I’m on the edge update Sunday 11 September 2022

I’m on the edge 11 September 2022: Varun is in mandir, Maasa is there too. Varun calls manager who tells him that audition for role is not happening. Varun gets sad and says it was useless to come here. Maasa comes to him and says you want to prove yourself so Heera Rajawat can you give chance, I saw you are a good actor but I will give you chance to do acting, you will have to enact an actor. Jaggu says you have to act like a prince, just do as Maasa says. Maasa says its like a film, you will have to do acting. Varun looks on. Maasa says become our prince, you will get money, whats your name? He says Varun. She says no Varun wont work.. should have some princes like name. She gives him name Uday.

Maasa comes home. Urmi says we can get Devi’s property only when Devika is married. Maasa says I have found a groom. She calls Maharaja Uday. Varun comes there dressed nicely and greets them. Varun asks if Urmi is her daughter? she says no my daughter in law. Varun looks around and says to Maasa that I came to this palace before, she says what? Kesar comes there and does his aarti. Dhani comes and greets him. Devika comes there and is shocked to see him there, they recall their old encounters. Varun thinks I am doomed. Devika says you? what are you doing here? you are a flopstar, Maasa asks if she knows this prince? Devika says prince? he is a flopstar trying to find some cheap role.

Maasa thinks she already knows him. Varun smiles and says I know whom you are talking about, you are talking about Varun who is my younger brother, but we are totally different, I am earning name in society but he is opposite, I told him to take money but he is young so wants to live life. Devika says are you done fooling? I am not fooled.. you.. Maasa says enough, prince is tired. She asks Varun to go and rest. Jaggu takes him from there.Dhani comes to Devika, Devika says that person is fooling all. Dhani says he has a twin, he is very pretty, dont doubt him.

Devika says there is not twin thing in world, he is lying, I will find out his truth. Dhani says I will give him blanket. Devika takes blanket and says I will go and spy in his things to find out truth, you leave. Dhani leaves.Devika comes to Varun’s room, he is not there. She says now I will find out if he is really a prince. She opens his bag and finds good clothes inside, she searches it but doesnt find anything. Varun comes from bathroom in towel only. He asks what she is searching? Devika turns but falls, Varun catches her in his arms.. hawain plays as they gaze at each other. Devika moves her hand on his chest.. still gazing in his eyes.. Varun says what were you finding? Devika pushes him away.

Varun comes closer and says if you want to find anything then read my eyes.. he pulls her closer from holding her waist and asks if she wants to be more closer to read his eyes? Devika says I dont want to read eyes, I want to see from eyes, I want to see you both brothers together then I will believe.. she tries to leave but slips and they both fall on bed with Devika on him. Varun says will you marry me? Dhani calls Devika, she leaves.Varun runs behind Devika and says listen to me, he says if I prove that Varun and I are different then will you marry me? she turns to leave but he pulls her closer and says if you want then I will my brother Varun but he has to be ready to meet me too. She says what you mean? Varun says my brother hesitates to come and meet me, if you want then I will meet him wherever you want but he wont agree to it, she says I will make him agree and leaves.

Varun says what I will do now? how can I earn money? how will I bring two Varuns? He recalls flashback where he was body building one time and his mom asked him to work, he said I wont get role without good body, mom says you need money to live life, you dont earn single penny, their landlord comes and asks for rent, mom asked him to give one month, Varun might get big role in movie so we will get money. Landlord says he is useless and leaves. Varun says to his mom that I will do something real soon. Mom asks when? how much time you want? your father left me for another woman and you are not helping.

Varun says I want to help you and earn. Mom says people call you useless so prove them wrong, promise me that you will start earning in one month, promise me. He looks determined and says I promise to earn lots of money in a month and no one will be able to call me useless. Flashback ends. Varun says I am getting money to become prince but I have to lie to Devika for that, he wipes his tears.Dhani says to Devika that why dont you agree that Prince Arun Uday and Varun are different. Devika says I have been fooled a lot so I wont accept it till I meet Varun separately, she says that you have to keep an eye on Arun , I will meet Varun and call you to ask if Arun is infront of you, she leaves.

