Titli Starlife update Saturday 11 May 2024

The Episode starts with Garv dancing and getting Titli’s family. He says baraat has come. They dance. He gets Ishani’s message on Titli’s phone. He checks the cctv footage. He asks Titli to go and get ready. He says I want to see you become a bride. He says I warned you Ishani, but you did the same even now. Ishani is at her home. She says Garv’s game will end in this time. He comes to meet Ishani.

Titli gets ready as the bride. Jaishri comes. Titli says I got to know love after knowing Garv, he takes care of my little happiness, he gets angry but keeps his love. Garv starts breaking things in Ishani’s house. He scolds her. She says I have paid a big price for tolerating your violence, you have to lose Titli now. He says don’t you dare. Titli says he has a clear meaning of love. Ishani says I want revenge on you. Garv says fine, you pay for your mistakes first. He ruins her entire house. He says you are punishing me and Titli for no reason. She says you never thought of saying sorry for doing bad with me. He says I didn’t do this, it was an accident, your hand broke because of your carelessness. She says you aren’t normal. He says I m perfect the way I m. Titli says he is very nice.

He says you can’t separate Titli and me. He sees the cctv camera. Titli says Garv is a blessing for me. He slaps Ishani. She falls and gets hurt by the glass piece. He breaks the camera. She says you become an animal in anger, I will see how long you don’t raise hand on Titli, this is your basic nature. He asks her to end her drama. He gives her a ticket and asks her to leave for Delhi. He threatens her. Garv comes back and meets Titli. He compliments her. He shows the mangalsutra. He says I don’t care for anyone, I have you with me, I know I sound selfish, right.

They both go to the mandap. Titli prays. They exchange the garlands. Everyone smiles. Pandit asks for both the families. Garv sees his family coming. Paresh welcomes them. Manikant says I have come to bless my son in his marriage, he messaged me and apologized. Garv asks what. Titli says I apologized. Garv asks but why. She says we will talk after the rounds. Garv and Titli take the rounds. He argues. She asks him to calm down. They complete the rounds. He makes her wear the mangalsutra.

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