I’m On the Edge update Monday 12 September 2022

I’m on the edge 12 September 2022: Varun is tensed and says I told Devika that I am going to meet my brother Varun, what will happen now. All come to dining table for dinner. Devika comes there and sit too. Dhani serves her. Urmi sultrily look at Varun and tries to kick him under table but it hits Jaggu who thinks Kesar is flirting with him, he tries to kick back and hits Devika’s foot. Devika thinks this Prince Arun is trying to flirt me under the table, she kicks him hard, he screams. Maasa comes there. Arun says I wanted to talk to you. Maasa says did Devika say yes for wedding? Devika says no, first he has to meet his brother and get reunited with him, he is miffed with his twin because he wants to work in movies, I dont like fighting families, I cant be married to person who fights with his brother. Maasa thinks that this girl is clever.

Devika brings her parents from tent to palace. She brings them to room and says this is like heaven, it has AC too. Lajjo says you lied to us saying you got some job but you are cheating. Devika says calm down. These people are poor, they lost their grand daughter and their money is stuck in court, their grand daughter looks like me so if they show me to lawyer so they will get money so I thought to help them, its just acting. Lajjo says marriage is acting for you too? you are ready to marry anyone for helping this house? Devika says no I will marry the person I will like, if I become grand daughter of this house then I will get nice groom who will respect us, we will find some nice house. Lajjo says why would that guy want to marry you? because you are from palace? but when they know that you are our daughter who doesnt have any house then what? Devika says I will truth to person whom I marry, dont worry. She thinks I have to find out Varun’s truth.

Varun says to Maasa that Devika will find truth now, how will I meet my twin brother? Maasa says I didnt know you met her before. Varun says she wants me to meet my twin brother who doesnt exist and I cant exist in two places at one time, what to do now? Maasa says finish Varun from your path, one has to die so Devika will not be able to ask to meet them at sametime, I made you Arun so you marry Devika and we will get property, what if she denies marriage? then all money will go to trust. Varun says I know that it will be Varun or Arun now. Devika comes there and says I knew it. They are stunned to see her. Devika says I knew Varun and Arun are not two people, where Varun is there is not Arun. Varun says dont listen to half story, I was just telling Maasa that we hate each other, my brother and I keep fighting, we become thirsty of each others blood, we can kill each other too, if we meet then only one will be alive, either Varun or Arun.

Maasa thinks this guy is clever. Devika says dont worry about it, if you both fight then I will stop it, you just be ready to meet him, she leaves. Varun says to Maasa that even if we kill Varun even then she wont stop this. Maasa says make her hate Varun. He says how? Maasa says think yourself, do you even have mind to think? Varun looks on.Lajjo and her husband looks at Devi’s photo. Father says Devika is exactly like her. Lajjo says whats fate is trying to tell us that Devika came here? Why did we come to this village? Devika comes there and says this Devi is exactly like me, totally xerox. Devika says tell me if I am really your daughter? Lajjo gets tensed and says what kind of question is that? you are our daughter, blessing from Devi Maa, you asked today but dont ever ask it, she cries.

Devika hugs her. Someone is making their video. Father says many people have similar faces in world, you dont have relation with Devi, you just look like her. Urmi records all that and thinks that I will keep getting proofs and in the end, I will fail Maasa’s plan and get all money to trust so I will become head of this palace.

Scene 2
Devika asks servant to cal Arun. Servant says he is getting ready. Varun comes there as Varun and says where is Arun? he is destroying our family name. Devika says he is not doing it, you are destroying it. Varun says he is living in this third class palace and want to marry a girl like you? Maasa comes there and says dont talk about my grand daughter like that. Varun says where is my brother? I want to talk to him, Maasa says he is in his room. Varun goes. Devika tries to go behind but Maasa says they are brothers, let them solve it. Varun goes in room and shouts like he is fighting with Arun. He comes out of room dressed as Arun and says Varun I wont spare you. He goes in room again and shouts like he is fighting with Arun. Devika, Maasa and others are outside room and hearing all that.

Varun keeps coming out of room sometimes dressed as Varun and sometimes dressed as Arun. Jaggu brings police and says they will catch Varun now. Varun comes out of room and thinks police? Maasa hints at him. Inspector arrests Varun. Varun says to Devika that my brother is a fool that he fell in love with you, you are type of girl that cant be my servant. Inspector takes him from there. Devika tries to go to Prince Arun’s room but Maasa says let him have some time, he got in brawl with his brother so his ego must be bruised and he would not like to see you right now, dont go. Devika says thats why I want to see him. Devika starts going to Varun’s room. Varun jumps from window in his room and comes out. Devika is stunned to see him. Devika says you.. Varun says dont give me pity, what happened today had to happen, I always forgave Varun but today he bad mouthed you so I had to raise hand on him, I am happy that police caught him, this should happen with person who cant respect women, he doesnt have right to live in our society.

