My desire update Thursday 29 September 2022


My desire 29 September 2022: Arjun tells everyone that Preesha showed her Mahima’s pic and created a story that Mahima betrayed him in the past and eloped with his money, he agreed to lie as Preesha offered him money and he is in dire need of it. He continues that when he came here, he saw Mahima is Khurana family’s bahu and Rudra’s wife, he couldn’t lie thinking his wife is Rudra’s fan and would leave him if she finds out this. He apologizes Mahima and tells Preesha that he doesn’t need her money. Rudra thinks he cannot say anything as Mahima will think he is supporting Preesha. Mahima thanks him and says he saved her dignity being a stranger, but her own sister is alleging him wrongly.

Ahana yells if betraying Rudra and grabbing his property is not enough that she is behind her sister now, if she is feeling bad that she lost Rudra to Mahima. Arjn walks away apologizing everyone for troubling them and telling Preesha that she is doing wrong with her sister. Mahima asks Preesha why she is doing all this and hugging Vasu smirks, then continues acting and asks her if she saw what Preesha told. Vasu says she saw and heard everything. Preesha asks Vasu not to believe Mahima as she is a liar. Vasu slaps Preesha. Mahima, Ahana, and Mishka smirk seeing that. Vasu yells that she betrayed Rudra, divorced him, and brought Yuvraj home; her sister came back home by fate, but Preesha wants to kill her again. Preesha says no.

Vasu shouts shut up, she trusted her more than god, but she didn’t expect this from her. Balraj says even he didn’t expect this. Ahana says he should except it from Preesha as she is Khurana family’s biggest enemy, yells at Preesha to get out before gaurds come and drag her away. Rudra says he will do that thing and takes Preesha out. He hugs Preesha and apologizes her for not supporting her. Preesha asks why did Arjun lie. Rudra says even he doesn’t know why Arjun did that, she should leave from here as Mahima must have found out their plan and threatened Arjun, even her amma is against her now. Preesha says its bad then. Rudra sees Vasu coming and warning Preesha to dare not come to his house again walks in.

Vasu walks away ignoring Preesha. Preesha thinks how did Arjun change suddenly.Rudra returns to Mahima’s room and seeing her acting as crying thinks what kind of a woman she is, she acts so well and betrays everyone, he needs to act in front of her now. He says now Preesha will not trouble them. She hugs him and says she doesn’t mind what people think, his thinking towards her only matters to her. He walks away saying he will check on Saransh. Mahima laughs saying poor Preesha and Rudra are suffering now. She thinks she doubted Preesha since the beginning and doubted when she saw Saransh and Preesha in samuhik vivah venue, then thought she is telling truth; she doubted her presence in Rudra’s bathroom, then she saw them kissing disguised as Santa, even then she didn’t believe her; her doubt was cleared when she saw Rudra and Preesha in car and realized all their plan.

She further reveals how she went to samuhik vivah venue and asked organizer why didn’t he make Rudra’s payment yet. Organizer says Rudra himself came to the Menu and they were surprised to see him attending the event. She asks him to give the details of people who attended the event and is shocked to see Arjun’s pic. She further reminisces reaching Arjun’s house with goons and threatening him to stop supporting Preesha. Arjun denies. Goons pin him down. She reads Preesha’s mesage on his mobile to visit Khurana Houst at 11 a.m. tomorrow and expose Mahima’s truth. She then orders goons to assault him and kidnaps his wife until he lies at Khurana House and speaks against Preesha. His wife and he agree to do that.

Mahima gets Arjun’s call who says he told whatever she asked him to say and now she should say where his wife is. She gives him address and warns to leave Delhi and dare not to be seen around Delhi and if he tries to meet or help Rudra and Preesha, he and his wife will lose their lives. Arjun promises to leave Delhi forever. Mahima thinks she will see from where Preesha will find Arjun, she will spoil Rudra and Preesha’s plan and Rudra will be forced to stay with her. She calls journalist Chetna and offers to give exclusive interview of her and Rudra, reminding her of taking Rudra and Preesha’s interview and making them famous.

Chetna says she will think and call her back, thinks its strange that Rudra left Preesha and married Mahima, who is this Mahima by the way. Mahma thinks she will see how Rudra will escape from her counter attack.Preesha thinks why did Arjun back off, he is not at his home, akka must have done something for sure. She checks diary and seeing Gautam Shukla’s mumbai address thinks how to meet him. GPS walks to her, and she hides diary. He says Vasu told him what happened, if she knows what will happen with her allegations on Mahima. Preesha says she told told. GPS says he knows as whole world may think her wrong, but he trusts his daughter. She emotionally hugs him. He says Mahima is selfish since childhood, that is why he didn’t want her to stay at Khurana House; he wants to know why she married Yuvraj after divorcing Rudra when she loves only Rudra, he wants to know the truth.

She says she didn’t marry Yuvraj and its all a drama to expose Mahima. She explains all incidents happened and showing diary says it has many other names. GPS says he will help her and looking at Gautam Shukla’s address says he thinks he has handled his case and gone to his address. She asks if he has Gautam’s phone number. He goes to check. On the other side, Mahima hugs Rudra and informs that journalist Chetna wants to take their interview, is he ready for that. Rudra says he doesn’t want to as he doesn’t want to hear Preesha’s name there. She thinks he is also a good actor and says she already said yes as she thought he would also say yes, she feels its time to tell everyone that she is his wife and not Preesha.

He agrees thinking she is intelligent and if he denies, she will find out his plan. GPS gives Gautam’s number to Preesha. Preesha calls Gautam and says she wants to speak about Dhwani. He is shocked to hear about Dhwani. She says Dhwani’s real name is Mahima and she is Mahima’s sister Preesha, they are Gopal Krishna Iyer’s daughters. He says he knows their father. She says she wants him to come to Delhi and expose Mahima’s lies. He says he is busy and will come next week. She says she will come to him if he gives his address. He agrees. On the other side, Rudra calls his designer to stitch clothes for interview and asks her to stitch same cloth for Saransh. He gets Preesha’s call and picks it going aside.

Preesha informs that she found Gautam Shukla’s number via appa after informing whole story to appa, Gautam agreed to meet her tonight, so she wants him to accompany her and record Gautam’s statement. He says he has TV interview in the evening, but will come with her. Preesha books flight tickets.Mishka seeing arrangements for interview at home reminds Ahana of the drama happened last time during Preesha and Rudra’s interview. Ahana says there would be a bigger drama happening tonight as Rudra will announce Mahima as his wife to the whole world. Rudra walks to Saransh and seeks his help to handle the interview till he returns. He then reaches airport where Preesha is waiting for him and they board a light and reach Mumbai. They meet Gautam and thank him for agreeing to meet them.

Gautam says he should thank them instead for helping him take revenge from Mahima for conning him. Preesha records his video while he explains in detail how he met Dhwani/Mahima via common friends and how she conned him and escaped with his money after spiking his alcohol. He shows Mahima’s pic and says this lady should be punished and they should show this recording to police. Preesha and Rudra thank him and assure that this recording will go to police.

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