My desire update Friday 28 July 2023

My desire 28 July 2023: Rudra calls a technician to repair Roohi’s phone. Technican says is completely spoilt and unrepairable. Roohi feels sad that they lost their only video evidence and they can’t expose Armaan’s truth in front of Preesha now. Rudra says they will find some other evidence and says if Armaan is mentally stable, then they will have a fake attack on him and expose him in front of Preesha when he fears for his life and acts as an adult. Saransh asks how will they do that. Rudra explains his plan.

Rudra organizes Roohi’s birthday party and calls event organizer for the arrangments. Preesha thinks why is he planning party for the kids. Sharda asks Rudra what is he planning. Rudra says he is planning his princess’ birthday party. Sharda says Roohi’s birthday party is over. Rudra says he wasn’t present then and wants to fulfill his princess’ each wish.

Rudra then visits Preesha for the party and says she can bring even Armaan along as he can enjoy with the kids. Armaan feels excited hearing about party. Preesha agrees. Pihu asks Rudra why did he invite Preesha. Rudra says he invited Armaan instead as he will enjoy with kids and Preesha will accompany Armaan as his guardian. Pihu asks if he is sure this is the only reason behind. Rudra says yes. He winks at Saransh and Roohi. Party starts in the evening. Roohi sits in a corner sadly. Rudra with Saransh walks to her and asks reason. Roohi hopes their plan works and they are able to expose Armaan. Preesha walks down with Armaan and wishes her happy birthday. Roohi thanks him. Armaan thinks why is Roohi acting so sweet, something is going in her mind.

Sharda calls Roohi to come and cut the cake. Roohi cuts cake and feeds it to Rudra and Saransh. Preesha stands aside emotional. Rudra sends her a cake via a servant. She eats cake. Rudra asks if she is feeling good that her kid and his kids are playing. Preesha says Armaan is not her child. Rudra says she behaves with Armaan like her own kid. Rudra says she will not speak to him as he always posters her. He holds her and cleans her lips. Tere Naam Sei Hi Roshan Mera Hai Jahan.. song plays in the background. Pihu and Armaan get jealous seeing that and think what is Rudra doing. Saransh Rudra will spoil his own plan. Preesha asks Rudra what is he doing. Rudra says he is being a good father and clean his children’s mother’s lips. She stamps him and walks way.

Saransh laughs on Rudra and says he knows mamma doesn’t like all that. Saransh says they should execute their plan carefully. A clown entertains kids. He sets up a bouncy house and asks kids to join him. Armaan hesitates. Roohi thinks her plan will fail if Armaan doesn’t come up and insists him. Preesha sends Armaan up. Armaan fumes that he has to do all this nonsense. Clown fixes bomb jacket to Armaan and announces that he has fixed a bomb in Armaan’s jacket and threatens to blast it if someone comes near them.

A clown fixes bomb in Armaan’s jacket and demands 1 crore Rs cash within 15 minutes to spare him. Armaan pleads Preesha aunty sto save him and thinks if Rudra and his children have planned this. Rudra thinks he has planned it and hopes he runs and exposes himself. Armaan recalls Pihu alerting him that Rudra is planning something to expose him. Clown sets bomb timer and says kiddy Armaan would blast if they don’t give him money in 15 minutes. Preesha thinks she can’t know where her son is if Armaan dies and promises clown to arrange 1 crore rs. She pleads Rudra to give her 1 crore rs. Rudra say why would he save evil Armaan and even if he wants to, he cannot arrange 1 crore rs in 15 minutes.

Rudra recalls arranging a fake bomb to threaten Armaan and expose him. He thinks let the Armaan start running and let everyone know that he is acting as kid. Preesha packs all her jewelry and money to give it to the clown in exchange of Armaan’s life. Armaan thinks if he should run and expose himself or wait. Clown asks to send all the kids out. Preesha offers him jewelry and money and says its worth 25 lakh rs, she will pay him remaining money later. Clown says he is not a fool and threatens to give him money or else he will press bomb remote and blast Armaan. Preesha pleads not to and requests Armaan to save Armaan somehow. Digvijay says he doesn’t have 1 crore and needs time to arrange it.

Digvijay promises to transfer money in clown’s account in exchange of Armaan. Clown asks if he thinks he is mad to give all his details and get arrested and threans to press the remote button right now. Preesha pleads not to. Roohi and Saransh Rudra ask why Armaan is still acting as kid, if their plan will fail. Rudra says he knows Armaan who is a coward and would try to run away, he is surprised why Preesha wants to save Armaan. They notice Preesha missing. Preesha walks to balcony railing and reaches clown and Araan risking her life. She pushes clown from behind and makes him fall down. Armaan cries that he is afraid of dirty uncle.

Preesha removes jacket from Armaan’s body. Pihu comment that she didn’t know that Preesha loves Armaan so much that she would risk her life to save him. Clown says she has only 30 seconds left to save Armaan. Armaan thinks Preesha is saving him as he knows where her baby is, Rudra doesn’t know about it and hence trying to kill him; he will jump from there and save his life, let Preesha die. Preesha stops him and promises to save him. She throws jacket in air, bomb explodes and spreads color paper pieces all around. Clown laughs and says it was a prank. Preesha slaps him.

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