Varun kneels down infront of her and says I love you Devika, he extends his hand to her and says will you marry me? will you be the queen of my region? Devika is stunned and mesmerized. Sajna tere bina plays as they gaze at each other.Varun sits on his knees and says Devika I love you, he extends his hand and says will you marry? will you become princess of my region? Devika turns to leave but Maasa stops her and says say yes to him, my heart will have peace. Devika says marriage is a big decision, she says to Varun that you asked me for marriage in a blink, I want time, after marriage, two people get joined for life, there should be compatibility. Varun nods and says I understand, I can wait whole lifetime to hear your yes, you can take time but I am sure you will say yes.

Devika looks on and leaves. Varun and Maasa looks on. Maasa thinks what if she says no to marriage.Dhani says to Devika that Prince proposed and you took time to say yes? he is perfect, he is handsome, he is respecting, he is always smiling, if he proposed me then I would have said yes in a blink. devika looks on and says I have time so I am thinking about it. dhani says take your time but remember fate doesnt knock all the time, she leaves.

Varun sits in his room and says I got saved today, Jaggu’s fake police helped me to jump in my room, he tends to his wounds on hand. He says devika must have thought Prince got hurt, she rejected Varun but if she accepts Prince Arun then it will be best, I will get my money, Devika have to say yes to marriage otherwise Heerasa wont give me money and I wont be able to prove to my mother that I can earn money.Devika says to herself that I didnt come here to marry but to earn money, if I say yes to Prince’s proposal then it will cheating to him, he really loves me so I have to tell him that I am not Heera’s grand daughter but daughter of some people who live in tent, dont know what to do.

Devika is in thoughts and says I came here to pretend to be this house’s grand daughter but now this marriage with Prince, what to do about that? Father comes there and asks why you are tensed? Devika says I am worried about answering to Prince Arun’s proposal. Father says are you thinking about saying yes or no to him? you came here to earn money but now your wants to answer to that proposal. Devika says what if I say yes? what about tomorrow? Father says in matter of marriage, you should think about spending life like you want, he leaves. Devika thinks that I have to tell truth of my identity to Arun before answering him, what if he says no then?

In morning, Devika comes to Arun’s room. Varun is in washroom. Devika’s earning breaks and pearls fall on floor. She tries to rejoin it. Varun comes there in towel, he sees his shirt on floor which Devika mistakenly torn, he thinks she cant see this shirt otherwise she will think I am Varun. Devika turns to him and says you are not wearing clothes? Varun deliberately falls over her and kicks shirt away so she cant see it. Devika pushes him away and says you both brothers are filthy and cheap, you are perverting over me, greedy cheap man I dont want to marry you, she leaves. Varun says I did mistake.

Devika says to herself that baba is right, men are dogs, that Prince says his brother is wrong and filthy, what about him? atleast when Varun met me first time, he didnt pretend to be someone. Urmi comes there and Devika bumps into him, Urmi says you cant see infront of you, are you in love? Devika says nothing like that. Urmi says are you thinking about Arun or Varun? Devika glares at her and says I am not thinking about anyone, she leaves. Urmi says she has ego like Devi, does she have same face like Devi or really her daughter?

Dhani asks Arun how is he? Arun says Devika is miffed with me. Dhani asks him to sit down and says she is angry but that doesnt mean love is not there, you can find love in eyes. Varun thinks I am just doing acting and want her yes for marriage otherwise Maasa will throw me out and I will get not a chance to earn money, what will I tell to Maa? Varun says can you help me?

Dhani brings Devika on terrace and asks her to wait, she says I will bring something to eat, she runs from there. Devika says what is going on? why did she leave me here? Dhani comes to Arun and hints at him that she is waiting there, she gives him thumbs up and leaves. Varun smirks. He starts going to her but there is glue on staircase and his hand get sticky, he tries to wipe it off but goes to meet Devika. He sees here near terrace and says Devika? She says I dont want to talk you. Varun says my love is pure like milk, I can never think to see you badly, she turns to leave but Varun’s hand gets stuck in Devika’s skirt. DEvika glares at him and says this is your pure love? you are tearing my clothes. Arun says you are wrong, my hand got stuck in your clothes. Devika says you have nice excuses. Varun is trying to get get his hands off her clothes. Devika says you cheap man, do it, she tries to pull his sticky hands away and moves closer to him, they both share an eyelock, Devika grabs his collar and says you can play with girls but I am not like that, I am a fire, dont try to come close to me otherwise I will burn you. Varun sees a big spider on wall and is stunned.

Devika slips and fall over him, they both fall down on couch. Varun holds her waist and looks in her eyes, Devika moves away and gets up. She asks him to stay away from her and says I will throw you out of house this house, I will tell Maasa that I wont marry you.

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