I’m on the edge update Thursday 29 September 2022


I’m on the edge 29 September 2022: daksh says to his mom that if Devika wants to treat her husband then she has to come to me and accept my conditions.All family members are sleeping in a hut. Devika is sleeping beside Varun. Varun wakes up and recalls how Daksh brought food for them but Devika threw it. He goes out and takes out the food bag. He is about to eat the food but a beggar comes there and takes food from him, Varun says this is my food, Beggar pushes him away, Varun hits the beggar. They make. Devika and others wake up and come out of hut. They sees police catching Varun, Devika asks what happened? Policeman says see this Varun beat this beggar so much, we have to arrest him. Devika says there might be a mistake, beggar says he beat me.

Devika says Varun’s mind has become like a kid, his treatment is going on. Policeman asks what proof do you have? we have seen many criminals who do crime first and then act like mental, you have to prove that he is actually ill. Devika says I will bring proof, dont arrest him, she runs.Devika comes to Daksh’s house, she cries and says please save Varun, he hit some beggar and police is taking him, they want proof that he is actually ill. Daksh says I told you that his mind will go blank more, he will do antics like this, I can save him from police and also start his treatment, you just have to accept my offer. Devika looks on. Policeman from outside shouts that we will not wait whole night here, come fast.

Devika thinks, she falls to her knees and says to Daksh that I accept your condition, to save my husband, I am ready to wear your name’s sindoor. Daksh smirks and says lets go save him. Daksh’s mom is angry seeing all this.Daksh comes to policeman, he says Varun is my patient, his treatment is going on, I am giving you guarantee that he will not do this again. Policeman says I am leaving him on your words. Beggar says what about me? Daksh asks him to go to hospital, he will be treated free of cost, he gives him some money too. Police and beggar leaves. Devika asks family to take Varun in hut. They all leave. Daksh says come with me.

Scene 2
Devika says to Daksh that I am ready to marry you but.. I have a condition, you have to give place to my family to live. Daksh says I will get a house for them. Devika says till Varun doesnt become fine, he will live with me. He says you want to bring him in dowry? Devika says third condition is that till Varun doesnt become fine, you wont try to come closer to me, we will be husband and wife infront of the world but till Varun doesnt become alright, I wont give you right to be my husband. Daksh glares at her and leaves. He becomes back and says I accept your conditions, he shows her papers and says these are your and Varun’s divorce papers, sign them. Devika is in tears. Daksh says I knew you would agree. Devika recalls her moments with Varun, she takes pen and signs divorce papers.

She turns to leave but Daksh stops her. Daksh says to Devika that give Varun’s mangalsutra to me. Devika recalls their marriage.Lajjo is making Devika ready for marriage. Lajjo says you know what you are doing? you are destroying three lives. Varun’s mom says what she is doing only people with guts do it, she is removing her sindoor to save her husband, she is the real wife of Varun and saving him.Dhani says to Kesar that now Daksh will treat Varun and he will be mine because Devika is marrying Daksh.

Kesar thinks if Varun becomes fine then he will tell everyone that I hit him. Kesar says that talk to Devika if we can live in palace so we will be closer to her and Varun, Dhani says I will talk to her.Dhani comes to Devika and says we will all leave to new house, how will you handle Varun here? Devika says when I can marry someone else for him then I can do anything. Dhani says me and Kesar can stay with you here to help Varun and when he becomes fine then we will take him with us. Devika looks on.Daksh’s sister makes him get ready and says you are looking so nice as a groom. Daksh’s comes there and says there will be problems with this marriage, he asks Daksh to think about it, she is not Devi, she doesnt have manners to talk to anyone.

Daksh says she will become like Devi soon. Daksh’s sister says I will help him with that.Devika gets ready as a bride. Varun comes there and says you are my bride? she sadly says yes. Varun asks her to tell him a story of prince and princess. Princess a devil hit prince and took princess from there. Daksh’s sister comes there and asks if this mental is irritating her? Devika says he is not mental. Daksh’s sister says priest is calling you.

Scene 2
Devika and Daksh’s wedding starts. Devika comes there. Daksh offers her hand, she takes it and gets up on stage. Varun says I will come up too, I will not leave her. Daksh says let him come. Varun sits with Devika in mandap. Varun’s mom says Devika should be daughter of everyone. Dhani says to Kesar that soon Varun will be fine and become mine. Daksh’s sister says I am very happy for Daksh. Daksh’s mom says this is just start, we will have to bear this girl and her mental ex-husband. Daksh’s sister does Daksh and Devika’s gadh bandhan. Daksh makes Devika wear garland. Devika recalls her moments with Varun. She makes Daksh wear the garland. All clap. Priest ask them to take pheras. Daksh asks Varun to let them have pheras, he nods.

Devika and Daksh starts taking pheras but Varun hods Devika’s dupatta and takes pheras with her too, phir bhi tumhe chahungi plays. Pheras are done. Daksh fills her forehead with sindoor. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Their wedding is done.Devika and Daksh’s aarti is done. They are about to enter house. Mom asks Devika to throw kalash. Devika does it. They enter house. Devika leaves her foot marks in start of door. Devika thinks to give her strength to not think about Varun’s memories as she is Daksh’s wife now. Daksh’s sister says you cant come in house like that, you have to lift her bridal style and go in house. Daksh puts hand on her and tries to lift her but Varun pushes him away and asks him to remain away from his princess.

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