Anu asks what will they do now. Malini says she will inform the police everything and let them handle the situation.

Anu pleads not to take her name as she did this for her to take revenge from Adi and Imlie for ruining her daughter’s happiness. Malini shouts she cannot be happy seeing Adi in trouble, when will she stop interfering in Adi and Imlie’s lives, and if something happens to Adi, she will not forgive herself. Anu says she didn’t know situation will go out of hands. Malini prays for Adi’s life.Anand’s men brutally torture Adi. Adi asks goon if he is terrorist Anand’s supporter Jugnu. Another goon hits him ordering him to call Anand bhai with respect. Jugnu says he is Anant’s supporter and Adi ruined many people’s lives that everyone is behind him, they will not kill him as his life is important to them.

At Tripathi house, Nishant informs that Adi is kidnapped by terrorist Anand and only government can help now. Aparna cries hearing that. Imlie tries to call Satyakam dadda. Pankaj stops him and says already they are in trouble and she want sto call another criminal here. Imlie says dadda is a rebel and not a terrorist. Pankaj says they don’t need any more trouble. Imlie says she will seek any politician’s help and will get back Adi somehow. She walks towards door when Malini walks in and tells Tripathi family that she is on their side and will help them get back Adi. Imlie thanks her for coming. Malini says her father is in contact with government officials and Imlie cannot get help by pleading any politician. Imlie says she will break the rules than breaking her bangles and will risk her life to protect her husband. Malini says Adi is not only her husband.

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