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Imlie 29 September 2022: Aparna asks Nidhi where did Nishant go. Pankaj stops Nidhi and asks not to tell her as its her old trick to praise people and get secret from them. Aparna says very funny. Malini says they can just say that Nishant is taking them out for dinner. Taiji asks if Nishant really got a wife. Malini says she will find it soon and says she will inform Dhruv and Adi to reach the restaurant from their office. She asks Sundar not to prepare dinner today and get ready soon. Imlie hearing their conversation walks to them and taunts Sundar that he will embarrass them. Sundar says he never did that. Aparna asks her not to trouble Sundar. Imlie says if she gets ready, Sundar will look like bandar/monkey in front of her.

Malini says Imlie cannot accompany them as she has to prepare for her entrance exam. Pankaj and Aparna back Malini. Imlie starts her emotional drama and asks if they like having food without her. Sundar says they will enjoy a lot. Imlie continues and cries that she is missing her mother. Aparna asks to stop her drama and accompany them, but she should handle Adi if he scolds her. Nidhi says Imlie can handle both ice cream and Adi’s scolding. Imlie says she will get back to her studies then. Malini says they will bring her favorite ice cream. Imlie says she will enjoy it taunting Sundar. Aparna says she will stay with Imlie as she may create any drama again like last time and let strangers in.

Pankaj says they should teach their family mantra to her as she is also a family member and ask her to open the door only if she hears that mantra. Imlie gets emotional hearing him calling her a family member and asks what is that mantra. Family drama continues. Nidhi says their family mantra is Kante Nahi Katte Ye Din Ye Raaat..lo aaj mai kehti hoon I love you. Imlie says its a song. Nidhi asks her to remember it.Adi is busy at office when his friend asks if he found any lead regarding bridge collapse case. Adi says no. Friend says him that bridge builder is meeting some underworld people, so he can go there but should be careful.

Malini calls him and he excitedly says he was remembering her, he got lead in bridge collapse case. She says she thought he was missing him. He says he will return home to pick some stuff and then work on his lead. Imlie continues studying at home when she hears door bell and sings song loudly. Adi on the other side says its him, but she insists to complete the song. He completes I love you. She opens door. He scolds her. She says its his family mantra. He says if she believes anyone who fools her. She says she realized when he told. He goes to pick his stuff. She gets happy remembering Adi saying I love you and thinks Malini is enjoying dishes there and she is studying here.

Tripathi family reaches restaurant and finds Dev and Anu there. Dev is surprised to see them. Malini hugs him and asks if even they came for dinner. Anu says they had gone to club and came to have dinner here, but how come they are here as they feels uncomfortable in these kind of places. Tauji says she is right, they feel comfortable leaving their footwear and sitting comfortably, they just came to know which wheat flour they use that roti is 150 rs here. Rupal says water bottle is 50 rs as if they are giving spring water. Nidhi says water is free. Dhruv says water taste changes if they pay for it. Dev asks Anu to enjoy her water and requests them to join. Anu says coming out in places like this is common for us.

Aparna says meeting them in these places is special for them and when this coincidence has happened, they will join. Dev says exactly and makes their seating arrangement. Nishant says he gave them bad surprised but today wants to give them real good surprise. Taiji hopes he brought a good bahu. Nishant says he bought a car for them and will ride it home today. Family claps in excitement. Anu comments typical middle class, they bought only a car and not helicopter to celebrate. Malini says they need reason to celebrate and not means, they are all happy. Tauji congratulates Nishant for his car and says his return is the biggest gift for them.

Nishant says he knows, so he is not going back to US. Family rejoices. Nishant jokes not to get happy as he bought car for himself. Anu taunts that at least someone is sensible in this house or else Adi takes Malini on bike. Nishant says its Malini and Adi’s choice, now they won’t be having problems as they have 2 vehicles at home now. Malini says right and congratulates him again for his surprise. Anu asks where is Adi and their favorite servant, if they left them both at home, they should leave their house with servant and not husband. Malini angrily says that’s enough. Anu says she is her mother and its her duty to open her eyes. Malini walks away angrily.

Pankaj confronts Anu that she always insulted them and they tolerated it, today she is pointing finger at Imlie’s character who always thinks good of family. Apara says Adi is in office and Imlie is at home. Anu says she trusts Adi, but doesn’t trust village girls who act as innocent, but trap men and don’t even spare married men. Dev warns her to shut up and says she is showing her arrogance for Malini who left feeling disgusted for her act. Anu says she will convince her mother and hopes Adi is not the reason for Malini’s tears.

