Imlie starlife update Thursday 8 December 2022


Imlie 8 December 2022: Malini waits for KC’s call and thinks he will not call her as she rudely behaved with him and reminisces the event. KC also reminiscing the event tries to delete crazy lady Malini’s number, but fails and thinks of calling her. Malini while studying reads Kunal Chauhan instead of Prithvi Raj Chauhan and thinks he is getting over her mind and hence she should talk to him. She calls him while KC also call her at the same time and find each other’s number busy. KC then calls landline. Malini picks call. He nervously asks if he can speak to Malini. She says speaking. He says its him and apologizes for being rude. She apologizes him instead for being rude and pleads not to stop taking to her and continue her case as a lawyer or friend at least.

He agrees and asks if she is sure about it. She agrees. He says tomorrow its her and Adi’s final divorce counseling session. She gets disheartened hearing that. He says she is still unsure about her divorce. She says she is and asks him to go ahead. She then calls Adi to inform him about the counseling session, but he is busy dance practicing with Imlie for her best bahu competition and doesn’t pick her call.Tripathi family visits competition venue for the next round of competition. Rupali wishes Adi and Imlie all the best for their couple dance competition.

Renu also wishes her bahu to perform well. Anu walks to Aparna and Radha and taunts them that they were boasting about their servant and did wrong to Malini, now they realized what really their servant is. Aparna says she doesn’t have any answer for her questions now; she had alerted them about Imlie first, but they didn’t understand it. Anu says they should do something to prove that they are in Malini’s favor. Dance competition starts. Other couples perform first on stage. Malini reaches Tripathi House to inform Adi about the counseling session when he doesn’t pick calls. Sundar opens door and informs that whole Tripathi family has gone to attend a dance competition. Malini fumes hearing that and thinks how can they go to watch a dance competition. Sundar says they are participating and he is going there. Malini walks towards her car.

Imlie tells Adi that she forgot Aparna’s ghungru and cannot perform without Aparna’s blessings. Adi goes home to bring them. Aparna and Radha follow him. Adi seeing Malini asks what is she doing here. Malini reminds him about their last divorce counseling session. He says he forgot. She says KC is waiting for them at the session venue. He says he cannot come as Imlie and his dance performance will start in 5 minutes. Malini asks if he is out of his mind. He says she doesn’t know the exact issue and this competition is most important for Imlie, asks her to wait for sometime and goes to his room to bring ghungroo. Aparna and Radha lock the door from outside and return to competition venue. Adi knocks door and seeks help.

Host calls Adi and Imlie next. Family requests for some time as Adi went home. Renu’s bahu taunts Imlie that everyone left her including her husband. Pallavi supports Imlie. Anu says if Tripathis cannot value time, they should be disqualified.Anu says competition and its rules are equal for everyone and hence they can’t wait for Imlie’s husband. She says looks like Imlie’s husband doesn’t want to come in front and is hiding somewhere, so they should disqualify Tripathis if they don’t come on time. Adi continues knocking his door. Malini fumes when Adi doesn’t return. KC calls her and asks why didn’t she and Adi didn’t reach the counseling venue yet.

Malini angrily says Adi will not come as she called him many times and he didn’t even pick her call or reply back, she came to his house and informed him and even then he didn’t come. He asks why did she go to Adi’s house even after his warning. She says she is not in a mood to hear scolding, this divorce is more important to Adi and if he is not interested, let him face the wrath. Sundar opens Adi’s room door and asks who locked him inside the room.Imlie murmurs something in Nishant’s ears and dances on stage on Radha Kaise Na Jale.. song mimicking both herself and Adi. Her 3 supporters Nishant, Pallavi and Rupali get happy seeing that.

After dance performance finishes, everyone clap for Imlie. Malini over phone explains Kunal about Adi’s rude behavior when Adi blames her for locking his room door and walks away shouting just because he didn’t accompany her to counseling session, she locked the door. He walks away not leaving Malini in shock. Host praises Imlie’s performance. Anu stops him, walks on stage, tells Imlie that her wish of dancing on stage is fulfilled, but she cannot without her husband’s support and hence she should get down the stage. Adi reaches there followed by Malini. Imlie replies Anu that a husband and wife sometimes separate for some work; though babu saheb didn’t perform with her, he truly loves her and they will be together always.


Judge says Imlie’s performance was unique, but she didn’t follow the rules and hence lost today’s competition. Another judge backs her. Anu smirks. Judge announces Renu’s son Sankalp and bahu Prachi as winners. They rejoice. Adi apologizes Imlie for losing because of him. Imlie says their togetherness matters to her and not this win or loss.Anu seeing Malini walks to her and asks what is she doing here. Malini says she came here regarding divorce formalities, but what is she doing in this competition even after warning not to interfere in Adi and Imlie’s lives. Anu says she came here for her. Malini says she knows to handle her life. Adi says which she has already proven it, she locked him in a room just for a small issue, she won her battle and Imlie lost.

Malini stands confused and shocked. Adi walks away saying she looks her mom’s daughter than his friend today. Anu takes her away. Renu taunts Aparna that her naukrani/servant, sorry bahu rani performed really well, she should accept her naukrani as bahu now, etc. Aparna and Radha feel humiliated and think its good that they locked Adi in room. Aparna says she used to lock Adi in a room in childhood and ask her to think where he went wrong. Imlie’s supporters Nishant, Pallavi and Rupali hear them and ask why did they do that. Adi joins them and says he didn’t expect this from them, he thought they will not support him but didn’t know they would stoop so low. Aparna says he betrayed and hurt her feelings, she is his mother and can go to any extent; if he can be stubborn and betray, even she can; she is not stone hearted and understands love, she loves her husband and son immensely, but had to betray her son because of servant Imlie; her family is most important to her and can do anything for them.

Imlie cries that she is doing it for family and if she is not happy if she wins, will she be happy if she brings her a trophy. Aparna says wants to see trophy in her bahus’ Malini and Pallavi’s hands, she wouldn’t like Imlie stepping into her house. Adi says Imlie is fighting Anu and likes for the family and Aparna knows that Imlie is working hard to win the competition and pave her way in family’s heart. Aparna says she didn’t ask Imlie to win the competition, let her go back to her village, whatever she tries, she cannot win her heart. She walks away with Radha.

Adi feels guilty for wrongly accusing Malini. Imlie says Malini is supporting them since the beginning, he should apologize her. Anu fumes that Adi is a thankless and shameless creature and servant is trying to snatch other’s rights. Malini says mom. Anu says she doesn’t even want to fight and serve her life in plate; people are blaming her for her false affair and Adi blamed Imlie’s loss on her shamelessly. Adi and Imlie walk to Malini. Anu says these 2 shameless so called friend and sister will not accept her sacrifice, one who doesn’t accept a father will never accept her mistake and a friend never accuses another friend blindly, they will use her and forget. Adi requests Malini to listen to him once. Anu asks Malini to listen to her friend’s fake apology, but she will not waste time and go home. Adi apologizes Malini. Malini walks away.

Back home, Imlie feels today was really a bad day for her. Adi voice messages Malini apologizing her and requesting her to call back. Imlie asks if Malini didn’t pick his call yet. He says she didn’t reply to his call or message, he misunderstood and wrongly accused her in anger while she always supported him. Imlie says its okay, she will apologize Malini when she goes to college. Adi says this time its different, Malini will not forgive him this time as he tarnished their friendship. Malini returns home fuming and thinks which friend accuses another friend like this and remembering Anu’s words thinks just because she silently left Adi’s house, he thinks she will tolerate his every mistake.

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