Varun is dressed as Prince ARun says to himself that I have to leave and go to place before Devika goes there. He is about to go but Dhani comes there and asks where he is going? he says on a walk. Dhani says I can go with you, you are marrying my sister so we can have friendship, lets go on a walk. Varun says I cant go on walk because I dont have my walking shoes so I will watch Tv. Dhani says I will watch TV with you to bond. Varun says actually I do work as per my schedule, its time to exercise. I can do hot yoga here, will you do it with me? he takes off his shirt and says lets do hot yoga together. Dhani gets uncomfortable and says I have some work, she leaves. Varun starts dancing and says I am wasting, I have to meet Devika and go there before she comes there. He starts changing clothes.

Devika comes to park and says Varun didnt come, he doesnt have any twin, I have been waiting here but he cant come because he is posing as Arun in palace. Varun comes there and meets her. Devika is stunned. She calls Dhani and asks if Arun is in his room? Dhani is outside his room and says he is doing some hot yoga, she hears some noise from room and says he is in room. Devika says really? she says yes. DEvika ends call. Varun asks why did you call me here? I told you to not come behind me, you always do something wrong.. are you.. falling in love with me? Devika says my slipper will love you, I have a work, your brother.. Varun says what happened to him? how you know him? did he send you? dont take his name, he didnt believe in my talent that I will get some role in movie so he wants to give me money.

Devika says he is giving your money, you wander around in torn clothes, he is your family, he doesnt have any grudge against you. Varun says he is egoistic, dont take his name infront of me, he leaves.Urmi is doing yoga. Someone calls her, she takes call and says what we will do now? that girl has been proven as their daughter, she will get married so trust wont get any money, we cheated and got in trust to get some money but we are not going to get anything, we changed hair but DNA proved right. Caller says keep playing, we will remain silent till the end and then we will strike. Urmi says yes let Maasa play her game then we will play our game.

Scene 2
Devika comes home and asks Dhani if she kept eye on Prince Arun? Dhani says he was doing hot yoga so I came out of his room but he is inside. Devika says door is closed so we dont know if he ranaway or not. She says lets break the door and see inside. Devika hits door and comes inside. She doesnt find anyone inside. Devika says he ranaway. Dhani sees Varun on floor without shirt and gets tensed, he smiles at her. Dhani runs from there. Varun poses as Arun and asks what happened to her? I was enjoying my hot yoga, its more enjoyable with partner. He says how was your meeting with Varun? Devika says very good, he said he doesnt want to meet you at all, he is waiting for you to hug him? Varun says really? Devika says you will go to meet him tomorrow? I want to reunite my would be husband to my would be brother in law so you will meet Varun? continue your yoga, she leaves.

Varun thinks what will I do now? she is smarter than I thought.Varun is looking around to find Maasa’s room. He sees a room and says it must be Maasa’s room, he sees a girl inside and says there is a big problem, you have to find solution. Girl turns and its Urmi. Urmi smirks at him and says hi Prince. Varun is tensed. Urmi asks whats the problem, tell me, my yoga can solve all emotional and physical yoga, whatever it is will remain between us. Varun says its something personal so I dont know how to tell you. Urmi sits beside him and says my yoga session will solve problem, she moves closer to him and says I have solution to all problems, give yourself to me, Varun is tensed and moves away. Urmi asks him to take long breaths, you should take off clothes for yoga, she starts unbuttoning his shirt, he says no, she says shh.. Varun turns and sees Devika watching them from window, she glares at him and leaves.

Varun moves away from Urmi and says I am okay now, he runs away. Urmi says I had doubt on him, I have to remove from my path.Varun comes to Devika, she says you said you are different from your brother but you are like all men, who drool over girls, you people have filth filled mind. Varun says to Devika that you think my mind is filled with filth? I am like those cheap guys? Devika moves back from him and hits pillar behind her. Varun corners her and says we live once, we die once, love once and marry once only. He says about me being with Urmi, she was getting close to me, she was putting hands on me, not me hovering over her, understand? Devika says I better understand. Varun angrily leaves from there. Devika thinks that this Prince is different from what I thought.

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