Imlie gets bored while studying and thinks she used to think herself as intelli womaniya, but is very dumb. She hits her head murmuring. Adi asks why is she hitting herself. Imlie says she is unable to understand anything. He says that is because she is studying continuously and needs break, he will drop her to the hotel where family has gone by taking hotel location. He takes her on bike and midway gets his colleague’s call who informs that contractor Tripath Singh is meeting his underworld contact in a hotel named Grand hotel. He thanks colleague and says he will reach hotel right now. Colleague asks him to be careful. He tells Imlie that he needs to rush to a hotel, so he will take her along. She says she will go home alone with Seeta maiya’s help.

Adi says Seeta maiya was with her during all her problems, so he will not let her go home alone and take her along. He makes her sit as pillion and speeds bike towards hotel.Anu walks to Malini. Malini asks her to go as she doesn’t want to talk to her. Anu says everyone thinks her wrong and even she hopes she is wrong this time, she will not let Malini repeat the mistake she did. Malini asks what mistakes, she should tell what wrong happened to her. Anu says she gave lenience to Dev as is an artist and needs to meet many people, but he misused his freedom. Malini says nobody is misusing freedom as Adi is having work in office and will come here directly to meet here. Anu says neither he has work nor he is coming directly to meet her and shows Adi entering with Imlie.

Malini says how did he come here as she didn’t send him this address, maybe Nishant has sent him address. Anu asks what about that girl. Malini says he must have picked her up from home, what is a big deal. Anu says let us wait and see where they go. Malini asks what she wants to prove. Anu follows Adi and Imlie. Adi searches contractor’s underworld contact Bunty and sits at a nearby table. He orders tea. Anu tells Malini that Adi must have felt this place is safe and hence came here with servant thinking his family member will not come here, Tripathis trust them a lot and now she will inform them what their son and servant are doing. Malini stops her and says she doesn’t want her family’s happiness to be spoilt, so she will question Adi alone later. Anu says Adi is alone with servant.

Malini thinks why did Adi bring Imlie alone, does there is something she has to worry about.Adi looks at Bablu while acting as looking at menu. Imlie asks why is he staring at them. Adi asks him to keep quiet or else she will create a drama and let anyone know that he is here. Imlie says if she knew he would come here disguised, she would have brought some sabji along. He says 2 of them know him, so he is hiding his face. She asks who are they. He says these are the people because of whom bridge collapsed. She asks if Malini is hurt because of them. Adi says one is contractor Tripath Singh and another is gangster Bablu whom 3 states’ place is searching, he wants to hear their conversation and wants someone to keep recorder near their table.

Imlie agrees to do it for him. He goes very closer to her and says she will keep recorder near table silently and then walk away as they are very dangerous if she is caught, she should go away after keeping it and he will call her while leaving hotel. She takes recorder and walks away saying yes boss. Anu asks Malini till when she will try to convince herself and give excuses. Anu says she doesn’t have to give any excuses and will meet Adi right now.Imlie hides recorder in toy car and fixes it under table with a boy’s help and then acts as scolding the boy. Adi hears their conversation. Malini walks to him and asks what is he doing here, whole family is here, and why did he bring Imlie here separately.

Adi says busy hearing conversation says Imlie was confused after studying, so he brought her here. Malini asks why is he ignoring his wife. He says he cannot talk to her now. She says let us go to family. He says he cannot and asks not to inform family as they will come to him, she should go from here. Malini walks away fuming. Imlie apologizes Bablu and walks away scolding the boy. She returns to Adi. Malini returns to family. Aparna says Adi didn’t come yet, she should call him and find out where he is. She says she spoke to him and he said he is busy, so they can finish food and go home. Family starts dinner.

Adi hears contractor telling Bunty that he will be caught as he used inferior quality material to build the bridge. Bunty says nothing will happen to him and asks to send money regularly. Adi then feels guilty that he rudely spoke to Malini for whom he is doing this investigation. He walks to Malini and apologizes for being rude and says he came here for a secret mission. Anu asks why did he come with Imlie then, Imlie is found everywhere whenever Malini is in trouble and repeats all the incidents. Malini asks her to stop as its proved that she is wrong. Anu warns that Imlie is problematic and if they don’t pay attention, Imlie will create a rift between them and they won’t be able to identify each other. Malini asks Adi to finish his work and takes Anu away. Adi drives home back with Imlie and thinks Anu is right that there are misunderstandings happening between him and Malini because of Imlie; he felt Malini felt bad seeing him with Imlie, she was shocked and what will happen if she finds out about his and Imlie’s marriage.

He reminisces Imlie telling that marriage happens once and no one else can come in her life again. Imlie tells Adi to expose culprits soon. Adi thinks whatever happened is not Imlie’s mistake, she is very small and cannot spend her whole life working in his house; before 3 lives are ruined, he has to do something.

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